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  1. I only had itchiness at my hips where the incision was. Nothing down the middle except the odd pinch of pain. I am now 29 days PO and feeling pretty damn close to normal. The swelling is all that reminds me I've had surgery. I saw my surgeon yesterday, who is keen to keep my sutures in until tuesday (which is fine by me! The last thing I want is the incision to open again), he also said he wants me to lose the binder within the next 1-2 weeks. The thought freaks me out to be honest - lol. If any of you are near a bras and things shop, get in there - they have great specials right now! I'm technically not supposed to be fitted for a bra for another two weeks, but I picked up two really cheaply anyway I also bought two compression singlets that were $5 each down from $40 and they are fantastic. I'm wearing one today while my binder is in the wash. Just like wear spanx, but you don't have to pull them down to pee. Here they are if you're interested http://www.brasnthings.com/lingerie/shapewear/microfibre-cupless-control-singlet-black Yvette I still take a sleeping pill most nights. I think it's because I'm not exercising and still sleeping on my back, I just can't sleep otherwise!
  2. I had a reduction and a tt and had no problem lifting my arms over my head
  3. Astuth, I was so worried my boys would freak out, but they were fascinated! My 7 year old even drew a picture of me in bed with my drain sitting on the floor - lol! As for the antibiotics, I was already on a broad spectrum, but the infection I had was resistant - so as soon as I was put on another type I improved straight away.
  4. I was in hospital for two nights and went home with one drain in. My recovery was a bit different because I ended up with an infection. Day 6 and 7 were the worst for me, I was in so much pain and emotionally drained. I felt soooo much better at 2 weeks and came along in leaps and bounds, even with daily trips to the surgeon's office to get my dressing changed. I'm currently 27 days Po and at the hairdresser Feeling good. Now I just have the swelling to deal with. I didn't have to inject myself. I'd say that's due to your blood clotting thingo, I forget what it's called, but they test for it when you're pregnant too.
  5. Yes! I have an under boob one next to my belly button too! And a mole that used to be on the side of my boob is now underneath, which is good because the band of my bra used to rub against it. I was itchy too, particularly at my hips. Then with the constant dressing changes I ended up having a reaction to the opsite and the tape. It's not too bad now, but omg I couldn't sleep because I was so itchy.
  6. Oh and a weird thing I noticed today - all my little freckles and moles have migrated! Ha!
  7. I'm exactly the same as Joadster. As the day goes on I get swollen just above the incision so it creates a little shelf. Still a million times better than what I had though! My 'public' area looked like the surface of the moon - lol. My stretch marks go alllll the way down, so they puffed up when the rest of me was swollen. I got such a shock.
  8. Bahahahaha! Oh man, my boys came out with some corkers in the first few days. I thought I was going to split my stitches! Thanks Joadster I'm up and down. Wound started leaking again this morning, which really upset me because I thought I was past that. Anyway, trying to be patient. I uploaded a couple of new pics - one of my breast incisions and one of my newly sutured tummy.
  9. How good is it to get those drains out?! I had one for two weeks. How are the kids? you look great!
  10. Astuth, I went with Dr McGovern at Maroochydore and could not be happier The girls here also speak highly of Dr McDermott. My kids have been fine. They're 5 and 7, so not babies. Plus I've had so much help, with my mum and MIL doing the school runs etc.
  11. I haven't asked him, as I'm not worried. The swelling is a lump on my side, under my armpits, rather than on my actual boob - if that makes sense? I had a reduction, not just a lift. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  12. That is so good, Joadster! I get swelling in the same place. My boobs look great, but I still have a lump of swelling under each arm, making them look kind of square. I get a bit sore at my sternum sometimes, which is where the muscle repair sutures are. If I do too much I get sore in my left hip - which has been a problem spot from day one. All is fine as long as I don't over do it though I'm off for debridement and suturing this morning Yay! A weird thing to be excited about, but I can't heal until it's all fixed. Good news is that I won't be out of pocket for any of it. Even though I got the infection(which isn't their fault) and the wound opened, I am SO happy with my surgeon and his staff, they have been nothing but wonderful.
  13. Hang in there! The first week was pretty tough for me, but it does get better! Nausea is awful, I can't imagine how painful retching would be Make sure they give you something for it. I am 3 weeks post op today Marked the milestone by trying on a pretty bra (even though I can't get officially fitted for another 3 weeks) - eeep! It looked so good! I am so happy with my new perky little boobs. I also tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn't wear pre surgery, as they have no stretch at all, it is SO amazing to put on a pair of jeans without overhang. I drove for the first time too, which was so nice.
  14. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it went I am booked in for surgery on Thursday to have my wound restitched. So looking forward to not having a giant hole in my belly!
  15. That one shocked me. I find it hard to look at. One of the things I wanted was to look better in clothes. Naked I don't care about much and I'm not a thin person anyway. I am thrilled with the difference. I took more before photos in different clothes, I'll do more after shots as I heal.
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