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  1. Hi guys does anyone have any experience with CO2 Fraxel for wrinkles? Or doctors/ surgeons they can refer me to that can do this procedure? I’ve seen one doctor in Sydney and I’m not sure how I felt after... he seemed to know what he is talking about but came across as a car sales man trying to sell me other procedures... also looked up his reviews and there were a few bad reviews. I googled co2 Fraxel but only one other place offers it in Sydney and they also have mixed reviews with some bad ones... also im not after the laser resurfacing I dont think the results for that wou
  2. Thanks hun for the advice So I found out I can do co2 Fraxel which is basically puncturing deep into the skin to force collagen to happen but there is down time of 9 days
  3. Hi ladies long time no chat. I’m back and now I’m keen and I’m serious about removing my under eye wrinkles. I’m turning 36 this month and I want to look younger. my wrinkles aren’t that deep but obvious enough when I wear foundation because it seeps into the creases (and I can’t live without covering my face) what are my options? I organised a consult with a doctor at laser clinic in Sydney... not sure what the options Are and a little lost with different types eg filler Botox and different brands etc @donatella I remember u were the queen for info and insight on this stu
  4. Anyone know anymore about this topic? Or what type of allergen implant is recalled? I got allergen implants back in 2017 and now I am not sure if I am at risk... and I tried googling the type of implants I have but can’t find any info
  5. hey @donatella been a very long time since i came on here! wow just read u had a consult with my fave surgeon???? are you going ahead with 800s with Dr D?
  6. lol that is really funny! considering my experience when mine wouldn't drop naturally... I will never forget how ugly they looked before the second surgery to put them in the correct position because they wouldn't naturally deop... they seriously looked ridiculous when i was naked (i just wanted to cry!) unfortunately you can't stop them from dropping... they are meant to drop and also dont forget that there is alot of swelling which also makes them look fuller, once the swelling goes away you wont look as full from the puffiness
  7. yes i experienced this. The pain was excruciating! all i can say is that it took me months to recover from the back pain. I think its because ur back is not used to carrying the new added weight. for me i took alot of medications and tried massages but nothing helped it took me a few months to recover from the pain... but you might recover faster so don't be disheartened. just take it easy and try to keep yourself comfortable and if ur in alot of pain take painkillers and don't do anything strenuous.
  8. Thought i'd share this video about "dr" Cynthia Weinstein http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/9036484/cynthia
  9. Thought i'd find out what everyone else is doing... I am way beyond the 1 yr anniversary for my new boobs... and i probably sound crazy but i can't bring myself to walk around at home or prepare for sleep without wearing my surgical bra and most of the times i have OCD and end up wearing post op bra and a crop top... i am scared of future sag... but then again is this going to prevent future sag? considering gravity and genetics being a factor to this sag! Also considering these tops/bras are wirefree i wonder if they are considered supportive enough to help prevent the inevitable. Just wonde
  10. Thanks for the heads up luckilyi am not prone to rosacea and i have had microderm a couples times before. Great thanks for the heads up on where to find the products! im starting to feel a lilcalmer now about my face!
  11. luckyi saw ur msgs before i went shopping today was going to buy a replacement for mac foundation (im running low)! Will definitely try out ur suggestions... hopefully that will help out my skin. I also paid the laser clinic a visit and they suggested 6 courses alternating between microdermabasion and peels and daily use of cleanser, day cream and retinol scrub. Fingers crossed this works! Would the issada and mary kay and hourglass foundations be available at myers or DJs?
  12. Wow thank you all for your tips! My acne is is on my back my front and worst is all over my face (cheeks chine neck and close to the nose) I wear foundation almost 6 days a week (i can't go out doors without it, i wear Mac (the heavier one) to cover it all up. Not sure if that is the culprit but i seriously can't see anyone without it. I would go back to the dermatoligist but he will say go on Roacutane and considering i have completed the courses as a teen and as an adult i dont want to go down that road again. My face/body dont feel oily or dry (i have normal skin). I have been a bad gir
  13. Hi ladies, I have constantly non stop been getting really bad acne and some actually really hurt. i have had Roaccutane (meds) in the past i had done 2 courses, it worked butidont want to do medication again (as it is very harsh on the body). I was thinking of maybe glycolic peels, not sure if that would work... has anyone done any treatments and had success? i am open to all suggestions i just want to get rid of my pimples without having to go on medication.
  14. Yea i was thinking that! although this is in the chair so it is half price of the 1 hour which is usually 400+... Anyways i found out that deal is over but there is another one where they charge slightly more and includes cleaning, scale, etc plus whitening. I might do that once i find out how long they will leave the whitening on for
  15. Hey ladies, I really want to get my teeth whitened. I found a deal on Groupon for zoom teeth whitening for $249 but it is only for 30mins (in the chair). Would 30 mins be enough to make difference? My teeth aren't badly stained and i think i would be happy with two shades whiter buti thought whitening in the chair should be 1 hour. Anyone got suggestions or opinions?
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