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  1. I went with Craig and have pics up….I had low nipples so mine are a little full in upper pole and my nipples aren't in the middle of my boobs, I don't like them side on but they look good in bra's etc In saying that Craig is working with me and wants me to be happy and realistic so his after care is really great. Mark Ashton suggested bigger for me and lowering them to correct nipple position but craig warns of double bubble….It's so confusing but I feel confident Craig will get me where I want to be, I have had NO problems such as double bubble or pains or pins or loss of sensation since either surgery (I had a revision to lower them and was super speedy recovery) hope this helps
  2. Be mindful girls of the vectra image not being what you thought, mine gave me a much better shape and expectation then what my result is...
  3. wow you got a good deal alidh87!! I paid like 12.5k!! whats lipo in armpits do? x
  4. Hey chiwee, if they are still sitting around the collarbone that seems like it would be pretty high still? Mine were not around my collar bone but were still way too high for me and my surgeon agreed, I guess it's about personal preference and expectations also! xx
  5. Oh thats no good hun can't believe you have to pay though? Does health insurance cover any of it?
  6. Hey Nadz81, it didn't cost me a cent which was awesome. Don't stress if you do need it, I was back doing beach runs and stairs this morning so the recovery time is nowhere near as bad - depending on what you have done but I just had mine lowered as they were sitting too high still! Feel free to msg me if you have questions hun xo
  7. Simple solution, post before and after pics. Or if don't have before pics at least after pics. No need for anyone to get nasty, just post some pics or don't…..everyone's experience is different but it's true some people don't know about the site and then after surgery the surgeons rooms give you this site and ask you to post a review.
  8. So far so good Chiwee, don't feel anything like the first op, back to work, been for a walk, out for dinner last night, feeling way better than expected!
  9. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone can give me some revision surgery feedback? Had revision surgery today, had my implants lowered, feeling pretty damn good in comparison to the first op, up and about etc but just wondering if anyone knows about swelling, do they swell up much? Experiences with how long they take to settle? When you were able to exercise etc? any info would be great, thanks
  10. Hi hun, Feel free to add me also, look at my pics and message me any questions, I am one of Craigs patients also xx
  11. Hey chesty, your first paragraph sound EXACTLY like how mine are!!! When i lean forward the implant does not come forward at all it's just a triangle of breast tissue and same if I'm on side they have a weird shape, I just thought this was normal with implants?? I'm the same with the 80% upper boob thing also and my nipples point down!! I'm booked in to see Craig again at the start of the month...
  12. if anyone has any before and after photos that would be great too thanks
  13. Hi ladies, Just wondering who out there has the low nipple issue. I have seen heaps of posts where girls have talked about having their crease lowered etc. My nipples were low to begin with (although this wasn't really discussed or made clear prior to my surgery) so now it seems like they point down and that more boob is above the nipple. Has anyone else had this issue?? In tops I am happy with my boobs but naked NOPE they look strange especially side on or if not wearing a bra my nipple sit low! My surgeon says my options are get a lift which he doesn't think I need to do and end up with scars (again this was never mentioned prior to surgery) or remove implant and replace with smaller. Any info would be great. thanks girls xx
  14. Hi Ladies, I am at the 5 month post op mark and have been wearing the strap for the last month to try and get my implants to go down as they were sitting high, think it has helped a bit. Have to wear it for the next 2 months also. My nipples especially my right - it points down at a side on view - are sitting low (they were low to begin with) just wondering if anyone has had experience or a similar situation? Know we are all different but would love to see what other ladies in same boat have to say as have read a lot of talk about crease being lowered and so forth. I feel like mine are very full in the top pole and not so much in the lower pole, they have definitely improved but has anyone had any luck with where their nipples sit changing as the implant drops??? Or any experiences with the strap helping?? I have just added a whole heap of new pics. Thanks xx
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