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  1. Hi @jpp32 I have been contemplating breast implants for the last 5 years. About 4 years ago I was thinking about going to Thailand and sent through photos to a surgeon there. He said I would definitely need a lift and implants. I didn't end up going as it was too hard to organise family while I was away. I'm 41 with 4 kids. Anyway long story short I have recently again decided I should do this and on a friend and gp's referral I booked a consult (on the Gold Coast). When she examined me she asked why I thought I needed a lift and I just said I assumed I would after b/f 4 kids for 18mths - 2yrs each. She was very thorough in showing and explaining to me why I wouldn't need a lift with what I was hoping to achieve. A good indication is when looking side on is your nipple higher than your crease line. She asked me to raise my arms and said that is how high your breasts will be without a lift and only implants. She recommended dual plane to avoid the lift. If you have a gp you trust mention the surgeons names to them and they'll most likely have some opinion. My gp told me there are a lot of dodgy surgeons on the Coast but the surgeon I was seeing is awesome. It's a good idea to get a dr's referral as you'll also get a rebate from medicare on your consult fees. Sorry for such a long post. Hope it helps, good luck with your decision
  2. My oldest is 19 too @jules1307, then I have a 16, 12 and 7 year old. You are right, as mums we definitely deserve to do something for ourselves. I have thought about it for ages, the BA anyway. I was laughing as my first post on here was 4 years ago and at that time I was thinking I was going to go to Thailand for surgery that year. I'm glad I've waited and having it here now. The TT I've only decided on recently. I've never really had a flat tummy and since having kids the muscle separation won't ever allow me a flat tummy no matter how many situps. Hoping it will help with lower back pain too. Yes we should definitely keep in touch. Countdown is on!!
  3. I get a lot of lower back pain most likely made worse by separated/weak stomach muscles. Was wondering if there's anyone healed post op who have noticed this surgery has made a difference to their back pain?
  4. Hi @jules1307, I have been offered the 8th September on the Gold Coast, but have yet to call and confirm. I'm so nervous, not so much about the surgery but more with parting with such a big amount of money (no private health). Just the usual mum guilt about where else the money could be spent. I'm getting a TT with MR and lipo on the love handles and BA. The BA is something I've been wanting for years now and the TT is something I probably need more, works out better to get them both done at the same time, one recovery and a small discount. You must be super excited after waiting so long
  5. Looking great @Bushlander would love to see your tt photos when you take the bandages off.
  6. I have been quoted $13020 for Lipoabdominoplasty and $9930 for BA or if I have them together $21767. I'm on the Gold Coast and this is with a plastic surgeon. I have no private health
  7. Yep definitely got the hubby's support. I HAVE to do this! I'm almost 42, 40's are the new 20's right!! I think I'll stick with doing it here just make it easier with the kids although Thailand is tempting money wise and for the bonus holiday. Do you have any photos I can have a sticky beak at?
  8. Hi @Bushlander that's great about the tummy tuck. I really thought it would be the other way around. Boobs easy recovery and tummy tuck painful. Might have to bite the bullet and do them both. Just getting over that guilt of spending all that money on myself I guess is half the battle. I hope your boobs settle for you soon and you can enjoy your new body
  9. Hi Ladies, I have just logged on here and laughing at my last post thinking I was going to be having breast surgery overseas back in 2012. I can't believe 4 years have passed and here i am still with the same old boobies and a tummy that's getting jigglier by the day. Have 4 kids and breast fed for 8 years total. So the latest is, I decided I wanted a breast lift, implants and a tummy tuck here in Australia. But probably just one at a time due to finances (no private health). Finally got around to making an appointment for a consult with Sheree Moko on Tuesday with the recommendation from a friend and my GP. I'm so glad I saw her, liked her straight away and had that good gut feeling. She explained everything really well (had my husband there too so I wouldn't have to relay the info to him) and I felt like she really got exactly what it is I want. The outcome is that she recommended Implants 500 cc textured gel implants, bilateral and I would not need a lift. These would be done with a lollipop incision. My tummy tuck would include lipo to the lurve handles. Now I've got lots of thinking to do about whether to go ahead or not and whether to do both or only one. I'm leaning towards both so only one recovery time. But man those hospital fees are a killer. Would love to hear anyone else's experiences with Dr Moko and anyone who's been sitting on this idea for years like me!!
  10. Hi Ladies, I am looking at going to Thailand for surgery early this year. Following is the email I received from Dr Piyapas after emailing my photos. I'm interested in seeing whether others quotes are similar. I knew I would definitely need a lift after breast feeding 4 kids! According to the pictures, Ms.Melinda's breasts has marked amount of loose skin so she definitely needs a BA with Lift ( for Grade II Breast Ptosis with Asymmetry, please quote for 230,000 THB) However,I might need to examine , discuss and confirm the procedure with the patient again on the consultation. Dr. Piyapas Pichaichanarong, M.D. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Note: You needs to undergo EST (Exercise Stress Test) 4,800 baht, Digital Mammogram 2,500 baht and Support garment after the surgery (not included in the package price)
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