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    Abdominoplasty (December 2014) & Breast augmentation with lift. (May 2015)
    Mummy of 2 yr old and 3 yr old, 47kgs weight loss.
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    Dr Lefter 9th December 2014

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  1. Danni if you allow 6 weeks you should well and truly be up to working by then. The swelling when you do too much is the thing I'm struggling with. I've been feeling really good apart from that. I'm 7 weeks post tummy tuck
  2. I haven't had any issues with my TT, my surgeon didn't have any problems with my lap banding port either. In relation to the public area mine is still quite swollen / puffy looking. I'm 7 weeks post op now. Send me a friend request if you want to see my photos. Good luck
  3. My anethetist just told me what was happening and why. She did the spinal block so I didn't need as much pain medication and it really helped. I'm sure you could choose not to have it if you had a good reason not to. I had my opp with a Ps on the central coast at Brisbane waters private hospital they were all wonderful I'll be having a breast augmentation this year at the same hospital
  4. Hi, I had a spinal block to assist with pain management and a general anaesthetic
  5. Hi, My lapbanding surgeon recommended dr Mihaela Lefter, she is a plastic surgeon that operates from woy woy and several other Sydney region hospitals. Dr lefter did my tummy tuck 4 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier, I will be having my breasts done in a few months and possibly my thighs if they don't tone up. I have photos if you'd like to send me a friend request you will be able to see them. Good luck
  6. I haven't really been resting so I'll see if that helps. Thank god, mine does too, I was thinking it was just fluid because that part is so swollen I really hope it goes down soon it looks so strange. Im not weighing myself, I'm really struggling with not being able to exercise and my legs are still swollen so I'm not going.to make myself.feel worse knowing how much I weigh
  7. Hi Julie Anne, Hope you're recovering well. Could I please ask- did the collection of blood under your skin make the effect of like a water bed when you touched certain areas? I have one section just above my VJ that when I poke the front of my VJ it wobbles?? The skin is slightly bruised looking but not dark? Sorry I hope that makes sense
  8. Oh and my Ps said I'm ok with short drives as long as I'm not taking pain medication stronger than panadol or nurofen
  9. Mine just feels firm? Unless I do too much and then it gets puffy and feels like a normal tummy I guess. Maybe once the skin relaxes a bit it will soften? Sorry I'm not much help. Do you have any bits that look like there's water under your skin? I have one section right near my cut above my VJ that when I poke my public region it wobbles it's really strange and slightly concering me :/ I'll take a photo tonight.
  10. JJones I was prescribed an ointment called bactroban. I'll be getting some siltape in a week or so too
  11. There is a public gallery or you can set your photos so that only people who are your friends can see. If you want to see my photos and we arent friends just send me a friend request and I'll approve you. There is a gallery tab where you can see photos. It's been 12days since my tummy tuck, it's a big operation but stressing yourself out over it isn't going to make your recovery any easier so try and relax. Good luck
  12. No Beejay but I'll give it a go, thanks for the suggestion. The binders I'm wearing seem to like cave in my waist so I've got a washer folded up and tucked in on each side which has helped a big but hopefully the singlet trick works. thank you
  13. I had my first night at home last night, I slept in our bed propped up by a mountain of pillows... I don't think it matters where you sleep tbh it's not comfortable and sleeping in a binder is crappy.. Before your surgeries definitely look into what garments your surgeon provides and recommends
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