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  1. Wow, it's been MONTHS since I've been on this site and just stumbled on this thread. Thanks for the shout-out girls :-) I'm over 1yr now, and am still as happy as ever with my boobs and my (well informed) choice to go with Dr B. Considering the Thai surgeons do numerous surgeries day in/day out on the Thai 'ladyboys', they certainly know their stuff. Thai surgery is 'cheap' to us Australians, but remember that what we pay is a huge amount in their currency. The hospitals are very modern and professional - I believe they have better standards than many Aust hospitals.
  2. I have one of each, to even out asymmetry I didn't even realize I had prior to surgery. You really can't tell much of a difference - all I sometimes notice is that the base of the 350cc is wider than the 325cc Feel free to have a look at my pics.
  3. rubie

    Holiday Visa

    If you have an Australian passport, you don't need to buy a visa if you stay 30 days or less. You just get a visa on arrival. If anyone is staying longer, you need to get 60 day visa from the Embassy/Consulate before you go ($45 per entry, max 2 entries). We found out last week that BNE consulate is now closed until further notice. Had to post passport to Canberra and only got back today with hours to spare until departure in the morn! BNE used to give us triple entry visas with only needing proof of 1st entry/exit, but now Canberra only allow 2x entries, with proof of entry/exit required for both entries.
  4. I had endo transax (armpit with camera) and so happy I did. I scar easily and didnt want visible scars on my new hot boobs. I got 325/350. They can cut nerves, and takes some weeks/months to get all feeling back (just felt numb on upper arms) but all worth it. Sweating - I didnt sweat from armpits for a few weeks afterwards (obviously due to nerves). Instead I sweated via bum and tum LOL (was hot & humid in Thailand) which was a weird experience. Sounds scary, but I would do it all again.
  5. Please take this with the kind hearted and constructive manner in which it is offered, as you have asked for advice on loans. By reading these posts, I believe the last thing either of you ladies should be considering at the moment is borrowing money for a breast augmentation, as you have both identified the reasons the banks see you as a loan risk. There are two types of debt - positive and negative. Positive is to borrow for something to increase in value over time, i.e. a property or investment. Negative debts are things like car loans or credit cards - debts on things like clothes, holidays or similar things (boob jobs) that depreciate in value, but keep charging interest long afterwards. I understand that your argument may be that your breasts are yours for life and that you want to be happy (we all want that, that's why we're all on here), and that life is not all about money - but at what cost to your future if you spiral even further into debt now? Jaide - you say you have never had any savings and spend your money straight away and regularly overdraft. You have identified the problem. Now you have identified it, you can work on fixing it Only spend what you can afford to. Draw up a budget, and every week you get paid, pay yourself first before bills etc. Set up an auto payment into a savings account you cannot instantly access (aim for 10% of your salary). If you do this first thing every payday, you will not miss it, as you will be used to it not being there to spend. Second, you need to pay down the debt on your personal loan - 16.9% is massive. Adding to this high interest debt with unnecessary accommodation, flights and elective surgery is the last thing you should be thinking of doing right now. Get on top of your existing debt, watch your savings grow, and then in the future, you can reward yourself with a new set of boobs that you bought yourself outright and can feel proud of how they came to be there every time you look in the mirror. LTJ - again, you have identified the issues working against you - stop paying the rent you know is too high for your circumstances, by finding more affordable accommodation and keep on the lookout for a better paying job or a supplementary income. If these circumstances do not change, you will be stuck in this same dilemma and will keep going around in circles, getting nowhere fast. If you can get on top of the issues you have both individually identified, you are taking the first step to helping yourselves towards a positive outcome and a better credit rating. I wish you all the best. Knowledge is power
  6. I asked the same Q a few months ago - I agree on Playboy, and also Annalise at Big W for gorgeous cheaper option (about $20)
  7. I went with rounds after I was originally wanting teardrop for this reason. The side boob from the mod+ rounds helped even out my shoulders - the HP sizers looked ridiculous on me! I think in my case, it was more about the side boob (shape) rather than the actual size, but everyone is different.
  8. Just found this good explanation of why it is better to pay in THB rather than AUD if paying by credit card...Hope this helps :-) http://www.smh.com.au/business/banks-plunder-travellers-with-forex-fees-on-credit-card-transactions-20150417-1mn9s4.html There was another thread all about this, but I can't find it, so put it here...I saved a few hundred $ by paying in THB.
  9. I wouldn't recommend using your super. My hubby had to access his super a few years ago for spinal surgery. You can only take out $10,000 per year, and you pay 21.5% tax on it, so you lose $2,150 of your own money straight away.
  10. Yep Thanks. (I'm leaning over a bit in the photo, which make them look a bit fuller)
  11. Gamophen soap at supermarket cost about $3.50 a bar. Individually wrapped.
  12. PIAC allow the pill, and don't operate on boobs if you have your period - something to do with possible swelling to ensure they get the size/location/measurements correct. I was butt naked too, underneath their big sarong-type gown they wrap around you
  13. rubie

    1hr to go!

