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    Dr. Richardson 17th July 2014 - BA 385 cc mod unders
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  1. mona88

    Bennlli Lift

    Hi Ladies, I had BA done nearly 2 years ago and although happy with size and my breasts are not sagging, I don't like how they look without a bra - my nipples are just slightly too low. I have been searching if anything can be done and a Benelli lift seems like maybe an option. Does anyone have any experience and had this done post BA? In Australia? Costs and scarring? Want to have some info before going back to my surgeon. Thanks!
  2. Pre op: 10B 385cc Mod + profile under muscle From 6-12 months post op, I was 10DD, has since dropped further and become 10E - much preferred them a little bit smaller! (I didnt put on weight!)
  3. Brilliant! Straight to Big W then! thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm over 9mths post op and struggling to find really good bras for cleavage or push-up. Im now a 10e and feel like any of the bigger bras just aren't sexy. Anyone have any recommendations?? Cheers!!
  5. I paid a little over $10k, can't remember how much exactly. Personally, I liked that the doctor was more qualified as well as the idea of being in a hospital with the doctor as well as an anaesthetist and nurses. I've heard of people having drains and such after sugery and I had nothing like that. Can't barely see my scars. People feel differently but that's what I wanted.
  6. Yes - the smooth complexion is exactly what I'm after. I'll be 28 in a couple of months so it's going to be my birthday present to myself!! Thanks very much! Is there any other treatments that you do or love that you would recommend in the meantime..!?!
  7. Hi Don, I think you look fab!! I'm 27 and have been told by a few consultants that I don't need Botox yet! Not a bad complaint I suppose but I want more of a flawless look on my face and don't know what would work, can you recommend anything? Any treatment? Thanks loads
  8. I had my breast implants done by Dr. Richardson in Brisbane Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery last July. I had wanted to wait a minimum of 6months before writing my review as I felt that was enough time to know whether or not everything had went well. I couldn't say enough great things about this surgeon and the people working with him. I had 4 consultants for implants as well as my consult with Dr Richardson, 2 cosmetic and 2 plastic. I had decided at that point that I was more comfortable going with a plastic surgeon. I had done a lot of research into types of breast implants and studies done and Dr Richardson was the only surgeon to answer my questions with facts and figures, not marketing. He even suggested another study for me to read. He does not offer too much when deciding on implant size as he thinks it should be up to how you feel. I was happy with 360cc and he recommended 385cc as some size would be lost behind the muscle so I trusted his judgement (I was very thankful of this afterwards!). After the initial consultation fee, I went back twice free of charge. Once to talk to him again with my boyfriend and another time to meet his nurse Annika who used their fancy computer to simulate what my breasts would look like post-op! Very cool and she was just lovely. I had my surgery on a Thursday morning at 7am, nurses and all staff were so friendly and professional. I met Dr Richardson beforehand and I asked if he had had his coffee and he assured me he had... The anesthetist joked with me and made me feel so comfortable and the nurse wheeling me in for surgery reassured me that they would take good care of me. I wasn't particularly nervous but my mind was put completely to rest. I remember waking up in a dark corner and being so cosy and happy, obviously the drugs had worked but it was lovely! I had a sports bra on me and tape under each breast. After a couple of hours, I was given a bag full of goodies, tablets and instructions which I gave to my boyfriend when he arrived and we went home. He worked from home that day and the following days and gave me my tablets and helped push me up off the couch when I had to go to the toilet (I was told not to use my arms to push myself up). Otherwise I stayed lying down, was very comfortable and didn't experience any pain, discomfort at times but not pain. The following Monday, I went back to the nurse Annika who changed my tape and gave me a big bra to wear for the next 6weeks - very sexy! I went back to work on the Tuesday morning, I work in an office and no one knew. I wasn't running around but I wasn't in pain and I took painkillers (panadol) for the remainder of the week. At my 6 week check up, Dr Richardson said I was healing fine and I could resume light exercise as long as I was careful and didn't let them bounce! I was back doing all exercise including aerobics classes, PT sessions and running by end September/early October. I have recently had my 6 month check up with Dr Richardson who was very happy with how I had headed and I couldn't be happier with my results. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.
  9. I also went to BNT at the weekend but only ending up buying one new bra (10DD ) but I dont feel like its a bra I can wear for every day. I'm still wearing crop top/sports bras during the day - what styles of bras are people wearing post op??
  10. I have put on 2kg in the 4 weeks since my op + 1kg of boob...not being able to exercise has affected my diet though too... got my clear for exercise at the weekend and had my first PT this week so back to it!!
  11. Oh i'm the same!! The cold shivers are the worst!! Leftie is def the more sensitive of the two...!! Sounds like its what to expect for the next few weeks!
  12. I recently heard that avoid scratching your skin if it feels itchy (which it can sometimes!) afterwards as this can cause stretch marks - I dont know but it has put me off scratching!!
  13. I'm finding the bra that the surgeon gave me very uncomfortable too..!! Are anyone elses boobs still quite sensitive?? I'm 2 weeks post op and finding the sides of my breasts are sensitive rubbing off the bra and my nipples are very sore at times!! How long does this last?
  14. Yes, she has been so lovely and helpful. I met her first when I was trying to decide on size, so pre and post op she has been great!! Don't worry ur secrets are all safe here!!
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