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  1. Hi there. Are you still around?

  2. Hey asb96u, Don't worry, I was very anxious for a while- now I am just excited. And I know once you have had your surgery and see the results, you will never look back I do have Instagram - I will PM you my name so you can find me. I will ill only be putting before and after pics on this site though. Good Luck Jesster !
  3. Hey asb96u, I am in Thailand from 3rd - 14th July. One week til I leave- I am so excited.
  4. Hi girls, sorry for the delayed response. Things have been crazy with work. Jesster, you must be getting so excited. Only a few days to go! Can't wait to hear of your experience and would absolutely like to meet up at some point once you are feeling better. Good luck!
  5. Hey Jesster, good to hear you have your accommodation sorted. I am staying at the Palmyra Patong Resort. Check in on the 3rd July with Surgery on the 5th! Looking forward to hearing about your experience. Is it ok for me to send you a friend request?
  6. Hey Jesster, how are you? Bet you are starting to feel excited now. I know I am, with 17 days to go til my surgery
  7. Hi asb96u, I totally went through the same phase- two weeks ago I had myself convinced that I shouldn't get the surgery. It passed, as this is something I have wanted for a number of years and now, I am just really excited. 29 days until my surgery! I will be sure to keep you updated on how it all goes. I am staying in patong because a gf is coming with me to take care of me and she wanted to stay somewhere a bit more lively in case she wanted to go out. Karon beach is lovely- will be very relaxing for you. What are you planning to pack? I am trying to start a list. PIAC said they supply a bra but I am thinking of buying a compression bra. What are your thoughts?
  8. Thanks lil_hillz for your feedback. I have heard nothing but praise for Dr V.
  9. Hey Jesster - we have nothing to worry about. From what I have heard, the man is a boob god. Haha - we are in safe hands and you will work out what is best when you are in the consultation. It's interesting though, there is much to consider- at first I thought I would want tear drop implants and now I have convinced myself that I only want rounds! It is pretty nerve racking. I am anxious about it all. The planning, the flight, the surgery, the recovery but it will all be worth it in the end.
  10. Hi Asb96u, I have had 3 friends go with Dr V and they are so so happy. It is all very exciting. I booked direct with PIAC - I didn't really see any advantage booking with an agency as I knew what surgeon I wanted etc. I hope to be mobile and up and about by 12th of July (if all goes well). Where are you staying? And what recommendation did Dr V give for you/ what are your expectations?
  11. Hi Jesster, Wow - 28th June. How exciting . I arrive on the 3rd June with Surgery on the 5th so will def be there at the same time. Where are you staying? As for Dr V's suggestion it was pretty vague- under or over the muscle, tear drop or round. No mention of size but I believe that is all worked out when you are there anyway. I am hoping for 300cc mod profile, round, unders. And you?
  12. Hi Breastimplant_phuket, I am booked in with Dr V on July 5th. I booked directly through PIAC as I had prior recommendations through friends. I unfortunately cannot offer too much advice on how much the surgery holiday companies charge. My surgery is estimated to cost 115,000 baht. This includes: surgery, all hospital fees, medication, airport transfers and transfers to and from my hotel to the hospital. The PIAC staff have been very friendly, knowledgeable and reply quickly to queries. Good luck! - when are you thinking of going?
  13. Hi PnI05, I hope you are recovering well. You mentioned that you had to give blood before surgery- was this just a blood test? Em
  14. Hi Dells, Congratulations! Good to hear all went well for you and PN105. I wish you both a speedy recovery. Interesting to hear that you ended up with tear drops. Glad to hear that Dr V provided sound advice on the matter. Look forward to further updates. Can't wait for my turn in July now
  15. Hi dj2014, The link you posted had some great information. Anatomical implants definitely give a more natural look. My surgeon uses Mentor (normal) and Silimed (textured) implants. I'm still in two minds about the anatomical. The more I think about it, I feel there is less risk associated with round implants, even if they look a little less natural! I will keep you posted with my results. Even though my surgery is 7 weeks away, I am starting to get very excited
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