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    Dr Boonchai - August 2014
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  1. Hi Allyann the twins are looking fantastic!! what shape and size did you end up going?

  2. Hi Ruby!! Congrats - super exciting, not long to July!
  3. For sure! We might even try and catch up with Directa7 she will be over there at the same time! My hubby is going with me, but will head for Martial Arts training while I am recovering, so I should have plenty of down time
  4. Thanks Bella! helps a lot! I am with Dr Boonchai at PIAC, I have heard lots of good things about him. I definitely want the soft squishy natural feel, so I think the CPG's are the way to go. My recommendation says Cohesive Gel... Hopefully they are referring to the CPG's that you are talking about. I only want to go as big as a full C, no bigger for me. I just want to fit a pair of togs LOL! I guess when I get over there, I'll just keep referring to them as the CPG Mentor's ;)

  5. And my procedure was $7500 fee to Dr Szalay but on top of that he hives you all the scripts to fill including the intravenous antibiotics on the day, surgical stockings etc but that probably all up was about $200. So in my eyes very reasonable. It's done on twilight so there are no anaethesist (however you spell it) and it's done at his day surgery clinic so no hospital fees. It's done across from St Andrews so I felt safe knowing that. I had 2 nurses on the day also, one that monitors me and my sedation and the other is Dr Szalay's assistant. The one who was monitoring me was an ER nurse at the royal so I also felt comforted by that, they were both fantastic and calmed me with chit chat and kind words. I can't fault the whole procedure, just the consultation stage he could have been better :)

  6. Hi SuzieQ, yes all went very well thanks. I loved the twilight lol... I was out like a light and have no recollection of the procedure, afterwards or trip home , it's all a blur. Very happy with my results and how natural they look. I was sooo worried about them looking like balls under my skin as you could see my ribs, if I had of known I would have gone bigger but still very very happy with my whole experience and results! Thanks for touching base again xoxox

  7. Hi! No probs at all :) I got recommended anatomical (for natural result) I showed him some pics - he recommended dual plane as I had some breast tissue and he said it would decrease chance if double bubble - CPG Mentors are the leading brand in the US & Thailand follow the US re quality- go with them though as mine are so soft and squiggy! They're so good and natural looking too - they hang quite low which is natural looking but can still be pushed together/ up etc :) from my pics they said round or teardrop but when I was there he said teardrop definitely - just take a few pics of your ideal & they'll know what you are wanting- who's ur surgeon?

  8. Hi BellaBee, I have sent you a friend request if you don't mind, and I have a couple of questions - probably stupid ones.... I am booked in at PIAC in August and have always thought of anatomical, but when I sent my photos over they came back with a recomendation of round. Did you decide on anatomical no matter what, or was that a decision you made over there? And what made you go dual plane? I know that I will discuss all this with Dr over there, but I just want to get a bit more of an idea so I can explain to him what I want. And was your Mentor CPG an option or are all their Mentor implants CPG? Sorry for rambling.

  9. HI Mollyjo. What was the price range of Dr Richardson? Just a ball park is fine. Thanks.
  10. Hey Madeline, I booked about a month ago, and wanted August and did get within 1 day of my preferred date.
  11. Hi Wog Girl, we are staying down at Kata Noi. Katathani Beach Resort. We have stayed there before, it's fantastic, so we decided to stay there agian. I have heard that Banthai resort is lovely, and not too far from the Hospital I think...
  12. So..... how are you feeling? Hope all went well. :) And can I ask how much your procedure was? if that isn't being too rude :)

  13. I haven't had my BA yet, but I am a PT and have a girl friend who is also a PT and had her boobs done last year. Hence to say I pick her brains about absolutely everything! She said that she was pretty much back to doing most things after 6weeks, with moderation, but no running or jumping for nearly 12 weeks (personal option) she said she had tried running earlier than that but felt that it was too soon for her and opted to take the long way round . I think she said she went tear drop 450cc sub-muscular which put her at a full DD - so from her A size, it was quite a big difference. I am also training a girl who had her boobs done about 8 weeks ago, and I find myself monitoring her chest movements when we are doing dumbell or barbell work, especially the "press movements" the pull movements and vertical presses like shoulder press are going well but the horizontal press movements like bench presses (flat or incline or pushups) there is a bit too much muscular separation so I just ask her to go lighter weights and more reps, and with the pushups we are back to girly ones (hands and knees) but more reps for a few more weeks and then we'll see how we go. We both run a lot (like half marathons) but even her too, doesn't feel like they could handle the impact just yet, so she is taking the long way round and will try a short distance run in another 4 weeks. Hope this helps.
  14. Good Stuff, if Dells is still over there, hope all is going well! So..... who's up next. I am in August, but who's between now and then, we need to keep this thread going! Makes the time go faster.... hahaha.
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