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    Tummy Tuck & Liposuction
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    Dr Ahn Nguyen 14th April 2014
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    PHD Student & Mama of 4 boys
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  1. Thats amazing SoExcited because that exactly where I have my swelling | sore area. Its so reassuring to know someone else has similar experiences. I have probably watched too many US based Utube clips from women post op with no swelling. Its so interesting as it seems to come and go. Today has been a bad day for swelling, and I was puzzled as to why ? Please keep in touch, we are similar in time frames ! Stella
  2. Dear all, I am eight weeks post op and experiencing new swelling ! I feel bigger than before. How long is a piece of string = how long does swelling last post op tummy tuck and muscle repair?? I had fairly extensive muscle repair due to a five inch split, my recovery post op was really good and back to my work place @ six weeks. At the moment, the swelling seems particularly bad @ the end of the day and above my belly button. It feels like pockets of swelling. Has anyone experienced this or has some stories to share ? Any tips or advice much appreciated. Many thanks Stella x
  3. Dr Ahn Nyugen and her all female team. She is the bomb! I had TT and full muscle repair five weeks ago. Ahn was amazing. ( consults from Mercy & Hollywood )
  4. Well done Simone. Small steps. Don't rush. Take all the time you need. Stella x
  5. Yes totally agree with Jen, Don't rush home. Remember the first scar tissue repair is the most important. Its like building a house, allow the foundations to be good and the structure will be strong. If you feel like you aren't doing enough ( this is my story !! ) ignore those thoughts. Its finally a time in your life to relax, do nothing very much and heal. The rest will take care of itself x Love Stella
  6. Hi Tarnz ! Lovely to hear from you. The trip home was so easy, it was the trip back to Perth for the first post op consult to go under the lights for some phototherapy that was tricky. By the time, I got home, I was so sore and tired. I am soooooo amazed by the results so far. I literally can't believe it! Its day 12, and I am wondering whether I should be doing more ? I seem to be doing NOTHING, and still feel tired ! I am still pretty swollen and not sure how long this will continue … hows things going fro you ?? Love Stella
  7. Hi Simone, Congrats on your brave journey thus far. I am 12 days post op, and at home healing well. MyTips are as follows ( I am sure they will change, and please ignore if sounds silly to you ! ) Arnica - 4 pills x 3 times a day to help assist swelling and bruising Vitamin C & Zinc to assist with wound healing and tissue repair A patient wonderful family Mineral Water on tap If you haven't watched Breaking Bad, start now. It will take days off your life, but will help you adjust to healing! Panadol A big Round bolster cushion to go under your knees to create the 'banana' Masses of pillows Masses of patience A small activity every day that will makes you feel like you are on your way to recovery As much time as you need from your career/job One day @ a time :):) Ciao for now Love Stella x
  8. Hi all, Just a quick existential question !! What should I be doing ????? It's day eight, with one week yesterday being the day I took part in this amazing life changing event . I am not quite sure whether I should be walking for half an hour ? Sitting up, lying down. It feels like a catch 22, if I get up, do I risk hurting myself < lying down sucks ! I am so used to being a busy bee, but realise that scar tissue is healing and thus this is my number one golden opportunity to heal first time around being the most important. I have to travel to Perth on Thursday to see my lovely surgeon and have light therapy in the body boost bed which is exciting. Any ideas for the next week in terms of what your experience has been would be so appreciated. Do I really bust out another series of Breaking Bad in a day ??? I'm up to series 2 already, which demonstrates the amount of time I've been doing nothing ! Any tips would be totally appreciated Love Stella
  9. Hello all, just a quick update to say I have finally made it through the blur of the last couple of days and couldn't be happier. I am beyond amazed by the transformation already, and even though I'm in hospital, with drains, bruised and tired, I am SUPER HAPPY !! Dr Ahn Nyguen and her all female team are quite simply the A TEAM. Approachable, friendly, kind, funny, beyond professional and sensitive. I could go on and on. I work in another area of medicine and have worked alongside many consultants but Ahn is a new breed of female surgeon, and just inspirational. I had a massive split and over 2 kilos of skin removed, I have swam and kept so fit but my tummy just always let me down, especially after the birth of my son @ 5.5 kilos !! I am only on day 4 and realise the journey will be slow, frustrating at times, but I cannot recommend putting your big girl boots on and reclaiming your body. More soon Love Stella x
  10. Thanks so much for your messages of wisdom and support. Di2014 you sound so well recovered:). I had a phone consult with my surgeon last night, and I am sure I didn't ask her any questions of relevance. I just felt so excited. Zip up tops appear to be the go and I will start tonight to build a collection of suitable post op wear ! It's so wierd finishing off from work, and knowing that I don't have to go back next week. Frangipani & Tarnz, your words have really helped me so much, and I have found the forums a wonderful opportunity to share and hear stories of survival, pain relief and humour! Count down is on! 5 days to go. Oh my goodness. Ps How has your back pain been ? My surgeon told me that the pain transfers to the back.
  11. Thank you so much Tarnz & Frangipani Girl. It is so comforting to know that you have experienced the journey I am about to embark on, and have had life changing, positive, and REAL experiences, pain, swelling and all. You are both AMAZING and brave. Did you buy your binder's pre-op? I have been considering that clothes that button down the front might be the go, and sensible post op in hospital?. I keep looking at my tummy and thinking 'oh my goodness, you are going', and so intrigued to see the difference. When you came around after the op, can you remember your first impression ? Was it totally surreal?. Sorry for all the questions love Stella
  12. Thanks so much Tarnz, how lovely to hear from you. Apart from babies, this is my first surgery. I like your idea about vitamin C and Zinc, will get some today. I do have a gorgeous supportive family, but live in Margaret River, so its going to be an interesting drive home post surgery!!!. I am hoping to stay in hospital for as long as I can without going bonkers !! I've been working full time and lead a fairly busy lifestyle, so this is going to be interesting. I read somewhere that post op, its better to lie down than sit because lying down reduces the swelling, from your experience, what do you think? Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me. Look forward to keeping in contact with you. Stella x
  13. Hello there, I am new to the forum and counting down the days to my surgery in Perth, tummy tuck and Liposuction on Monday 14th April 2014. Its been a LONG time coming. My last son was 11 pounds 4 oz ! He is 10 years old now, and I have been on every diet, exercise regime known to woman, and of course my stomach has suffered immeasurably. I have finally found an amazing surgeon and booked into a hospital in Perth over the school hols to do a full tummy tuck with liposuction. Any pre-op tips would be so appreciated. Its starting to feel very surreal, and its pretty much on my mind most of the time. Thanks for sharing love Stella
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