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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Preeyaphas in June 2014
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    Height: 158cm, weight: 47kg, bra size AA (I think lol)

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  1. Omg omg omg, big day today, super excited and nervous. Going for my consult in an hr and 10 mins then my op 2 hrs after that
  2. Getting so excited and nervous too, but now I'm sick... We arrive there on the 17th. Hope you recover well and see you sometime after your surgery
  3. My friend who is getting hers the same day as me also is sick now. Hopefully you guys will recover quick before the big day
  4. Yes that sounds good to me, It'd be my 2nd day post op so hopefully I can walk about and tell you what to expect
  5. Well unfortunately my period app on my phone says that I will be due for my period the day after my op. So I'm stressing that I don't loose too much blood lol.
  6. Yay I'm so excited to go through it with you guys. I'm from Brisbane. Not long now. Are you prepared? What are you bringing because I have no idea what to pack lol.
  7. Ohhhh you're a day before mine, my friend and I are getting ours done on the 18th but will also be staying at the apartments organised by Bangkok Makeovers. So excited for you both
  8. I also have the same situation as you and also want to make the right decision. Hope you go/went well with your op.
  9. I booked in with Dr Preeyaphas with Bangkok Makeovers in June. (So nervous...) My friend and I are going to stay in recovery at the accomodation that they provide then a week after we're going to Pattaya for a week.
  10. Omg me too! I want mine to look as natural as possible but I still want them to fill out my boobs. I'm going to go between 250-300cc because i'm a 6-8 in clothing and I only want to go up to a C cup. My friend got hers done and she's a DD now and she got around 350's. What time is your consult and op?
  11. Just looking at your countdown banner & wow not long til your new girls. Are you excited? Nervous? I'll send you a F/R and you'll have to keep me up to date on your progress. Hope it goes well
  12. My friend and I are going in June and getting boobs the same day with Dr Preeyaphas. I work in the adult entertainment industry and have seen some amazing boob jobs from him even better than some boobs done in Australia, hence why we're going with him.
  13. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you, some people are so heartless. You said you live in Brisbane? I've heard that Dr Daniel Flemings is the best breast surgeon but don't think he does anything else. My thoughts are with you and hope you on a speedy recovery.
  14. Hi, My appointment is at 7am then my operation is scheduled at 9am. Is there somewhere i can go in Brisbane Australia to get a feel for how big each size is going to look?
  15. What bra size are you now? I want to have c cups.
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