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    Breast augmentation...currently 10a hoping to be 10c
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    Dr Tang TCI 10/7/14
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    Fitness student
  1. Hi ladies! I'm booked in for a BA at TCI in July with dr tang! So excited, I'm travelling from perth...can I please be added to the fb group....Rachael Stearn is my name
  2. Hi boobsneeded I was told to stop any chest exercises 4 weeks before!
  3. Hi ladies! i have my ba booked in with dr tang at the cosmetic institute on 10th July, I'm so excited but wondering if anyone can give me any tips or advice on what or what not to do before surgery? I know to stop any chest exercises but is there anything else? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi girls, has anyone had teardrop implants at TCI? Just haven't come across anyone so far?
  5. FR sent also booked into TCI with dr tang on 10th July so pls FR me girls!
  6. Hi ashy! I'm booked in with dr tang on 10th July so u will have to let me know how u go! I'm so excited tho! Have u had a consult? I added u as a friend
  7. Hi ladylovelylocks! Wow that's awesome to hear! I read a lot of good things about him that's why I decided to go with him! So that's very re-assuring to hear! How has ur recovery been? Will send you a FR
  8. Hi misslittle! Oh how exciting! You will have to let me know how you go?! I've had a consult with a surgeon here in perth so I have an idea of what size...he recommended 325cc teardrop so will just have to compare and see what dr tang says! The surgeon here didn't really measure me tho, just kinda held the implant over my boob kinda thing! How big are u thinking of going and are u thinking round or teardrop?
  9. Hey girls, Just booked in with dr tang at tci for 10th July! Travelling from perth so I have my consult the day before , but originally I'm a Sydney girl so excited to visit some family aswell! Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Would be interested to know how girls go doing exercise after if they go under the muscle as I am very much into my fitness and studying to be a pt!
  10. Haha that's ok! Umm there was a link up the top of the page that said post new thread? Like once u go into the section that u want? If that makes sense haha
  11. Hi girls, newbie here I'm from Perth but have been doing a lot of research into the cosmetic institute in Sydney and haven't read 1 bad thing...so I have a good feeling about it! I just had a consult with a surgeon here in Perth yesterday so I have taken on board what he has said, but I am looking at literally double the price! Any advice on how they chose a surgeon from TCI and any stories or anything please feel free to share! I'm 5'9 and 60kg. Currently I am an a cup wanting to go to a c. I want them to look natural so want to stay with the teardrop shape. But also wondering about what brand people have gone for and also about the whole above/under the muscle? I am studying to be a personal trainer so fitness is my life really and I have read a bit about if you go under then you can't do chest exercises? Feel free to FR me too! Looking forward to hearing from you ladies
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