    Good Luck Tal - it's been a long time coming! Just realised you will be my boobie twin
  14. Hi Daisy. Here's the PIAC pricelist: http://www.plastic-surgery-phuket.com/ProcedurePrices.aspx Maybe shoot them an email to see the difference in cost for upgrading in your particular situation (they'd still have your file on their system).
  15. I did mine for about 3-5mins in the morning (a good excuse for a grope, and it seemed to helped with morning boob ) and again at night when watching TV. I think 15mins is a bit excessive - massaging seems to make a difference by making the surrounding muscles feel a bit more 'relaxed', and you get to feel how things are progressing, i.e internal stitches, bruising etc. I did it for about the first 3 months, but then I just started forgetting to the more my boobs starting feeling like 'mine'. I think you just go with your own body - I still massage every now and then when they feel a bit full/firm/fake, and it provides instant relief...hopefully that makes sense
  16. I was the same. Thought they got smaller, but after D&F, they just 'popped' and I think they are doing another round of fluffing now, and I'm about 6mths? Have a look at my pics to see the difference. D&F happened about 10 weeks - you are still in the early days
  17. Thanks for the compliment Viv Delly, send me a FR if u want to see my pics. My rounds look natural and you can see the change over time.
  18. Sounds good. If you did lose a bit of size from having dual plane, you will probably get it back (plus more!) with D&F . Glad you are happy with the results xx
  19. Great to hear Gabby! Was a long time coming and you were very patient What size/profile did you end up going?
  20. I had endo transax as I scar easily so didn't want visible scars under my new hot boobs You do seem to lose more arm & chest muscle strength than other girls (I was shocked at how weak I was afterwards) and I am just starting starting normal chest presses now after 5 mths and my upper arm now only 10% numb, but I would do it all over again and it is completely worth it, as I am really happy with the results. Send me an FR if you want to ask anything.
  21. Don't stress, no need to take pics hun - Dr B only looks at them for 2 secs anyway!! I know I went on about my dream boob photos, but I had a certain look that I was hoping for, and wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. If you have a few pics you really like, maybe just save them to see the consistencies between them to figure out as to what you like about them (ie. profile/size), but Dr B will easily see what suits your body size & frame. When you try the sizers on, you will see what works on your body, as you know your own body so well. I tried on HP and I immediately thought they looked ridiculous on me (too pointy), but for someone else, they would (and DO!!) look fantastic. I never tried any form of sizers (rice or any pre-consultations) before my actual consult the morning of surgery. I went in blind with size, but just said what kind of shape I was hoping for. Hope I haven't confused you more, but Dr B is pretty tuned into what constitutes a hot set of boobs I'm sure he'll give you the best set possible
  22. rubie

    10E bras?

    Whitey!! Welcome back Nice to see you getting the Missus a nice lingerie set for Xmas.....maybe she could also happen to find a set of glittery xmas nipple tassels at the bottom of the gift bag? LOL Let us know how you both are progressing with your recoveries.
  23. I'm a Dr B fan. Most girls will probably say that their surgeon is the best, so it is hard to compare from this sort of question. I think it really depends on what look you are going for, and comparing photos of a similar look to what you want. I came on here not knowing about any of the surgeons, but then just saved photos of all the boobs I loved, then tried to work out which surgeon did most of the ones I liked, and then I also checked out the girls' opinions of their surgeon/outcome... Dr B did most of the photos I loved, and I could not find any bad reviews on him - only really positive ones - and now here's another one
  24. rubie

    PIAC & profiles

    Exactly the same as what Lolos said. I went in there wanting mod+ but I did also try on HP in his room and thought they looked too pointy on me. I kinda wonder now if I should have gone HP for easier cleavage under clothes, but then I look at them in the nude and think they are perfect as I wanted them to look natural, which I don't think HP would have looked on me. I also wanted as per my dream boob photos, and he said I picked the right profile (mod+) for that look, so I went with his advice.
  25. I would not advise doing this. We needed to access my husband's super to pay for spinal surgery, and what they don't tell you is that the Government charge you 21.5% tax on your super for the 'privilege' of taking it out, and then you can only take out up to $10,000 in one year. Therefore, if you want to take out the full $10,000, you essentially receive only $7,850 of that (YOUR) money, and the Govt pocket the other $2,150 of YOUR money in tax - which is on top of the 15% tax you paid when that money went into your Super account. There are forms on the Centrelink website for this, and you have to send them proof of why you need the funds, and it takes a couple of weeks to be approved. I would suggest that if it is not an emergency, try to find other means of funding your surgery.
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