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    Breast augmentation (325 cc) and upper eyelid lift, Bangkok Tria Priyavate
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    March 18th 2014 Dr Parveena
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  1. I hear you, Minnie Mouse, and all of those things sound logical and make perfect sense. Except for the one thing I've been fighting against and haven't been able to escape- and that is that looks DO matter to other people. A lot. I'm in my late 40s, and have no problem with looking my age, it's just that there isn't a single bald, ugly man under 85 who thinks I'm worth anything. Of course that's wrong and it shouldn't be like that, but the truth is that looks are what attraction comes down to 99 pc of the time, and that leaves people who are unattractive lonely and last. Maybe we ARE ok, and have every right to feel ok, but lonely just the same. I've been fighting the unfairness of it for so long, but it's eating me up. The dating sites just seem to magnify it, but in the end they reflect real life. Whether men come up to you in a bar, or see your photo on rsvp, they are only responding to your looks. So women go for men who are smart, men go for women who are beautiful. The maths of that is thAt I can have my choice of stupid men.... But that's an awful choice! So I guess I've already thought long and hard about your questions, all insightful and worth considering a lot: 1. My looks never bothered me much until I started to realise how much they are getting in my way. Now I can't stNd looking at a photo- it leaves me depressed for days! And I don't really know what is wrong with me, As I can't really get an answer from the people I trust to ask... I think the question embarrasses my friends and they try and duck around an answer. The one answer I don't get is 'you are fine/ you look great'. I'm not even sure it is anything specific, just face shape and proportions I guess. 2. Yes 3. I guess as long as it wasn't worse than before, at least I tried! I guess that's a case for finding the right surgeon. I went to Thailand for my boobs but I think with my face I need a lot more consultation than I could get in Thailand. 4. I guess a bit of both. It really is crappy being ugly in a world where it really does seem to matter. At least with men. I can't even get a date. A couple of years ago when I was first single I put a very long distance shot of my self online as I found the further away from the camera I went, the more chance anyone would be remotely interested ? . I went on 22 dates, some of them with men I had so much in common with, so much to talk about, but never a second date. They'd always say how lovely I sound on the phone, then bang- the look of disappointment that crosses their face when they spot you. It's pretty crap. This time I'm closer to the camera as I can't be bothered going through it all again, might as well be honest upfront- big zero interest. Maybe a couple of men with parrots on their shoulders , etc! I do appreciate your hard line questions, because they are important, it's why this forum is so valuable, because people like yourself really make us think hard about it all and take the time to really discuss it from all levels, where as I think with friends, it embarrasses them. It's hard for them to discuss.
  2. I'm wanting to look better, but I'm not really sure where to start! I don't even really know what type of procedure I need, and I guess I want two or three opinions to tell me. I know I'm not attractive, but I'm not able to really tell why... Sounds a bit odd, I know. possibly I could look better with a nose job, and my chin is too long. Some days I feel my appearance is too witchy, other days I think it's too masculine. I guess my confusion about a good place to start comes from the reading I've done so far- where you need to get a referral for the particular surgeon you want to see, and then pay at least a couple of hundred for a consultation. But I feel I would like to speak to two or three different surgeons, which seems costly. I had some successful cosmetic surgery in Thailand a couple of years ago, and for some reason I found it easier to move forward on that than I am finding it here. I'd like to find a surgeon who understands and listens to what I need, but who also wants to be honest with me about what is or isn't a good option. Someone who is fine with the fact that I have no idea what I need done, but is passionate about helping me achieve a good outcome if it's at all possible. Where do I start? I'm in Melbourne. Any advice on this rather vague question would help.
  3. I agree with some who have commented about getting a surgical bra with a band. I wore mine religiously when I could during the day and always at night, and still wear it at night at nearly 4 months, as I just find it keeps everything feeling in place. The band is quite firm and it pulls my cleavage together and pushes the implants down from the top. I still find that my gap tends to feel as if it's widening if I don't wear a bra at night. If you get one soon, you can still tame them down and together, while the muscle is still healing and softening. I'm not sure where to get one in Australia, though. You didn't make any wrong choices, don't worry, it will get sorted. And your hubby loves them- Go him! So he should! if you look at some of the photos of Nicole Kidman's recent new boob outing in a designer dress with a gap down the middle of the dress, you will see that hers are probably quite similar- she has quite a wide gap and they are quite round and high- but they looked good and the comments on social media were all "Wow"! I don't think she would have gone with any but the best surgeons, either. We all make our own choices based on the best we can do, Citygal, and anyone can have good or bad luck. Plenty of people would knock all of us for having plastic surgery, and we don't like being judged for that, so neither should we judge each other for how or where we decide to go ahead, or on how much money we spent to do it. First hand advice is helpful, but biased judgements based on nothing at all are just destructive to everyone.
