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    BA / congenital symmastia. Planned 295cc Siltex round UHP submuscular & internal sutures for symmastia
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    Dr Tavakoli 14 April 2014
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    165cm 56kg 12B

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  1. Thanks for the update Pumpkin. You're doing really well I'm day 5 now and feeling really great. Keep getting those occasional zingy feelings most people mention tho. Happy Easter, kiwi x
  2. Hi Delish, yes I'm wearing the thongbra, so very attractive lol
  3. Hi everyone, I'm starting this new thread as I found it difficult to find info about this condition during my research phase. I guess it's not very common. Most reported Symmastia (or uniboob) is from previous a previous BA procedure. The congenital type (ie born with) is different and requires a different surgical technique to correct it. Now one day post op, I'm ecstatic with the results and choice of PS. Happy to share experience with anyone else who has this and is looking for a surgical correction. Also extremely happy with BA . My PS would not go too large due to the new internal sutures, so he put in 295cc round ultra high profile. So glad I trusted his judgement and can't wait for tem to soften as everyone is saying they will. Take care all and thanks for all you support xx
  4. I'm there getting my drains out tomorrow with their nurse at 1230. Funny if I saw you there!! Abby is wonderful. I freaked out too beforehand, but now just a day later, I'm like wow love my new assets and pain is very manageable
  5. Hi Emii had my surgery with Dr T yesterday, I'm about 20 hours post surgery now for BA and Congenital Symmastia repair. i cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. The team at NS DAY HOSPITAL were fantastic too. They also spoke highly of Dr T, and clearly enjoyed working with him. Will post pics when feel up to it. Still very sore today with the double procedure but very very happy with outcome so far. Best wishes for yr procedure. You have short listed 2 of the best PS in Sydney I think.
  6. That's so true!, 3 days to go til my BA, can't back out now so am now obsessed with what they will look like to distract from the pre-op nerves
  7. Good to see yr post, I go in on Monday just days after my 50th Feel like I should also have "finallydoingit" name!
  8. In Sydney Dr T. Have got all post op stuff ready now. Glad to hear of time frame to heal, had planned only10 days off work but might be optimistic!!
  9. So pleased for u. I'm getting 320 on Monday - nervous and excited!!
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