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  1. I've had to have a couple of mammograms and ultrasounds sounds, with no problem always let them know in advance that you have implants, they will take extra time and apply less pressure
  2. To all the ladies that have had their implants over 2yrs, have you had an MRI as a check up? if a problem arose would you go see your gp first to get an MRI or would you see your PS? I ask because my left implant has felt real strange lately and I really can't be bothered going to see my PS and was wondering should I just tell my gp and get an MRI instead.
  3. Sounds like fun, count me in ?
  4. Thanks for the advice ladies, I might look into it a bit more and make sure I go somewhere reputable .
  5. Has anyone had/got eyelash extensions? I love the look of them but how high maintenance are they? Do u have to wear mascara? How often do u refill them? Can u wash your face normally? Do u brush them?
  6. I went to the Gold Coast at 3 months post op and was given the all clear to go on any rides and all was fine ?
  7. I've been trying to find somewhere reputable in Melbourne for eyebrow tattooing, if anyone has any feedback or recommendations it would be much appreciated
  8. Why would u being doing tap out at 2 weeks PO, I would be concentrating on my recovery than my fitness????
  9. I'm almost 12 months post op and I wear a soft crop to bed about 95% of time
  10. I have a son 11 and a daughter who is 8 ( 7 and 10 at time of surgery ) I told them I was having an operation on my tummy also and they were great giving me soft cuddles and being caring. My daughter saw me naked about 2 months later and I swear her eyes nearly fell out, so I explained to her that I was not happy with the way my boobies looked before and she was very understanding and told me how beautiful I looked. My son on the other hand is oblivious to the whole thing thank goodness
  11. They are looking fabulous Vivian, I see why hubby is so protective of them ?
  12. I recently had Botox on my frown and forehead lines and my man has no idea. Are they really that blind!!!! I'm more than happy to tell people only if they ask.
  13. My gf had brazzies by dr ****** and was told to wear a strap for 6 weeks aswell! Don't quite know why though as brazzies should/ do not move. Maybe to help push the silicone down? Good luck
  14. I had the exact same problem at 6 1/2 months PO and thought it was the start of cc, turns out it was muscle strain. Take it easy if your really concerned speak with your PS. Good luck x
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