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    BL + BA 300cc round moderate plus implants
    Dr Witoon - Phuket
    Revision needed after bottoming out right breast
    Consult booked June 2014 with Dr Tony Connell
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    175cm / 68kg / 10DD

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  1. Personally I would stay in Perth and have your BL & BA, from my personal experience I went over to Phuket to have my BL & BA and am now looking at revision due to complications. However you do hear wonderful reviews from other girls experiences in Phuket however if there is a concern or complication after you arrive home the aftercare in my opinion not up to standard! I have meant with dr Connell for my revision and straight away knew he was my surgeon I needed to help my boobs become what I want them to be!! Completely felt comfortable with him and didn't judge me for my pervious Plastic surgery experience ( as I had heard some PS in Perth refuse to do revision on OS surgeries or make u feel like crap for making that choice in the first place) However it is a personal choice and I'm sure you will make the right choice for your own BA experience. Good luck
  2. Questioned; do you need to have a referral from your GP in order to claim a rebate back from your surgery if you are eligible ? I'm not that interested in going to see my GP here in order to get $70 back for having a referral, basically what I pay him is what I'll get back from my PS consult so don't really see the point. Only if I don't need it to be eligible for further rebates? Hope I'm making senses thanks so much :-)
  3. Congrats convinced! Glad all is going well for u :-)
  4. It does just look like a dissolvable stitch has worked it way out, bactorban an antibiotic cream will help clear it up pretty quick. can I ask why ur still using dressings at 3 weeks? I only had my dressings covering my incisions for the first 2 weeks ....
  5. All the best for tomorrow convinced! Can't wait to follow ur journey! litte_missy I've also sent u a FR
  6. Elma

    Pursia's BA

    Pursia, not good news at all!, hopefully the antibiotics will do there job and you will be on a mends very soon. Your in the best place possible where they can look after you! Chin up babe wishing you the very best outcome x
  7. Hey convinced, how'd ur appt go today? argh that really stinks about ur house, some people just have no respect for things. yes breast surgery sure can be an emotional roller coaster, and I've learnt everyone deals with it differently. Just remember to do what u feel is right for yourself after all it is ur body ur the one that has to feel comfortable in it ;-) best of luck. X
  8. Hi sapphirej, congrats on ur upcoming surgery. Can I ask what ur states are, I'll send a FR too as I'd love to follow ur journey. I can't speak personally yet about Tonys work as I'm booked in for a consult in July for a revision surgery. I can speak about BL scarring though - I had my initial BL + BA in Phuket 12 months ago and had a lollipop lift, I was so worried about the scarring but to honest u can barely tell. It's just a shame one of my implants bottomed out otherwise they would of been perfect.
  9. I had a BL + BA last year at PIAC , by a well known Thai Dr, my lift is great scars are amazing, however I my right implant bottomed out pretty much straight away which was heart breaking, in my first email regarding this he dismissed it saying they are still healing etc and to give it 2-4 mths, a few weeks later I sent an updated picture only then did he admit it had bottomed out only to say I must of pressed down on the implant to hard during healing phase, which was not the case as my massage instructions where to squeeze and hold the implants up for 15sec 3x a day, he did offer to fix them minus his fee however it is $4k + flights and accom and that doesn't mean it might not rise once I'm over there as he hasn't examined me. My initial surgery was $8500 + flight and accom + the agent fee. I am now looking at having them fixed in Perth as I'm too scared to go back over after my first mishaps. However this will cost me a lot more! (Havnt had my consult yet so not sure as to how much my revision surgery will cost. allyann most girls are too ashamed to come on here and admit they don't have prefect boobs, I know it is for me, it's a struggle to write this even though I know people don't know me. Coming on here seeing everyone's wonderful results you don't like being the odd one out! Don't get me wrong I've heard and seen amazing results from thailand, just make sure ur prepared for anything and that things can go wrong, if it's a struggle to pay for ur initial surgery then I'm assuming u won't have funds saved if things go wrong and u need another surgery to correct them. Anyway sorry to carry on and I'm sure you will make the right decision that u feel comfortable with. Good luck x
  10. All the best for tomorrow pursia.! Can't wait to follow ur journey :-)
  11. Hi pumpkin, FR accepted :-) havnt had my consult yet it's booked for July! Had my first breast augmentation in Phuket and got 300cc with a lift , as the consult was pretty rush my surgeon said I could have 400cc but I freaked as I thought they looked huge, not realizing I would lose volume placing them under the muscle. Am hoping my new surgeon can fix my right as it has bottomed out pretty much 3 weeks after having them done and upsizing! Fingers crossed I can get 400+ :-)
  12. Thanks libby1 I've sent u a FR :-) vivian have sent a FR to u also, did ur PS tell u ur breast width? not long till ur surgery I see, who is ur ps?
  13. Hi Ladies, after anyone who has around the 400cc In the teardrop shape please. what size were you and what size are you now? I am 175cm and 68kg and from memory my breast width is 13.5cm Cheers
  14. Thanks convinced, I've sent a FR, good luck with ur consult and surgery! Wow you were smart to book both at the same time :-) his waiting list is ages!!!
  15. Thanks Pursia, how exciting not long at all till ur surgery! Best of luck, looking forward to seeing ur results. Can I ask what implants ur getting and cc.
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