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    Breast lift and implants replaced
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    Dr Phil Richardson 22/12/16
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    55kg, 167cm BW 12.5cm
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  1. I am also interested, if anyone has any scar photos from Dr Phil Richardson's work they would like to share I would appreciate it.
  2. My first surgery was with Dr Fleming (Cosmetic Surgeon) and I had my revision with Dr Richardson (Plastic Surgeon) who did an amazing job fixing them, he is a brilliant Plastic Surgeon.
  3. Wanting to book in for a tummy tuck too but can't decide between Dr Miroshnik and Dr Phil Richardson, Dr Miroshnik is more expensive but he has a lot more before and after photos on his website and the results look amazing, nice neat stitch line. Dr R did my breast augmentation and I am extremely happy with the results but I am not sure about a tummy tuck with him, any advice ladies?
  4. I had a breast lift and implant replacement four months ago, my nipples were perfectly level and perfectly centre when they were first done but as my breasts have dropped the nipples have lifted and are looking at the ceiling. It is starting to look a bit ridiculous and if they keep lifting I will have to get them relocated. Anyone else had this issue, my husband says my nipples should lower as my breasts drop but they are doing the opposite which makes sense to me. I am thinking they should have been placed a little too low initially to allow for the rise when the breasts drop. Some before an
  5. Because I had my last implants with Dr R just 12 months prior to this lot he really looked after me with the fees. It was about $13500 for a lift and implants and I went to the Gaythorne Day Surgery. I only replaced them so soon because he had recommended I get a lift last time and I didn't, I sagged a bit in twelve months and needed a lift, wish I had of listened to him and I would have saved money in the long run. I am sort of glad it happened this way though because I went bigger and I am glad about that because the 460cc implants looked small.
  6. I was told I needed a lift and did not have one. Within twelve months my breasts sagged more and at the tip of my breasts where there was no implant they drooped down and it looked ridiculous. I regretted not spending the extra money at the time because it cost me more money in the long run. I have just had a lift and new implants and the shape is amazing, the lift made a big difference. If the Doc recommends a lift then I would definitely have one.
  7. I am 5 weeks post op with Dr Richardson. This is my fourth BA and the best result I have had yet. He is a very talented surgeon and I cannot fault him. I am so happy with my results, even at this early stage the shape is amazing. I would highly recommend him.
  8. Thanks for the info, judging from your reviews I think i will be happy with the 620 cc's.
  9. Dr Richardson performed my last breast augmentation, I was very happy with the results. I have drooped a bit since then so now I am going back to have a lift and larger implants. I found with my first consultation 12 months ago that he did not volunteer a great deal of information and I was so nervous I forgot to ask questions. I saw him again last week for my revision surgery and he was definitely more forthcoming. He answered all of our questions in depth and volunteered a lot of information. He truly is a meticulous surgeon and very knowledgeable, He has some great pictures on instagram.
  10. I have decided to have my revision surgery with Dr Richardson, having a lift and replacing my 460cc implants with 620cc's as I want to go bigger so I might as well while I am having a lift. Dr Richardson uses Nagor and they only go to 620 cc, he said that is the biggest he would go anyway. 650cc or 700cc would be nice but I can't find another brand that is narrow enough for my chest. Has anyone gone 160 cc larger, was there a noticeable size difference?
  11. They turned out great Corky101. A great shape, who was your Surgeon?
  12. Mmmmm, Dr M******** might be further down the list now, I have had anatomicals before and I really prefer round on me. i will have a look at Dr Tavakoli but I am still considering Dr Richardson for convenience and I love his photos. Decisions.......
  13. Has anyone had 650cc to 700cc implants and a lift with Dr M********? I am 68kg and my chest is 12.5cm, I am not sure that he will go this big for me. I cannot find any negative reviews on him, is there anyone out there who has had not been happy with their results from him? I would love to see some pictures of results if anyone is willing to help? I am having an appt. with Dr Richardson next week but I got a loan so I am now able to go spend a bit more and go with Dr M******** if I want too, I think I will always wonder what my girls would have been like if I don't spend the extra money and
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