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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from arahia in Mammogram v's MRI   
    I've had to have a couple of mammograms and ultrasounds sounds, with no problem always let them know in advance that you have implants, they will take extra time and apply less pressure  
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from EmT in Anyone seen Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi? Experiences?   
    I had my BA 14 weeks ago and I cannot fault my results, exactly what I asked for minimal pain, quick recovery. What were u reccomended? Have u had any other consults?
    I'm happy to share pics if u want to send me a fr although I haven't updated my pics for ages.
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to bustinout in Booked with Revis for XL!   
    So after well over a year of researching and searching for a surgeon closer to home I have ended up booking with Dr Revis in the US!  Currently booked for August!!!!  Plan is to go up to 800cc atleast....Can't explain how excited I am!!!!
    Thanks to all the ladies on here!
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Belamb in Eyelash extensions   
    I love them as my natural lashes are horrible (blonde, fine, and barely existant!) The lady that does mine is amazing, she teaches it too. But you need to make sure you go somewhere good as I've been somewhere they used that much glue they all clumped together and ripped all my natural lashes out I looked horrible :(. Make sure they do lash for lash and see before and after pics before you go. I get the volume lashes 3D they are super lightweight compared to the classic but give you a fuller look. I get mine done every 3 weeks, but have gone 4 weeks before no problem as the volume help blend  
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to boobalicious_melb in Eyelash extensions   
    I love my eyelash extensions,  i have had them on and off as they are alot of maintenance but they look amazing! I use eyeliner, but its a pain to get it off at the end of the day, of and swimming damages them and the worst part is not being able to rub your eyes ?
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Katewell in Eyelash extensions   
    I love them aswell and finally found someone who can apply them so well ! I have naturally wavy eyelashes so they tend to flick and curl but this time with this eyelash girl they have t been a problem and it's been humid ? , I don't wear eyeliner on top lid instead I use eyeshadow as liner and this I can say changed things around aswell ! I use Neutrogena make up wipes for my eyelids and this has been a life saver as well as a lot of make up removers loosen the bonds too much and these wipes are highly recommended for eyelash extensions ! I will be taking a break for a few months as its always a good idea after a few refills same with hair extensions. I do brush them occasionally , I have found them to be low maintenance but it really depends on your installer , also I never just wash my face (scrubing) I always use a washcloth that way I avoid water getting into eyelids  love my eyelashes 
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Ameliaa in Eyelash extensions   
    I get them done and love them. I do get infills every 3 weeks, so they are high maintenance to me. If you have them done by someone good, you won't notice them on as they're extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    No mascara required but, like Donatella said, it's so damn hard to put eye makeup on around them. All I wear is liquid eyeliner and I have to try navigate around the lashes to put it on - it's difficult. I imagine it would get real messy trying to put eyeshadow on, etc. Removing eye makeup is even harder, as you're supposed to use a cotton bud with water-based makeup remover. You do have to be more careful with washing your face (don't wanna get them drenched or get cleanser on them). I'm even careful when washing my hair in the shower too. 
    It is an effort taking care of them, but I want them to last as well as they can. Infills cost me approx $60 every 3 weeks. Honestly, they're a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain but they look so good so I keep them! 
    Feel free to ask me any more questions.
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to donatella in Eyelash extensions   
    I have had these more times then I can count and never learn ? They look amazing for a day then start to flick around on each other and if you wear eye makeup forget it, it's impossible to even get around them to do a good job. So I last had them in November by an awesome lady, Korean, a bloody artist and I still wrecked them. Maybe if you don't wear much makeup they are perfect but with me I do for work and these just did not suit 
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from cheetah in Eyelash extensions   
    Has anyone had/got eyelash extensions?
    I love the look of them but how high maintenance are they? Do u have to wear mascara? How often do u refill them? Can u wash your face normally? Do u brush them?
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Cupcake85 in Eyelash extensions   
    I used to do my own clusters. I had them done professionally once and they just kept falling out. 
    Only downside is for me the clusters end up crushed and clumped together sometimes from sleeping and I would need to remove them and do a new set. I would love the individual extensions to see if they are better. 
