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  1. Heya ladies just a quick one, a good friend of mine suggested that I take photo copies of my passport to travel with. A friend of hers had their passport stolen and when they went to the embassy they were told they would need to order a whole new passport. However if they had a photo copy they could pretty much have had a replacement in 2 days. Just something to consider, best to travel safe good luck! I depart in 2 weeks 😳😊
  2. OMG I have done none of that... 😱 i have some pressure bras and that's it!
  3. Would also like some advice. 19 days to go!!
  4. There area few of us what dates in May?
  5. I'm booked with restored beauty getaways. And they are amazing! Look them up I fly out in 21 days and have the agent attending the visit. All questions, concerns and anything I have asked for has always been promptly responded too.
  6. Hey Pnl05 im thinking also a large D. I think that'll look big on me anyways I'm pretty short and I think if I went too big it can start to affect the overall body shape. But I don't want too many additional problems like back ache and such if I went too large. Hopefully a large D will be perfect! 😳
  7. I'm staying at the Banthai beach resort and spa from the 16th till the 26th if anyone is interested in group catch ups
  8. I know people who have had boob jobs then a baby and say their boobs look better now! But I guess it's different for everyone
  9. I'm freaking out about sizing! I'm worried that I won't go big enough or I'll go too big.... Or that they'll look too fake it I go slightly larger! What are everyone's thoughts I'm a flat c cup to a larger d..
  10. Hi Yeh I'm booked in for the 17th at PIAC with Dr Poonsak haven't really heard too much about him. But he's used by a few companies for what I can see. Getting pretty nervous haven't had any surgeries or anything of that nature before...
  11. Hiya ladies Is anyone heading over in the group with restored beauty getaways?
  12. Hey is this just the May Phuket 2014 thread?
  13. I'm also booked in on the 17th for a BA! With Dr Poonsak
  14. Any May girls around the 16th??
  15. Okay so I'm heading over next month for surgery with Dr Poonsak through restored beauty getaways as a group. I'm having a breast augmentation done with the incision under the breast and am going from a flat c to a full c/d cup. I lost a fair bit of weight and now have some nice flat boobs. But I have so so any questions, about the whole experience. Since loosing a fair amount of weight I obviously work out almost daily and I have been reading that if the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle if can cause complications if you do chest work. I also read that it will prolong my recovery and I won't be able to exercise for long. But my other concern is I don't want to look like I have bolt ons. I want them to look natural. I have a fair amount if breast tissue would just going under the breast issue be enough?? I also have an active job, and will be returning two weeks post surgery. Do you have issues with using your arms or prolonged walking standing? Also they suggest to stop taking supplements before surgery, did anyone have to stop exercising as well pre surgery? What kind of activities do you do over there post surgery? So I know what to pack? Should I get insurance? Do you think it's a must have? Do your implants come with a serial number and certification certificate? When the implants drop how far do they drop? Has anyone used Dr Poonsak? I'm really keen to see some photos of his work months post op. I'm sure think of more but if anyone can offer insight that would be great
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