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    Dr Miroshnik. Surgery booked for Thursday 26th June, 2014!
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  1. Hi Ruby, I asked the Dr this and the implants shouldn't affect breastfeeding at all. It may be more difficult if your incision is through the areola but even then it is not 100% certain you won't be able to.
  2. Hi Mish. I had my BA with Dr. Miroshnik 2 weeks ago. I didn't see any other surgeon because I knew he was the man for the job haha. I also done tonnes of research and he was the only surgeon I could not find 1 bad review on. Everything was positive. Anyway, long story short, I couldn't recommend him enough! He is simply the best IMO. Feel free to add me as I have lots of pictures before and after Good luck! xx
  3. Welcome back ladiess!!! Theres still quite a few June ladies missing but I'm sure they will come back eventually So glad to hear everyones incisions are healing well Missy I'm a side sleeper too and at my post op the other day the nurse said I was free to sleep on my side BUT to alternate sides otherwise the side you are sleeping on might be sore and swollen in the morning and the implants wont move lol. She also suggested propping up the boob that you were sleeping on with a pillow to alleviate the pressure Bigboobies what tape did Richard give you? Is it for scar treatment ? The nurse said I could commence light exercise such as walking etc and I will be starting lower body exercise ONLY tomorrow.. Im doing the 30 day squat challenge yayyy so Once that's done, It'll be 6 weeks since my op and I will start adding in ab exercises and light upper body. My body is turning squishy and I have a big butt so if I don't keep it toned it just turns into a blob lol. Cant wait to get started. Are you starting anything?
  4. Hey Rosie Congratulations! Welcome to the boobie club lol. I had my ba with Dr. Miroshnik just under 2 weeks ago and the recovery was far easier than expected. I don't know if you have any bruising but I had none and barely any swelling. He must be very gentle when operating to make sure recovery is as smooth as possible for us. Can't wait to see your pics xxx
  5. P.s I've uploaded a progress collage in my week 2 album and I cannot believe the difference!! I actually look flat the night of surgery compared to week 1 and 2 hahah
  6. Yes it did reverse itself Relish! Ughh this is so annoying !! Iwantbigboobies are you still taking panadol or anything? Are you still icing as well to ease the pain? Yes I have felt the implant move especially when I do something silly like drop my phone and my natural instincts kick in and I reach out suddenly and feel it move. It feels so uncomfortable and odd!! It makes my stomach turn lol Viv omg I thought the same thing about it getting itchy in the first place when its numb! My cousin who's had implants for 10+ years said "wai till you get a mosquito bite.then you're screwed" hahaha oh god not looking forward to that! But what an odd place to be bitten =/ Ok June ladies post op went great! The tape over my incisions was removed and I got to see my incisions and tthey are so straight and neat and not even that big! DR. Miroshnik is a miracle worker!! She put over some skin coloured microtape (not sure if this is just to protect it or its scar treatment? I think she said it was breathable scar tape or something). Anyway, I got the roll so I can change it whenever it needs changing. . She said maybe about once a week or when it starts coming off at the sides. I didn't get to take a photo of the incisions yet but might try in the next few days. She advised me that I can start wearing my own wireless bras but I think I'm going to stick with the surgical bras. She said I could start sleeping on my side but to alternate sides otherwise one side will just end up swollen. I will stay sleeping on my back for a little longer though but just not as elevated as I have been previously sleeping. She also advised me that my right boob (bigger implant) was still swollen that's why there's like a bump up top (I just thought it was the implant! ) so she said to just ice that breast to help with swelling. Um I think that was it.. anyway I go back to see Dr. M in 6 weeks and I will get silicone tape then for scar treatment. Although I'm feeling like the incision in my left breast is tender and sore... it stings a little but from the inside if that makes sense.. maybe its the internal bra he stitched in. .. who knows! Anyway that's about it
  7. Missy I am still sleeping slightly elevated 12 days post op with about 2-3 pillows under my head. I have my post op appointment today and I will be asking about the sleeping Q because I am a side sleeper. I will let you know... Thanks Viv. Glad to know you have sensation though... I hope mine comes back soon... Omg my boobs were itchy last night and I was trying to itch it but couldn't get any relief ... It was torture!! haha Well I'll be leaving home for my post op in 40 mins.. I am so exciteddddd!!! xxx
  8. Hi relish. I had the same issue. You have to go into your settings and change it so you can accept them. I went through all my settings because they've all been changed. Hope that helps
  9. I'm really hating this new site. Just quietly. I can't seem to find updates on pics threads etc on my profile anymore grrrr so annoying!
  10. Loving your tat Viv! Its super cute About the swelling... Mine were never shiny right from the start so i have no idea... I dont think im swollen to be honest but i have my post op tomorrow with Dr. M's nurse so I'll ask her and let everyone know Missy I can't see any photos yet =/ darn this new site! lol Iwantbigboobies your boobs are looking fabulous!! I'm finding that mine are getting bigger rather than smaller so dont know whats going on there.... Ha anybody found that from week 1 they were actually getting bigger? And I'm not talking about D &F because I dont think mine have done that yet but its just bizarre.. But hey im not complaining lol I'm also getting little electric shock type feelings in my right breast also (larger implant). I know thats the nerves repairing themselves but does that mean my sensation will be coming back soon? Did anyone experience this? Its so annoying... its like a little needle constantly stabbing me lol Tomorrow I am removing that dreaded surgical tape at my post op appt. So excited to see my incisions and start my phase 1 scar treatment!. Will upload pics once I can
  11. My post op instructions say I can start driving after 7 days but I'm going to listen to my body. Hope youll be ok for work missy! all the best for your first day back Glad to hear im not the only one with a sore dominant side boobwish!
  12. Hey boobwish. I think 2 weeks sounds more appropriate for me.. considering my dominant hand (right) hurts way more because theres an extra 75cc in it and i need that hand for driving =/ I tried driving yesterday and I felt like a nanna... I couldnt even wear the seat belt properly and was driving so slow lol Kenn I know! I hate changee. Its so annoying that I have to learn to navigate in a new site. Gee 10 days! Lucky you! I feel like a prisoner in my home because I cant leave lol Ok so I have a question for you ladies. How do you truly know when the swelling has completely gone? I seriously cant tell =/
  13. YIKES so much to reply too! Lol I hope I don't miss anyone! I have just updated my album to friends only Omg Nadine I was so bloated too! I have a pic in my album of how bad it was = at least I know I'll have a cute baby bump hahahaa I totally relate to everyone's aching muscles after surgery. My neck and shoulders are killing me! I think it's from sleeping semi-upright Relish OMG really?! That's so cool! We're both scorpio's haha I'm so sad about the loss of sensation but fingers crossed! So are you getting a downsize? I'm so confused! Time away from this site has made me forget who is having what! lol p.s I don't like this upgrade lol I miss the old site! I still can't drive properly 10 days post op.. is this normal? When did everyone start driving so that they were not a hazard to society? lol thanks ladies hope i didnt miss anyones questions!
  14. Thanks Missy I hope so! My nipple sensation is way too important to me if you get what I mean ahaha NEW PICS UPLOADED!!!!!
  15. Oh and I've lost sensation in only my left nipple and underboob i am so sad and hopefully this returns! At least it wasnt both boobs i guess..
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