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    Lift and BA
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    Dr mark kohout surgery 1st may 2014
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    175 70kg 12b saggy

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  1. Hi I had BA and a BL a year ago. Your scars are still very new and the stitches on the inside take about 6 weeks to dissolve. The scars take about a year to really settle down. I had problems with my scars that run vertically down the breast but my underneath scars are great and it has taken a year so don't be too stressed it takes time. I had scar revision done yesterday so fingers crossed they are nice this time.
  2. I had a BA and BL done in May last year after two children then found out I was preggy in August. I recommend waiting till you have finished your family. Although mine have held up pretty well and look very natural the skin did stretch and so did my scars albeit they were already worse than normal scars due to complications.
  3. Win how do I put my pic up to ask the doc? Sorry I'm terrible with technology!
  4. Just the reply today he thinks that the unevenness can be rectified with scar revision done under a local I will try and post a pic
  5. I had my BA and BL a year ago. I'm so unhappy with result I think they are so saggy one is bigger than the other and the scars are hideous! I have emailed my surgeon who offered to revise the scars but will not respond to my issues regarding the unevenness of the actual boobs and the nips. Where do I stand what can I do? I just want them corrected I believe the lift was not high enough or possibly a bigger implant is needed. I spent a fortune doing this surgery and now I'm left feeling shafted with the lack of after care from my surgeon
  6. I'm joining the club I'm four weeks post op and have hole opening up everywhere now have five altogether I'm shattered as I was healing so well after getting an infection not sure what to do my ps is in sydney and I'm in melb
  7. Can anyone offer advice personal experience on when the felt ready to return to work ? My job is physical and busy I have had four weeks of light duties and it will be a total of 6 - 7 weeks after surgery when I'm thinking of going back. I have had a BL and BA
  8. My bwd was 14.5 I got 425cc mods so I think you will be fine with the larger one easily I will add a pic for you. Dr **** did my friends and she has had them for years and was very happy with them. This is only three weeks post op and I had a lift also
  9. weekiwi

    Itchy tits

    So did anyone find anything that actually helped?? And why the hell are they doing it
  10. weekiwi

    Itchy tits

    So glad I found this topic dear god my boobs are itchy as and my skin is peeling! I'm using coconut oil and bit e oil but nothing helps! I scratched so hard I left marks. I'm going braless tonight stuff it I need bra free time or I'm going to climb the walls!!
  11. Yea round he likes to use round when he does a lift
  12. Mine are high too and this week kind of square looking
  13. Mirena is awesome I used to get those big blind sore pimples I have had one in since my second child and they are the best no period no pimples no crazy!
  14. Don't use detol use saline u can get it from chemist keep the area dry and clean it with saline daily I have been through an infection where my incision opened up it's your body's way of letting the crap out put gauze over it to keep pressure from your bra off it. Hope u heal quickly xx
  15. Write it all down everything that concerns you and everything cost wise that will set you back
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