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    Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty by Dr Zion Chan
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    Dr Zion Chan
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  1. Dear Nicky I have my BA and Nose done by Dr Zion Chan. This has increased my self confidence so much. I just cant get enough of how good my nose and breast looked. I have referred on a few friends. One has BA done by him and is very happy, 2 others are waiting for their surgery soon. I just cant get enough compliments how my nose looked. At the moment my tip still has some swelling to go, but even with this it looks good. Cant wait till all swelling goes. All the best with your surgery.
  2. Hi AmyVm Mine was packaged. for nose only i think he is #8800. something like that.
  3. I had both breast and nose done with Dr Zion Chan and is extremely happy. His staff are lovely and they said they have been with him for over 7 years. That is long and says something about the clinic and their working relations I guess. Kathleen and Cherieve are awesome.
  4. I had both mine surgery with Dr Zion Chan, Breast and nose. because i did the 2 surgeries together, it was packaged for me as the theatre fee and anaesthetic can be reduced. I lOVE THEM 6000 for breast ? WOW thats really cheap, what do they use ? who performs the surgery ?
  5. Eside I had breast and nose done by Dr Zion CHAN and loves the results recommend him
  6. O00 you poor thing. So how did you go ? did you pull out or went ahead. I had my nose and breast with Dr Zion Chan and all was good. but hearing what happened to you just prior to your surgery is heart breaking. But your doctor did the right thing by you, imagine if it were kidney infection and spread and that would be devestating. Thats why we have surgeon in Australia and genuinely will do the right thing by the patients. I cant say how much risks girls who go overseas are taking. let us know how u went
  7. The other reason I went to Dr Zion Chan was I knew Dr Eng Peng Tan and being look at his website for years. He was the man to go to for breasts and nose and then he retired. Dr Tan has trained Dr Chan and still uses his techniques. thats why when my friends recommended Dr Chan, I had no doubt he was the one I was going to use.
  8. Hi Eside001 TO decide which surgeon is so hard. I was very lucky that I was referred to Dr Zion Chan as a few of my friends who went to him and swear by him. I had both breast and nose done by Dr Chan and love them. I know some nose surgeon dont do breasts and some breast surgeons dont do nose. and if done by 2 different surgeons require 2 anaesthetics, 2 recoveries. I was lucky to have all 2 surgeries done at once. Good luck with your search.
  9. I had both Breast and nose done by Dr Zion Chan. Apparently that is what he subspecialises in. I just cant fault him He is awesome. The results are great. I agree with IGOT450CC, Dr Chan makes the patient decide what they want, as he told me in his own words "I am here to facilitate you with your breast choices and as to what sizes you want is entirely up to you, but if you go outside the normal range, I will guide you and make sure that what you want.' After hearing this, I was sold as he genuinely cares about the patients. They staff there were awesome, so friendly and knows their stuff. In summary Dr Zion Chan as he has already done my surgery. LOVE THEM !!!
  10. Hi 1stMarch How did you go ? I had breast and nose with Dr Zion Chan and was thrilled by the results. I had read previous comments about breasts being "wonky". My breast were wonky before and Dr Chan warned me that any asymmetry prior to surgery might still persist after surgery. However after surgery I cant see the asymmetry he was talking about and was very happy. I guess we dont look at breasts as the way surgeons do. Maybe he is covering his baese. anyway mine was wonky prior to surgery and now they are amazing. Hope you had a good experience as well.
  11. S2008

    Dr Zion chan

    I had both breast and nose done by Dr Chan. Yes the recovery was great. and no bruising. I was so surprise how smooth everything went and the I was initially concerned about the sedation but after I went through it, it was so smooth. I had GA before for another procedure and took a week to recover. With sedation I was up and about that afternoon. The anaesthetist did a wonderful job. Dr Chan has specialised in breast and nose, thats why I went to him. I also researched alot of other PS and CS, but alot of them do so many procedures, can one person be so good in all procedures, thats why I went with Dr Chan. All the best, hope all goes well with you.
  12. I had my breast and nose done by Dr Chan. The results are just awesome and cant fault him. I think he just specialises in Breast and Nose only. All the best.
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