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    Implant replacement. Got 250cc implants back when I was 20. No major problems except for mild CC in right but isn't visibly obvious in clothes after I breastfed 2 kids. But these puppies are now 23yrs old and probably well past their use-by date!

    EDIT: I've now had them replaced and OMG, who was I kidding about the CC not being obvious! I love my new soft boobies!!
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    Dr Piyapas, 20th Feb 2012
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    170cm, 66kgs. 12Bish pre-2012 op. AAA before that. C now :)

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  1. I did ask about that but my PS in Phuket said he didn't advocate Brazilians or textured implants as there was no significant proof that it made a difference when implanted fully under the muscle, which mine are. You're right about the doc, though. Couldn't get in to see my own doctor so booked in at the Medical Centre. Saw a young Chinese doc who freaked when I told her what I wanted, said she'd have to speak to a breast surgeon about it first, took the info sheets I'd printed out, then promptly charged me $71. Supposedly Accolate isn't on the PBS either. *sigh* Back to manhandling myself.
  2. OK, to cut a long story short. Had my first boob job in 1988, right side got CC within a couple of weeks, had a capsulectomy after 6mths, CC came back after a month, left it alone for 20yrs, had kids, breastfed kids, and finally in Feb 2012, I got new implants in Phuket. HOORAY! Anyway, the doctor did a wonderful job and told me that I should massage everyday for the rest of my life. I did this....for about a year. Complacency set in and so did the CC. Yes, I am kicking myself.....HARD. Anyway, once again it is my right side. Don't know why my right boob has major issues. My left boob is just wonderful; so well behaved and soft; but the right? Major attitude problem. I think it's about a Grade II at the moment. It looks kinda OK unless I tense but I can actually feel the shape of the implant. I can't remember when this started to happen. It just creeps up and suddenly you're thinking, "hey, did it ALWAYS feel like this?????" Anyway, after a fair bit of research, I've discovered that an asthma medication called Accolate (Zafirlukast) can supposedly help in softening the scar tissue around the implant. I've got a doctor's appointment to get a prescription tomorrow (boy, hope the doc's not pissed when I go in & tell them what I want because Dr.Google told me so). Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Accolate and, hopefully, had some kind of success? In the meantime, I am doing some major manipulative kneading massage that would make a baker proud to hopefully break up the scar tissue. It looks a bit softer but not sure if it's just because there's swelling from all the heavy handedness! LOL!
  3. It's possible that it does also come down to the kind of job a doctor wants to see his name against. Some doctors are happy to do big fakies as long as their clients are ultimately happy, and why not? It's a win-win. However, from my experience with Dr Piyapas, I think he feels personally responsible for his clients, and if he feels that you will experience future problems or that if aesthetically, it's not what he recommends, then he tells you very nicely. Obviously that won't go down well with everyone so if you feel very strongly about the exact size you want to be, you should have a consult with a different doctor who'll do what you want. But as chacha says, cc's are not the be all & end all of cup size. My gf wanted to go from an A to a DD. Dr Piyapas told her she'd probably only handle 375cc not 440cc as she asked for, but that he'd only really know once she was opened. Anyway, she woke to find she got 400s and yes, today she is a DD
  4. Holy cow! That's a lot! Wonder how they justify that cost when you find deals like this on Groupon all the time: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/Bella-Contour/716110406
  5. Hey kels, you obviously know your own body best, but you're definitely sure it's fat and not just loose skin from pregnancy, right? I knew a girl who had was slim everywhere but always complained of her fat tummy she couldn't budge & then one day when we all did a skin calliper test, she came in at the lowest fat count in the tummy area! Anyone ever tried those fat dissolving treatments you see on Spreets & Groupon all the time? I get so tempted to take the easy way out!
  6. Congrats, janeybaby! So glad it went so well for you! Don't know if it helps, but I find that when I'm feeling nauseus, a cold wind on the face always helps. So turn on a pedestal fan, aim it at your face, and if it's as cold where you live as it is here, pull the doona up around your neck PS: After a week, you can change the ice packs to heat packs - hooray!
  7. No fair, Mousey! 1.2kgs less at the next weigh-in! Haha! So glad to hear it all went so well for you! Can't wait to see the new you! Relax & enjoy the experience. My girlfriend really missed her kids while we were in Phuket away but when we got home, I received a text within a day that said "Ready to go back any time you are." Seems when she discliplined her 5yr old, she was met with "Well, I'll tell all my friends to tell their mummys that you got new boobies!" Aaah mah!
  8. Yeah, I'm really kicking myself for not buying any of those amazing Wacoal bras I saw in Thailand. Grrrr....
  9. Say hi to Dr Piyapas for me! Lovely man!
  10. As much as we enjoyed going into Patong a couple of times, and we even walked the streets with the wild drunk party-goers one night (so that's where the Australians were staying!!), I don't think I would have liked to stay in the thick of it. Our main aim was recovery so we had a really good balance of shopping, sight-seeing and days of just lying in bed reading, or lying by the pool reading. Aaaah.....
