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  1. Hi echoecho. Your inbox is full so hopefully u see this and send me a pm. I'm planning on getting jaw implants in Thailand as soon as possible and was wondering what ur experience with Dr. Nond was like? Are happy with the results? What the procedure was like from booking to surgery? How long was the wait between picking the jaw implant and surgery? Were they custom? I'm sorry for so many questions!!! Thanks and happiness. shazzam :)

  2. im not sure this is right place to post, or if you will get this, but I attempted to send you a message, but ur inbox if full =( lol

  3. Yeah it's a sad state of affairs, especially from a company who have a responsibility towards their patients that are in need of medical attention.
  4. Jane how did you're surgery go with Dr Tavakoli? I have a friend whose very insistent on having her's done in Australia.
  5. Any updates on this story? How is Elise?
  6. I know, I feel special, some complete stranger seems to have taken such an interest in me that they are devoting time to stalking me on this forum, omg I should friend them. lol!! They stalk this forum all the time. [ATTACH]4939[/ATTACH]
  7. You can see whose been looking at you're profile on here. Plus I posted on the DB Facebook page. I don't really mind, I'm not one of those people that post the story of my life. He just needs just grow a back bone and rather than stalking these forums perhaps focus on improving his company. Do a search on the A Current Affair website look up 'Flesh eating virus, Destination Beauty Thailand' that should do the trick. [ATTACH]4938[/ATTACH]
  8. Another thing that's clear is that they are absolute idiots.
  9. echoecho

    Dr. Nond?

    I wouldnt mind... what would you like to know?
  10. Wouldn't go with Destination Beauty, why? There was a girl who went through this company a week ago and caught a flesh eating disease, which was only made worse due to the lack of aftercare she ended up receiving from the company. I wouldn't hesitate to go with RBG they seem to have lots of happy patients and Cosmetic Holidays International also sounds like a good choice.
  11. Well turns out Destination Beauty has been stalking my profile... Not that it would surprise me, Destination Beauty aka Martin have exhibited truly disgusting behavior throughout this whole ordeal. Martin apologizes to her publicly over the television and then proceeds to tag her in his Facebook posts... No scruples at all. His company after all did leave her for dead.
  12. Yeah GHT is definitely a fantastic company but would someone ask me to name one negative, that's the only one. The service in Thailand was excellent. Everything was great. I also heard some of those rumors but GHT seem to be very interested in feedback and it looks like they listen to their customers and are proactive about change.
  13. LOL! i have another five words for that man Well if you go into my profile there is a little tab on the left hand side titled recent visitors... Guess whose user name is there?
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