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    Bangkok, thailand
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    Breast augmentation
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    Sorawuth ChuOngsakul Sunday 8th April
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    174cm/65kg/12a hoping for 12d
  1. Hi kathstewart glad to hear everything went well for you! I also had GHT and dr teerasit and couldnt be happier with the care, hospital, dr, nurses... I strongly believe though if it wasnt for thise beautiful girls (daisy, sheila, april, loverly) GHT wouldnt be what it is today! I had great experience with dr t and his wife juree, i went 450cc under muscle, high profile, crease incision, my recovery has been outstanding, i was up shopping day 2, day 7 i was back at home driving and now day 12 still wearing the strap and having my stitches out next tuesday 1st may, which i cant wait for as i would love a REAL shower and busting to gwt back to the gym but as i still have to wear the strap and no bra dont really feel up to the gym! When did you have your stitches removed and when did you stop wearing your band? Im massaging about 4 to 6 times per day, i have just noticed the electric shokes through my nipples (nerves) its not unbearable, just a little uncomfortable! Hope all is well sweetie take care xo
  2. All the best babe! Safe travels, enjoy Phuket, the place is amazing Phi Phi is GORGEOUS! xo
  3. I went to my local GP and she was AMAZING! I had 100 questions for her, she helped me with info on medication and supplements pre and post surgery as well as bandages/tape. I even explained to her that I may need my stitches out on arrival if Dr T does not remove before I leave home on the 6th day pot op and she was more than happy to do that. She couldnt be happier with my decision with Bumrungrad Hospital either, she thought it is an amazing hospital and meet standards that Australia have not and probably wont meet!!! So yes i told my GP and I think you should as she will also be referring me to MRI scans every 3 years for my breast implants to make sure no ruptures etc xo
  4. Hi there ladies, As you can all see my journey is fast approaching for my BA surgery with Dr T at Bumrungrad. I have 13days of work to go (working days) and I cant believe this dream of mine is nearly here! I arrive in Bangkok on the 30th March, my consult is on 31st March, following this I have 1 week in Koh Samui with my husband before my surgery booked on the 8th. I have heard so many great things about Dr T and have no doubts I will be happy with the end BOOBIES! Ill keep you all posted ladies on my progress xoxox
  5. