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    Tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift and augmentation
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    Dr. Rungkit 23rd July 2014
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  1. Yep I'm 11 weeks post op from breast lift and augmentation and have numb nipples. They still react to touch and temperature like normal I just can't physically feel it
  2. Oh sorry LisaE almost forgot, I wore a stomach binder and surgical stomach to knee compression garment over the top, this was for mylegs too. I am still wearing these and will continue until 12-13 weeks (3mths) post op. I know every surgeon is different but mine advises binder and compression wear for 3 months to aid with swelling and incision and scar results.
  3. I was very hunched until 10 days post op when my external stitches were removed. But I didn't stand fully upright all of the time until 4 weeks post op. I was advised to stay hunched as much as I wanted to keep my scars thin and not put undue pressure on my incisions.
  4. Thanks so much ladies, I'm really happy with my results. The thigh lift procedure in combination with my tummy tuck did make me hunch for some time and feel very tight, but I had minimal pain from the thigh lift. I went overseas to Bangkok for my surgery through Medi Makeovers and Dr. Rungkit at Piyavate Hospital, it cost $14,500 AUS
  5. I feel great, have started back training again...... Went back to my Crossfit box and have started very slowly reintroducing all the key movements..... Squats, lunges, prone holds, step ups, deadlifts, cleans etc... All very light or no weight just to get the muscle memory patterns back and stretch for range of movement. Overall feeling amazing and looking forward to Spring and Summer
  6. Hi there Mummymakeoveroct, Ok, so I had 3 drains in and a catheter. One for each breast and one for the tummy. The drains and catheter were removed on day 2 along with the morphine pain relief through the drip. I actually had very little pain from the procedures, it was actually the pain of being on my back for 2 days in an odd v shaped position. Head and feet elevated. My bum was the absolute worse and so very uncomfortable and sore. I resorted to putting my pillow under my bum and using my travel neck pillow for my head LOL. The nurses would come in daily and bathe you, and as soon as the catheter was out I could walk around and go to the toilet, albeit a little wobbly on my legs for the first day. I would recommend taking some dry shampoo for the first couple of days or tying your hair up (get a nurse to help) especially if your prone to oily hair like me. My pillow for my bum came everywhere with me. My husband was there and would take me on little walks in the wheelchair around the hospital and to the coffee shop, I would have to put the pillow under my toush for that too. I was showering on my own about day 5. Not a regular full blown shower but an odd kind of shower using the shower hose nozzle body bit at a time, still avoiding getting my stitches too wet. My surgery was done altogether and took 8.5hr. Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions. Cheers Jodi
  7. Ms_tummytuck I'm really happy with all my procedures..... I had tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift and breast implants. I think because I was super fit and healthy it aided in my quick recovery and healing. I also think my surgeon would not have done all the procedures together if he didn't think I was physically able to cope with such a long surgery and multiple incision sites. There is always an element of risk when you're under anaesthetic as long as I was (8.5hrs). But I'm really impressed with everything so far
  8. I live in Victoria but unfortunately can't help as I went overseas for my tummy tuck and thigh lift. If you're interested in the overseas option I would recommend medi makeovers and Dr. Rungkit at Piyavate Hospital Bangkok. Before going overseas though I had consults with Dr. Lanzer (cosmetic surgeon) in Melbourne and a Dr. Webster (plastic surgeon) in country Victoria.
  9. Hi Domino, Initially during my weight loss I used the My Fitness Pal app, it has a great food database and a barcode scanner. Now I use a fitbit flex which I wear on my wrist which tracks steps, distance and sleep quality. I use the fitbit app food database to track calories and can alsoadd additional workouts
  10. Thank you for your kinds words ladies. So how did I lose the weight: I've been overweight my whole adult life, I was always the big girl throughout late high school and through a combination of poor lifestyle choices and excuses thought I was destined to always be the big girl. I started using a calorie counting App on my phone which a girlfriend has used to lose weight. Low and behold it actually worked and I soon realised that foods I once thought were healthy weren't so. I continued eating better and felt more energetic, so I began with nightly walks which very gradually became nightly jogging then running. I then started competing in fun runs and distance races. For the past 9 months I have also started weight training and Crossfit. I have to admit I'm addicted and love it. But now I'm having a hard time taking time off LOL. So there were no magic pills I'm afraid just clean eating and hard work. Mrsrosehiptea congrats on taking the tummy tuck plunge yourself, I'm sure you will be wrapped with your results
  11. I was swollen from the start and it started to improve after the 3-4 week mark....... That could be from changing from a warm climate (Thailand) to a cooler climate (Melbourne). I still have some minor swelling in between my new belly button and tummy tuck incision. If I have a more active day the swelling gets worse also...... I think with more time and healing it will get better. I also take turmeric and bromelain (pineapple) supplements which are natural anti inflammatories which helps with swelling.
  12. Hi thought I would share my before and after shots. I had a full tummy tuck, medial inner thigh lift, horizontal breast lift with nipple lift and breast implants. I had round 350cc HP textured Mentor implants placed dual plane. I went to Thailand and had my surgery performed by the amazing Dr. Rungkit at Piyavate Hospital Bangkok through Medi Makeovers. After +50kgs weight loss my saggy skin and deflated breasts finally look good and allow the new me to shine through
  13. So glad it went well for u
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