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Mumstheword in Eyelash extensions   
    I love them!! Used to get them all the time and loved how finished it made me look, even without any other makeup on. 
    I didn't find them high maintenance at all, I only ever wore mascara for special occasions  
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to natty in Eyelash extensions   
    Love them..but go somewhere good, if they are not put on right can be clumpy and spike your eyelids or not be the right shape and length to suit your face. Infills every two weeks ..set takes around and hour infills about 45 mins...they are costly, i pay $100 & $50 ..  If i was a kept woman id have them all the time..now its just special occasions ☺
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Aphrodite in Eyelash extensions   
    I had these done, got in my car, took one look at myself and then started trying to get rid of them. They just looked ridiculous on me but i already have very long eyelashes.
    Can I recommend that you try getting your eyelashes tinted and uplifted. I recently had this done and I never wear mascara now and i am always getting compliments on my lashes now and its very low maintenance 
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to LaurenT in Over or under the muscle?   
    Did Dr Blackstock show you before and after photos of his work on tuberous breasts? This is not a simple surgery and I would be very very skeptical to let a cosmetic surgeon perform a BA on me if I had tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts no matter how slight need skilled and experienced hands. 
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from SophieP117 in rollercoasters after ba   
    I went to the Gold Coast at 3 months post op and was given the all clear to go on any rides and all was fine ?
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from Katewell in rollercoasters after ba   
    I went to the Gold Coast at 3 months post op and was given the all clear to go on any rides and all was fine ?
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Jaddles in Rupture 8 months post op   
    The system in Australia re cosmetic vs plastic surgeon is so effed up.  On one hand you have ethical cosmetic surgeons turning away patients who require lifts to plastic surgeons who have the training to do them.  Compared with the HUGELY dodgey cosmetic surgeons who offer breast lifts, tummy tucks / hell, anything you're willing to waste money with them for.  Anyone in Australia with a medical qualification can call them self a CS.  Scary thought right?  
    TCI are a group of CS, you need to ask yourself if a person with potentially zero training in breast surgery (other than TCI's internal training program - Nagor round unders for EVERYBODY) is an appropriate person to conduct your revision?  I'm no medical person, but a rupture so early kind of screams 'surgeon got excited with the scalpel' doesn't it?  Either that or the implant itself was a dud?
    Hope you're able to get some resolution Tiger - you've done all the right things in pushing for answers and seeking a fix - I hope you have the answers you need soon xx
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to oohlala in Boobs TOO big? implant reduction..   
    I have not but wanted to say I think they look damn good! !!
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    Cupcakesdd reacted to Chinchilla in Eyebrow tatoo melbourne   
    Have a look at Amy Jean eye couture. She has locations in Sydney, Melbourne and other locations.  
    I've had a feather touch consult, brow shape and eyelash lift and highly recommend them. 
    I'm currently trying to convince hubby that I want to get the feather touch tattoo done so am really trying to decide. At my consult they said I don't really need it done but I think about summer and being at the beach and how much I love done brows and that's what making me want it done as I feel really naked without brows (strange I know).  
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from barbalicious40 in sore now   
    Why would u being doing tap out at 2 weeks PO, I would be concentrating on my recovery than my fitness????
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from RH4K in sore now   
    Why would u being doing tap out at 2 weeks PO, I would be concentrating on my recovery than my fitness????
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from Bailey in sore now   
    Why would u being doing tap out at 2 weeks PO, I would be concentrating on my recovery than my fitness????
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from Newster in sore now   
    Why would u being doing tap out at 2 weeks PO, I would be concentrating on my recovery than my fitness????
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from BrizzyGal0994 in What did you tell your daughters?   
    I have a son 11 and a daughter who is 8 ( 7 and 10 at time of surgery ) I told them I was having an operation on my tummy also and they were great giving me soft cuddles and being caring. My daughter saw me naked about 2 months later and I swear her eyes nearly fell out, so I explained to her that I was not happy with the way my boobies looked before and she was very understanding and told me how beautiful I looked. My son on the other hand is oblivious to the whole thing thank goodness
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    Cupcakesdd got a reaction from Vivian in Vivian's BA surgery experience.... 1 year later   
    They are looking fabulous Vivian, I see why hubby is so protective of them ?
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