  11. Kitty, take it from one who scars from mozzie bites! Moist healing is the way to treat open wounds. It's funny, we'd been doing it for years with our horses but i never thought of applying that principle to myself. I once had a 1st degree burn from an oil heater which took 8mths to heal. It would always scab over the outside but the inside was still raw & hence it scarred terribly. The best way to heal any open wound is from the inside out, and the way to do that is to keep the wound moist. Now when I say moist, i don't mean wet. With the horses, we'd simply fill the wound with mixture of petroleum jelly & manuka honey. Our mare had a wound from a run-in with a star stake which was as big & deep as a man's fist, and it healed with only minor scarring. There are lots of expensive moist healing bandaids & strips out there - believe me, I've tried them all. The fact that you still end up changing them a few times a week can add up in cost. So when I had a stack on my bike a few years ago and took a chunk out of my knee, I did the old horse treatment and covered it with gauze (to stop any sticking), then a square cotton pad (the make-up kind) and wrapped it with a bandage, or if I was going out, taped it down with some skin-coloured micropore tape. And if I didn't want it to be super-obvious (who was I kidding - it was always going to be obvious!), I'd dab a bit of bronzing powder on top of the pad to blend it with my colour! To sum it up, the old horse treatment worked!
  12. Hi MsQ, My gf & I stayed at the Karona Resort & Spa (http://www.karonaresort.com). I spent a lot of time tossing up between the different levels of accommodation that the agency I went through (Cosmeditour) had partnerships with. I loved the idea of a 5 star hotel but the locations seemed a bit remote for me. Moreover, I prefer to shop at local stalls where I can have fun haggling with the shopkeepers than in shopping centres. I decided on the Karona because, although it's rated 3.5 star, the location was ideal. It's about 100m up the hill off the main drag of shops, restaurants and the wonderful $6 massage/mani/pedi ladies! And just across the road was the beach. It was probably a bit further (30mins) from the Bangkok Hospital Phuket where I had my ops but when the hospital sends an air-conditioned car to pick you up/drop you home for every appt, it didn't really matter. And for the few times when we did go into Patong to the huge shopping centre (Jungceylon), we'd just catch a cab for 350-400baht (we'd fix the price with the cab driver before we got in!) While the resort wasn't brand spanking new, we were very happy with it. The staff spoke good English & went out of their way to help us, especially on checkout day when our flight was late in the evening. They let us stay till 2 and then stored our bags & invited us to use the guest showers even though we'd technically checked out. They were going to give us a temporary room except that they were fully booked. I guess it also helped that our Cosmeditour Thai liasion, Arunwan (who became a good friend while we were there) was good friends with the manager of the Karona! The food was good and well priced. We mainly had breakfast there (inc with the accom) and banana splits by the pool, but most nights we's test out the restaurants along the main street. We had our favourite place where we'd get a meal (eg. satay chicken rice & vegies, dessert of ice-cream, nuts & topping, and a coke for 150 baht, which was about $4! The pools were clean, had 2 levels and very welcoming with deck chairs all around. Our room was spacious and very clean, and on Day 3, had a room upgrade (again, thank you Arunwan!). I think I only saw 3 or 4 kids there, all over 12. The only thing about the place is that all of the tourists while we were there were Russian, and the Russians don't seem to be very friendly with strangers. Which didn't bother me in the least because the last thing I wanted to do was have to explain why we only went waist deep in the pool, and why my cap & sunnies never came off! In total, our accommodation for 9 days in Karona's Superior room cost us $477 each as we shared the room. PS: Sorry for the long post but I am very prone to rambling
  13. I've flown Jetstar a few times before & have never had anything to complain about. In Feb, my GF & I went with Jetstar because they were the cheapest & was pleasantly surprised as I had prepared myself for something to go wrong. Nothing did. It was comfortable, food was good and, even though you had to pay for extras, the savings in the cost of airfare was well worth it. We packed our own snacks etc which we hardly touched. On the way there, we sat towards the back, just 2 seats together next to a window so we didn't have the hassle of having a stranger next to us listening to our boobie gossip! On the trip back, we chose the seats directly behind the bathrooms in the middle of the plane. This was so we had a lot of leg room to stretch our legs out & also so we wouldn't get bumped by people having to get past. Not to mention, it wasn't far to get to the bathrooms and that the water dispenser was right next to us. I brought my own netbook with movies on a thumbdrive but couldn't be bothered to get it out so just hired an entertainment unit between us. If there are 2 of you, bring an extra pair of headphones and a double adapter so you can plug both headphones into the one jack & share the unit. Otherwise, you have to get a unit each. We also bought the $7 comfort pack which was good value. You get a blow-up neck cushion (a God-send), a good sized polarfleece blanket, socks (used these!), toothbrush, and eyemask, which are yours to keep. Would I fly Jetstar again? Based on my experiences so far, definitely. I was so tempted when I saw their $389 one-way offer to Phuket the other week!
  14. Hi Naja, I went to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, not Bumrungrad, but you'll find that all hospitals, when giving a quote, include that Disclaimer just to cover themselves in case there is a need for additional services. For example, I ended up staying in an extra night, and was expecting to pay for it over & above my package price (luckily for me, I didn't have to!) Nonetheless, this would be an example of the sort of thing that the Disclaimer relates to. You should find that even if the doctors hit a slight hiccup, it shouldn't affect the quoted price as they'd be taking these possibilities into account. Whereas my doc thought he was doing a basic capsulectomy & replacing old implants, it ended up removing/cleaning a rupture on one side and cutting out more muscle than expected on the CC side! Including my eyelid lift, the poor guy was slaving over me for 6hrs! And it was all included in my package price.
  15. jetstar.com are doing sydney to phuket (one way) for $229 - That's $458 return! Damn, I spent $900 on mine in Feb. Feel like having more surgery just so I can cash in on this bargain! A penny saved is a thousand bucks more spent. Story of my life! Hahaha!
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