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  1. Hi All! I had 250cc tear drop implants done 3 years ago, today I had an ultrasound and my left breast has developed rippling the entire way around the implant, I am meeting with my surgeon next week to discuss what I should do next. My current dilemma is whether to replace my implants or keep them, and let the rippling get worse.... I have never been 100% happy with the size I chose, I wish I went bigger but I'm not sure if I want to go through the pain and expense of it all again! Has any one else been in this situation, if so did you replace your implnts or live with the rippling?
  2. I'm 12 months post op and still don't have feeling back! I just get constant pins and needles... not ideal!
  3. See I'm really confused because my surgeon wouldn't do any larger then 295cc! I'm now thinking 320cc-350cc but am waiting to see what my surgeon recommends when I see him next week.
  4. I am 164cm, 55kg, pre surgery was an aa-a cup. With 250cc anatomical implants I am a b cup
  5. Damnit! Well if i dont start having kids for 5 years, then have them over a 3 year period, i wouldnt be able to have them redone for approximately 8-9 years.... maybe this explanation will win partner over!
  6. It's likely that i will be having kids in the next 5ish years... but i'm hoping that my boobs will improve with breast feeding! and i'm really not sure if I'm patient enough to wait that long! but i get what your saying, and given i'm so young there is a good chance they will need to be replaced a few times in my lifetime due to them "wearing out".... i need to get a credit rating so i figure if i get a loan to get the boobs then i can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!
  7. Thanks for letting me know your story.. I know my partner will love the bigger size because he always comments on how small they currently are (not in a mean way at all, just as a bit of a joke) i think he is just worried about how long it does take to recover and how long they take to look/feel a little bit normal. At the end of the day i think he will say go ahead but I feel bad for dragging him through the whole process again! When you had them redone were they able to cut out your old scars? Mine are really lumpy (maybe they weren't massaged properly) and bold so I'm hoping the surgeon can fix this!
  8. When i was preparing for my op i searched through forums for months trying to prepare for that first week post op, in actual fact i didnt use anything that i had prepared! As long as you have panadol, nurofen, pillows and ice packs your set! and a good TV series of course ... there wasn't anything that i was told i could take pre op so I'm not sure about that... In regards to sleeping on your stomach, I'm 7 months post op and still cant! I'm a tummy sleeper so for the first 3 months i had a lot of trouble and had to make serious pillow forts, but now I'm use to it and can kind of sleep on my side.. I do know ladies however that sleep on their stomach much much earlier so i wouldnt be to worried about it!
  9. Hi Ladies, I am currently 7 months post op after going 250cc (was AA-A cup, now B cup) and REALLY want to get them redone and go bigger! has anyone done this and if so how long after your initial surgery did you have your second? My partner thinks its such a waste of money and doesnt want me to get them redone, but i figure its my money and i dont want to stop until I'm perfectly happy! What do others think? I have mentioned the idea to my parents and they think its a complete waste as i am only 19 and think i will regret it, so i was planning on just telling them that something went wrong with my implants and i have to get them redone.... i havent seen my surgeon since the op so this story could be quite believable..... I know in myself that I'm not just going to forget this and learn to love them, I'm very determined to get them perfect! Please let me know what you think, no matter now negative! thanks! xx
  10. I completely understand what you mean! I am the exact same, I was an A cup pre op and a B post op... I am 7 months post op now and am visiting my surgeon next week to discuss a revision. I think the fact that all of my old clothes (AND BRAS!) still fit was a complete anti-climax.... No one else understands how upsetting it is and my family (and partner) keep telling me not to change them and to just wait until after I have had kids but I cant wait that long! I think I will be getting them done again in the next year or so. Give them a few months, if your still unhappy then start saving again!
  11. I was a 12a, went to a b cup with 250cc..wish I had of gone 300cc + ... its so hard to figure out the end result with the implants they give you to test out!!!! Needless to say, will be having them redone shortly.
  12. Just out of curiosity, how much is your revision costing opposed to the initial procedure? I am thinking of having mine redone (going bigger!) and my initial surgery was around $11,500. How much more expensive is your second op likely to be? just so I can put mine in a ball park. Thanks!
  13. Hello lovely ladies, just a question for all post op girls, I am currently 7 months post op and want to know when others have been able to lay on their stomach comfortably and get a massage? I can only just start to lay 1/2 on my stomach at night and that is with a pillow fort assembled, has anyone else had to wait this long to be comfortable? When I do lay on my stomach I can feel pinching and it feels like I'm going to rip my scar open...which is far from ideal :(.... I am desperate to get a massage but am STILL unable to.... has anyone else had this problem?? Ta!
  14. I'm 164cm and 50kg, with 250cc I am a B cup and wouldn't mind being a c cup. I had absolutely nothing before my BA, like had trouble fitting a AA so I think my surgeon was worried about how fake they would look going bigger then 295cc. My surgeon was Mark Duncan Smith and I don't think I would be able to change to a different one, I just found him amazing, he was the only surgeon I saw that didn't make me burst into tears during the initial consults! Not sure what he would charge, really need to get down to perth to have a chat with him but an beginning to think I may be going 300cc +. Thanks for all of your help!!!
  15. I'm a bit stuck with going to much bigger as my surgeon refuses to go any bigger then 295cc, I am only wanting a slight increase in size, as in 1/2 to 1 cup size because I am not completely disappointed with the size.Rachel800, how did your scars go the second time round? Did they get thicker? At the moment mine are really thick and really dark so I really don't want to make that worse...
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