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    BA borderline lift.
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    Dr Sanguan February 2016 ppsi
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  1. Thanks Donatella ? I would start with that too. I was kinda wanting a back up plan if something wasn't quite right or not healing as expected. Thank you again
  2. Donatella, I didn't mean a free check up. Of course I would pay.? I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time. It would be purely if I was concerned about something. if I am concerned about anything I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a plastic surgeon. I have heard they ask why you aren't visiting your own surgeon and obviously it's pretty hard to fly back and forth overseas for small concerns (if any).
  3. If I have any concerns or would like a check up on my bl/ba, I would like to know if any plastic surgeons here in Australia are happy to schedule an appointment? I have heard once SOME surgeons discover the surgery is done in Thailand, you get treated like you are not important or deserve something to go wrong... After drs in Brisbane or Gold Coast or even Sydney. Thx
  4. cj27

    It's time ?

    I think you'll have a perfect result! Such a great transformation! You must be very happy! Take care with healing x
  5. cj27

    It's time ?

    Such a great shape! You have nice results! May I ask what size were you before? I hope mine look this nice after surgery ☺️
  6. Just curious but whats the difference? I follow tci and cannot see any difference between the photos. Can anyone advise why someone chooses xhp over hp? Thanks ladies x
  7. Wow!!! They look awesome! The shape is perfect! Sorry I can't be of much help with the hematoma stuff but you are pretty early post op so maybe wait until a little more bruising goes away before worrying too much. I mine hope mine look as good as yours! What cc did you get?
  8. cj27

    It's time ?

    Rest up and drink lots of water, hopefully your pain relief will let you sleep a little. Cant wait to see pics!!
  9. cj27

    It's time ?

    How are you feeling? Hope everything went well and you aren't in pain. Whats waking up like out of GA? Cant wait to read your experience xx
  10. @rachael1981 I have friended you too, hope you don't mind. We have almost the same pre op. I would love to see your pics! My surgery is in a week ?
  11. @madisonL have you chosen your surgeon? Im booked with dr sanguan at piac this month for my implants and maybe a small lift (I'll let him decide) ? I'll pop some pics up and a review when I'm out of surgery
  12. I really hope mine turn out like yours! Love the shape , size and scars! Looking fab xx
  13. If you use credit I think it will be fine but make sure the limit on your card is at least 9k. I read somewhere that another girl had probs with the card and kept declining. I don't want that nightmare so I'll take the cash. I messaged piac and they recommend just popping into jungceylong mall and exchanging. Havent thought about the Aus xfer. Not long for us now kara ?
  14. What is the best way to pay piac? I have heard that bringing cash and exchanging over there is best. But I'm nervous to bring 10k cash ? Where are decent exchange booths or banks? Is the rate really better there? Any experiences are appreciated ?
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