  4. I would just go to a GP first if I were you, as they will be able to tell you if it's related to the op, and what could be done about it. It could be something really minor like nerve pain. I had my surgery in Thailand, but later had some troubles with wound healing and my GP was happy to help me and it came good. They might refer you to a PS if needed, but they probably wouldn't do so unless they felt it needed more surgery. Even then, in worse case scenario, you might still have the option to have it fixed through medicare here, rather than further plastic surgery, as it would no longer be considered cosmetic. I hope it's nothing, but best to get it checked out. Good luck
  5. Excellent, thanks so much Donatella, I'll book an appointment.
  6. I suppose it's difficult for anyone to tell you anything different than the two surgeons have said, as they will be speaking from experience and expertise. I think the picture you don't like is a bit less desirable because of the shape of her nipples more than anything else, they are huge, and probably contribute to the 'sock' look. My nipples were hanging quite low, as I'm in my forties, but it wasn't suggested I need a lift, but then I didn't have much breast tissue anyway. But post op I'm not really worried that my nipple line looks a tad lower, it's ageing, and probably means they look more real- a perky set of nipples on a 46 year old really wouldn't be right. Now that I've dropped I have a nicer fullness under the nipple, and am pretty happy. I'm not sure how old you are. 520 sounds alot if you are already a full B cup, and trying to acheive the look in those photos- I think I look a little like the first one, and had 325 from an A cup! My guess would be that bigger would accentuate the things you are worried about. I'm not really sure if I'm answering your problem. Good luck.
  7. Wow, thank you to both of you Donatella and Rhinosar, both such good advice. I'd be really grateful Donatella if you could give me some names from Melbourne, I've been having Botox for my forehead and frown lines, but not really happy with the doctor who does it. So it would be great to hear of others. Rhinosar, thanks so much for your post- I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy, and it's such good information to have, and I will Google those pictures. I'm going to try the Botox instead!
  8. Really? That sounds intriguing- would you need a specialist to do it or just your ordinary Botox nurse/ doctor?
  9. I have a long 'witchi-poo' chin and concave face shape that I inherited from my grandmother, and I've hated it my whole life. I can't bear to look at a photo of myself in profile, I find it so depressing. Has anyone had this surgery done? I read that they do it through the mouth so there is no scar? How do they get the bone down- do they grind it? What worries me is the swelling that takes months to go down, and the worry that it won't make a difference or look worse. What sort of cost would this involve in Melbourne? Would anyone recommend it in Thailand? Do most people have it in conjunction with rhinoplasty to balance things out? I could probably go a nose job too! And then I need to stop with the plastic surgery or I could find myself addicted...
  10. Yes, I had it done in Thailand three months ago under a GA at the same time as breast augmentation. It cost about an extra $700. To me it looks so much better, especially when I compare it to an older photo, but to be honest I don't know if it really has made much difference, as no-one has commented, in fact because of the swelling in the first weeks, I got lots of comments that I looked tired, but nothing since. For me the jury is still out. You can't notice the suture line at all, and the bagginess has gone, but I just don't know if I look better or not. I was hoping for something more dramatic I suppose, but perhaps it's just that I'm not that good looking in the first place.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this and that you are so depressed- I know that dominant people will continue to behave like this with people who they know will give in to their demands or who will put up with their behaviour. So try hard to stand your ground and make sure you are not giving in - you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect- and if he is not giving you that, there is no reason you should be doing anything his way. I know that's easier said than done, and sometimes it takes someone to leave before a person like this can see what they have done. Try and continue to insist that you go to counselling together- because a third party could help to open his eyes a bit. I would even start to make demands of your own- eg- I WILL NOT ........ until you agree to go to counselling. Best of luck lovely lady, look after you as much as you can.
  12. I had one with the band and I had to purchase it from the hospital - I think you can get them over the internet. I still wear it bed, as it's so comfy. But they are very unattractive! Bio oil seems to be the scar treatment alot of people find works best- I think I started using it a bit too soon- I didn't wait until the wound completely dried up, and ended up with a little round scar that still has the scab on it at the end of my long scar. The scar seems to take a long, long time to be fading, I don't know if that's just me. Mine is still quite bright pink 3 months on. I was using hiroscar for a while but have now gone back to bio oil.
  13. That stabbing pain is usually quite normal, and is the nerves getting feeling back. I can't say I would describe mine as painful as yours, but I still have a bit of numbness so I always feel happy when I get that pain, I take it as a sign the nerve is on the way back. If you were in total agony I would go to emergency department, otherwise see your doctor during the week just to be reassured.
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