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    Breast aug - currently a full B cup and would like to be at least a D cup. Surgeon is deciding on the day what will fit best between 375, 400 and 430cc round textured implants behind the muscle, is what has been recommended for me!
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    Dr Tavakoli 21st May 2014
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  1. I feel your pain Minniemouse, I had an ultrasound before my BA aswell and didn't hear back from my GP so assumed everything was fine (I also have breast cancer in the family from my mum..) so i was sitting at the hospital in my gown literally just before surgery, and I got a phone call from my GP to tell me they found a lump... I was already so nervous so then I was just beside myself... Worst timing ever!! I spoke with my surgeon and the nurses and they told me I could still go ahead with the BA and have the biopsy done after 6 wks... Both my surgeon and my GP explained that at my age it's most likely a fluid cyst of some kind and doesn't look suspicious, however they wanna check it out cos of my family history.. I'm almost 8 wks post op now and quite scared to have this biopsy done with my implants as they've only just started to feel healed I don't wanna irritate them :/ but I've gotta stop putting it off and do it! So I feel your pain babe it sucks to hear that hey I just hope mine is nothing like they say..
  2. The strap is to help to push the implant into it's pocket Relish. I don't think it matters whether it's over or under the muscle but maybe check with your surgeon? I just has another checkup with mine today as I'm 5 wks post op today and I've gotta wear the strap for another 2 wks so they fall into the pocket that little bit more! I hate the strap but it works
  3. Yeah when I wore mine it always crept up my back so I was forever pulling it down my back as far as it would go and you can feel it on top of your boobs push them down firmer. It's annoying but well worth the hassle lol
  4. Do you mean the stabiliser strap? Well I wore one for the first 4 wks n u have to make sure it's pulled down your back as far as it can, then pull it up over your boobs and Velcro it.. It's supposed to push them down and not cut into your armpits, if it cuts in it's not low enough at the back. You'll figure how tight u like it, it's definitely uncomfortable but shouldn't be painfully tight! Hope this helps xx
  5. To be honest I would pay the extra and go to dr tavakoli! I had my BA with him 3.5 wks ago and it has been a breeze! From consult, to his recommendations, to the surgery, recovery and follow up appts, he is amazing! His results are always amazing, very natural and perfect!! I got quoted $11,000 including hospital fees and anethiest, but ended up paying $10k all up as i filled a spot for them with little notice as a girl couldn't make it for her surgery... I was happy to get it over and done with and no waiting months and months. After my first consult my surgery was 12 days later my boobs are changing everyday but I love them, the size and shape is exactly what I wanted, he is so gentle I barely had any swelling and no bruising! Highly recommend going with him he's very experienced and well known for his great results xx
  6. How exciting it's all over now just time to recover and the new girls to settle congrats and glad all went well! Xx
  7. I am just over 3 weeks post op with Dr Tavakoli and I couldn't recommend him highly enough! He is very professional, you can tell he knows his stuff, he's so gentle during surgery therefore bruising and swelling was pretty minimal for me, and the way that he places the implants they just look amazing! He honestly does the best work I am very happy with my results and am still only in early stages so the best is to come! I barely gave him any info of what I wanted and he still just knew from looking at me pre op and I just felt completely comfortable with him! My friend went to him also and she speaks very highly of him and is super happy with her results and she is about 9 months post op. Amazing surgeon xx
  8. I'm a very paranoid person and always think worse case scenario, but to me that does look like an infection... I'm just over 3 wks post op and last week I thought I had an infection just cos my boobs were sore and swollen and I got checked out at the gp, and they basically said if my temperature is normal and I'm not experiencing any fevers or nausea then there's most likely no infection. Is it hot to touch around the incision where's it's open? If there's heat coming from the area, any itchiness, and it's sore to touch or even like an achy feeling, then I'd go get checked out ASAP! Better to be safe than sorry! And better to nip it in the bud now before it gets worse! Good luck xx
  9. Haha I know! I'm 19 days post op and am also impatiently waiting for my boobs to drop and fluff! Wish it didn't take so long lol... My left is the one taking it's time to drop and catch up to my right. I keep massaging and am still wearing a stabiliser strap to help the process along!! Also my nipples are still so sensitive and sore can't wait for them to go back to normal!!
  10. I am 2.5 wks post op with Dr Tavakoli for breast enlargement and he is amazing! From my first consult I felt comfortable with the nurses and Dr T when I met him at the second consult. He is very professional and does amazing work! I didn't have any bruising and barely any swelling! My recovery has been pretty much a breeze and my boobs have looked amazing from the moment I seen them, obviously they look better each day and I've still got a long way to go for them to properly settle and drop but yes I have 150% faith in Dr Tavakoli and his results!! He's worth the money!!
  11. I was a B cup and am 167cm, 50kgs, and I got 400cc round UHP, I'm only 2 weeks post op but so far I love the size they are perfect, I wanted them to be big and they are but they're not too big! No boob greed at all just yet, I honestly feel like I've chosen the best size for my body
  12. Glad you starting to feel normal again! I am 2 weeks post op today and I feel the same, my left boob is still sitting so high compared to my right. I had an appt yesterday for a checkup n my ps told me I have to keep wearing my stabiliser strap to hold them down and keep massaging my left implant at the top to help it drop. I'm starting to feel good too like can do my housework and most normal things... Haven't got too much strength but I think it's also me being protective and cautious lol... I also keep getting weird feelings, sometimes a sharp shooting pain or a burny feeling or really itchy around my incisions... But nothing serous I think it's just the nerves and muscles healing! I also can't wait to get back to the gym, I feel so lazy that I haven't exercised in weeks!! And I've still got weeks to wait but overall I'm feeling pretty good too and loving my girls my ps and also my friends who have had their boobs done keep saying once mine drop they'll look really good, but right now they're pretty tight and round lol! But I can already push them in together a bit (I've got to do this 3 times a day to help them come together at the cleavage) and can squish them a bit, they've come a long way since day 1 but are still pretty tight and firm!! Have you got a stabiliser strap to wear to help push yours down? Or been shown how to massage the high one down into the pocket?
  13. Hope everything went well for you today once it's over you'll realise you were nervous for no reason it's all soo worth it! Xx
  14. I apparently had a small chest plate also and I had to get ultra high profile cos none of the other profiles would fit on my breast plate. Cos the ultra high profile has a smaller base and projects out more from your chest. I don't know what cc's you'd need but your surgeon can help with that! I only started as a B and got 400cc ultra high profile, I'm only 5 days post op but inlove already I don't know how to measure your bwd so can't help you there I'm sorry... But do you have an email you can contact your surgeon on? Maybe ask how to work out your bwd and then he should be able to advise roughly what cc's size and shape you'll need? Don't know if I've helped at all but good luck
  15. Yeah I just spoke to my anethiest he said I've gotta stop taking endone cos that's what's making me sick... So let's hope I start feeling better!! And yeah I have been a bit emotional aswel crying over nothing haha... But yes they have changed so much already it's great I love it only better changes to come for us! Xx
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