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  1. Hello everyone, After taking care of some health problems I'm back! I have moved to the Fraser Coast area and I'm looking for a great place to have fillers and muscle relaxants (Botox or similar) , approx prices , information you have heard, personal experiences and pictures of results would be great!! I'm also reasearching again surgeons for breast implants again(new area) so any info would be greatly appreciated Girls and guys xxx
  2. No idea of who your surgeon is or your exact stats, I seriously suggest just googling your implant size and results (in images) also Google research/scientific studies results, I agree with Don, 250-300 min for any girl wanting a slight increase in size ?? ❤️
  3. I'd love to know brands to look for 2! In any size , I'm after the perfect tanning bikini (Brazilian thong) ❤️? I recently found coqueta brand Brazilian swim wear but Victoria's Secret has some nice ones as well ❤️?
  4. thank you so much!! All the recommendations help xxxx thank you, he is on my list to research now ??
  5. I sure will!! We will have so much fun that's for sure ????
  6. Helloooo lovely ladies ❤️ So after being put back 12 months or more for my BA I'm now looking at Brisbane,(may move there soon), and in light of some TCI recent reviews (I was planning on going there) so if anyone can suggest options and information( any and all prices, experience, implants they use etc) I'd greatly appreciate it ? I am looking at going as large as I can ?❤️
  7. Thank you !! So nice to hear good things especially for all the girls considering him xx
  8. Maybe **** (funny my auto correct wanted to put Dung he he) has alter ego ? Coming out like Jenner maybe? Ha ha ha you would think Jane the but-cher would give up?
  9. Awesome! Go the 560 babe it isn't that much more! What is your breast width??
  10. Oooo what size??? You could sell on eBay to get some $$$
  11. Yep I like big big boobies but this is extreme!! But as long as she is happy!! But I imagine she has some health concerns with them that big!!!
  12. True I worked as a nurse True or false have fantasised about a friends man/women or your friend lol
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