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  1. 100% worth it, even despite thinking that they had bottomed out for a couple of months. Thankfully they settled back into place once i stopped doing isolated chest exercises. love love love them!
  2. I am really keen to get my lips done but the swelling is putting me off. How long does the swelling last? will people stare at me if I go out the next day
  3. I had my boobs done in Sept last year and just competed in 2 fitness comps. I initially started doing chest and then I thought both breasts had bottomed out. I stopped doing chest and they fixed themselves up. I still do push ups and incline bench, just not a full chest workout.
  4. i thought mine had bottomed out but they fixed themselves up. When did you get them done? I started back doing upper body weights at the gym too early I think (6 weeks). I stopped doing isolated chest exercises and now they are perfect
  5. Bahahaha so true Donatella.... the girls I teach noticed about 2 weeks ago. Took them 6 months!!!
  6. I'd give PIAC a call and see what they recommend. They may be able to bring you some medication when they take you to the airport.
  7. Mine are exactly the same as they were pre surgery.
  8. In the heat of the moment the last thing the guy is going to be checking for are scars. Dim lights and you'll be fine
  9. I kept taking mine... Although I never read anywhere in my paperwork to stop. which hospital are you going to?
  10. I got 2 medium carefix anna bra's plus a couple of just stretchy target crops for post op. Lived in my anna bra. Still wear it to bed. It's so comfy.
  11. I am turning 31 in a couple of months and thankfully am not freaking out about age this year. My bf is 8 years younger than me.... and him along with working with teenagers I think helps to keep me feeling young. Plus I work out and I'm pretty sure my body has never looked better. For those who are younger I definitely agree - sunscreen!!! And on your neck. My mum told me to look after my neck and I wish I had of listened to her before I was 25! As a PE teacher my neck has coped a hiding from the sun It's the only place I feel I've aged.
  12. I get my powder from Flannery's... I can't even detect the taste when I add it to smoothies or oats. I must have strange taste buds haha
  13. Lately I've been putting it in my oats. You can't taste it.
  14. Nerves are normal. I was told that you would get your money back if you didn't go through with surgery.
  15. I'm booked in for my revision on the 24th
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