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  1. Hi, I had filler done in my neck for volume and the injector hit a blood vessel which bled quite a bit. Now I'm worried she has injected into the vein and it may block the vein or travel through and cause a clot. How will I know if this is happening?? I have a pretty decent bruise from it.
  2. As a result of menopause at the ripe old age of 43, my boobs just disappeared. Couldn't stand to look at them anymore so decided to put back in what i had lost. Got a little bit bigger too.??
  3. I have wanted to buy some but they aren't long enough for my legs.
  4. I considered it for my skin but managed success with low dose antibiotics and a great skin care regime i discovered. The list of side affects was too great not to ignore
  5. I went with Dr Harwood in Wickham Tce and am stoked with my results. Having said that, he is a cosmetic surgeon and not a plastic surgeon which some people choose not to go with.
  6. I started sleeping on my side at about 4 days post op as I was not getting any sleep on my back.
  7. I had mine done with a Cosmetic Surgeon, had a twilight sedation and had absolutely no problems before, during or after surgery. Cosmetic surgeons aren't always bad but of course you need to be extra choosy about who you go with and make sure that they have heaps of good reviews. Mine is in Brisbane though.
  8. I never had drains in after my BA and my IV was out by the time I woke up. I thought that it wasn't necessary for drains after a BA these days?
  9. I'm 174cms, 59kg and was a size 10B. I got 435cc and am now a 10E. I love the size an am so glad that I went a bit bigger. I think I would have definitely got boob greed had i gone smaller.
  10. I only had about 5 days off before i started back at the gym. I only started with very light bicep exercises and lower body cardio mostly then progressed from there. I didn't lose much in the way of muscle but I had to drop back with the amount of weight i used and it took a while to build it back up to what I was used to lifting. I would say that it was about 2 months before I was back to using pre op weights. I have never really done any chest work since though and have only started doing benches recently after 2 years. Chin ups/ puck ups and benches would have to be the exercises that took the longest to be able to do again.
  11. Hi, I am 173cms tall, about 60kgs and was a 10C before surgery. I have 435cc teardrop Brazilians and am now a 10E.
  12. Mine are fairly soft now. I did still have a bit of breast tissue before my BA so with that over the implants, they do feel softer.
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