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    Dr Sanguan February 2016 ppsi
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  1. Thanks Donatella ๐Ÿ‘ I would start with that too. I was kinda wanting a back up plan if something wasn't quite right or not healing as expected. Thank you again
  2. Donatella, I didn't mean a free check up. Of course I would pay.๐Ÿ˜€ I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time. It would be purely if I was concerned about something. if I am concerned about anything I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a plastic surgeon. I have heard they ask why you aren't visiting your own surgeon and obviously it's pretty hard to fly back and forth overseas for small concerns (if any).
  3. If I have any concerns or would like a check up on my bl/ba, I would like to know if any plastic surgeons here in Australia are happy to schedule an appointment? I have heard once SOME surgeons discover the surgery is done in Thailand, you get treated like you are not important or deserve something to go wrong... After drs in Brisbane or Gold Coast or even Sydney. Thx
  4. Saljo

    Hi CJ! How did you go??ย 

    1. cj27


      Hey saljo

      i am really good ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm going to write a novel .....

      dr sanguan has been fantastic and has made my boobs nice again. My case was a little difficult as one breast was wider and higher and bigger than the other lol... I didn't even realise it was that bad.ย 

      He was very thorough with marking out my chest and taking measurements, he explained what he can achieve and can't etc. he made me feel very comfortable throughout the consult. He was so friendly and had a couple of laughs with us. Very professional and made me feel confident and relaxed. The consult was at 9am and I was scheduled for surgery at 1130 same day!ย 

      After taking blood pressure, weight and asking a lot of questions the nurses tookย me to my room to dress in their surgery outfits. (Orange top and skirt thing) not long after I was dressed and had my Iv put in they took me down to the surgery floor where I met the anethatist, he was so nice and explained everything he was going to do and what to expect. Dr jed was his name I think. After about 20 mins talking to him the nurses wheeled me in to surgery room and gave me reassuring smiles and pats on my leg. I was a little nervous but still confident. I saw dr sanguan again and he said ย he will take good care of me. The anethatist then said he will make me sleep now. About 5 secs later I was out.ย 

      I woke up in recovery room with nurses around me taking blood pressure and telling me to rest. I kept trying to take off my oxygen mask I guess out of confusion. I was comfortable and happy but groggy.ย 

      I was taken back to my room and was shuffled into my bed. More blood pressure tests and injections into my Iv drip. I also had morphine on a button I was instructed to press if I feel pain. The nurses would come and check on me every 2 hours and check bp and my pain levels and make sure I was ok. They were all so nice and helpful and willing to assist in any way. I was very impressed with this whole experience.ย 

      Dr sanguan came and took my drains out, it didn't hurt just felt weird. He was very gentle and reassuring.

      I stayed for 2 nights and they let me out in the late afternoon. They give you breakfast lunch and dinner which is quite good for hospital food.ย 

      I only found it sore if I sit up out of bed but it's much better today. I had my first follow up appointment today (at the new building the just moved into today) and had the dressings changed. Dr sanguan checked everything and said he sees no sign of infection or hematoma or bleeding thank god. I get my stitches out on 4th! I am still a little swolen so they will be a bit smaller than now. I am allowed to wear underwire bra as my inscisions are not under the breast. I have bruising between my breasts because he had to take fat out of my left breast to fix my cleavage gap as it would have been uneven lol.ย 

      I am still taking all my medications, they give you a lot to take! I take them all as instructed so I am drowsy a lot haha I just rest and nap and take short walks around the resort. Very relaxing.ย 

      I actually said to my husband that I didn't want to leave hospital lol they are fantastic there! I was treated like a princess and I am so happy I went with dr sanguan, he was so kind and friendly with realistic expectations for my results. He is apparently the senior surgeon and mentor to the other surgeons there. However karadj went with dr narupon and has had a perfect experience with him so far too (except she didn't get a morphine drip machine dunno why) I am a sook though haha glad I had it!ย 

      I think you will be in good hands with whoever you choose at ppsi.ย 

      I booked directly through their website and they were awesome to deal with. Fast and efficient so don't bother with an agency. Save your money.

      If you have any questions just message anytime!ย 

      I had 250cc moderate plus textured gel with lollipop lift.ย 

      Let me know how you get on with booking!ย 


    2. Saljo


      Oh that's fantastic CJ! So happy it went well for you! I got approved for my finance yesterday so it's just a matter of booking flights and accommodation and waiting till December. Very exciting. I'm sure I'll think of questions to ask haha as I will be needing a lollipop lift as well :)

    3. cj27


      Awesome! It's fun researching and collecting wish pics. I would book with ppsi 100% again. Even on their website there is a little live chat box that pops up and they are very fast with replying to questions.ย 

      Message me if you want to know anything else :)ย 

  5. I think you'll have a perfect result! Such a great transformation! You must be very happy! Take care with healing x
  6. Such a great shape! You have nice results! May I ask what size were you before? I hope mine look this nice after surgery โ˜บ๏ธ
  7. Just curious but whats the difference? I follow tci and cannot see any difference between the photos. Can anyone advise why someone chooses xhp over hp? Thanks ladies x
  8. Wow!!! They look awesome! The shape is perfect! Sorry I can't be of much help with the hematoma stuff but you are pretty early post op so maybe wait until a little more bruising goes away before worrying too much. I mine hope mine look as good as yours! What cc did you get?
  9. Rest up and drink lots of water, hopefully your pain relief will let you sleep a little. Cant wait to see pics!!
  10. How are you feeling? Hope everything went well and you aren't in pain. Whats waking up like out of GA? Cant wait to read your experience xx
  11. @rachael1981 I have friended you too, hope you don't mind. We have almost the same pre op. I would love to see your pics! My surgery is in a week ๐Ÿ˜
  12. @madisonL have you chosen your surgeon? Im booked with dr sanguan at piac this month for my implants and maybe a small lift (I'll let him decide) ๐Ÿ˜Š I'll pop some pics up and a review when I'm out of surgery
  13. I really hope mine turn out like yours! Love the shape , size and scars! Looking fab xx
  14. If you use credit I think it will be fine but make sure the limit on your card is at least 9k. I read somewhere that another girl had probs with the card and kept declining. I don't want that nightmare so I'll take the cash. I messaged piac and they recommend just popping into jungceylong mall and exchanging. Havent thought about the Aus xfer. Not long for us now kara ๐Ÿ˜Š
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