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    I plan to have BA in phuket currently a not so full c wanting dd/e. I had rhinoplasty performed by Dr Lendvay in Sydney in 2000, was very happy with those results so hoping to be happy with this too.
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    Dr Piyapas 26 may 2014
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    166cm, 63kg, 12C
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    Family, running, learning socializing

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  1. I have never head of the tata tamer lol, where is hat fom? And Berlei, who stocks those. Yes I was totally taken back to a different era of sexy when ones boobehs could poke they eyes out of a saint a Mile away! Lorna Jane squishes me. I love the look o them, just not on me. Maybe if I lose a few kilos I can revisit them.
  2. I know I have seen this topic before but can anyone recommend good sports bras? I tried on Lorna Jane today, no good, tried on a bonds type from big w, fit was good but looked crap, yucky design. Ran out of time and stupidly grabbed two hestia sports bras from big w without trying on as they looked really nice on the hangers and were my cup size but got hem home and I am freaking Madonna circa 1990> I have connicals on my chest, WTF! So please make suggestions, an thank you
  3. I used Lotus in May for my BA and as Whitey mentions they give you a mobile phone number with the contact numbers and they do spend a lot of time with you before and after the procedures right up until you leave to head home they are on call. I also had Charlie as my host, he was so helpful and acommodating. I would have no reservation in recommnending them to anyone. True you can go direct through the hospital but if you're like me and feel okay to spend a little extra to have that safety blanket it is worth it.
  4. I have had tape extensions for about 3 years. I have about 16 tapes. I get them repositioned every 2 months, it will usually take them about an hour to do it. Sometimes I remove them myself using isocol and let my hair/scalp breathe a little. They position mine so that they are not too close to the hair line so that I can pull them up into a pony tail etc. I get charged $99 per hour for maintenance, I pay about 30-40 per tape as they can wear down over time. I use a tangle teaser brush which is awesome on any hair. Gets rid of tangles easily without causing breakage, even handy on my 9 year old daughter who has very thick wavy hair compared to my fine hair. I did have a gf who had hers done as well, she has even finer hair than me and they put about 20 in which was too much for her. She had a reaction to the tape causing irritation on her scalp and had to have them out. So $250 is a reasonable price actually.
  5. I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion. I went through an agency. Lotus medical, my host was Charlie and he was great. I knew I could go through the hospital, but I didn't mind parting with the extra $ for the constant on call support and guidance, not to mention the invaluable information passed on to me when I got to the stage of wanting to do the tourist thing. Charlie was more than accommodating with recommendations of places worth seeing and worth avoiding and was just a wonderful helpful, caring person all round. I wanted all of that extra fussing, it suited me to a tee.
  6. I only had to wear the surgeons bandages one night, after that I could wear the carefix. I was never given a post op bra by my surgeon. I know that some surgeons do give post op bras but I ordered in my post op bras ahead of surgery and my surgeon felt they would be adequate.
  7. I bought a few Anna carefix bras , but they're not too tight, so comfy. I
  8. I still wear mine at night only because it supports them well and feels better than letting them loose lol.
  9. Hi Whitney, congratulations on getting he work done that you wanted to. It's very normal to feel the blues afterwards, you have been through a lot. I had a rhino done many years ago and the swelling from that procedure alone took months but the end result was worth it, even though I was doubting it during the healing process. Be kind to yourself and allow the healing to take place xxx
  10. Wowza, that looks amazing. Xx
  11. I don't hink you should feel bad. You are enttled to take leave and if they press for a reason you could always say for personal reasons you would prefer not to discuss. I didn't tell my manager nor any colleagues. I just told everyone I was taking a holiday., which being overseas it kind if was. As far as I'm concerned the details of your leave are not the business of your business.
  12. Hi I agree, you will need to speak to your surgeon. I have suffered depression and when I had my rhino done years ago was suffering and coupled with having attended my cousins funeral only a few days earlier I was a bit messed up in the head. I didn't tell the surgeon. My biggest issue was when I was waking from the GA, aside from the nausea, I felt like i was suffocating due to the packing in the nose and I panicked a bit. But I had someone with me who held my hand and once the GA had worn off I was heaps better.but please have a chat to he surgeon xx
  13. I went through Lotus Medical and only used an agency as I had not been to thailand before, and the few hundred extra dollars spent to have the buffer of someone looking out for me and taking care of transfers and being on call when needed was worth it. Sure, you can go direct through hospital, nothing wrong with that, but for me, for my own state of mind I felt it was worth having an agency. Nothing sooky about me at all, just felt safer doing it this way.
  14. I'm near on 8 weeks post op and had the same sizing roughly as you but with dual placement and I can say that I am glad I didn go larger as you don't hav as many options in underwear the larger cup you go. I was feeling the same as you, but now, as hy are settling I am very happy with the sizing. X
  15. Dr piyapas is great, I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He is precise regarding BA xx
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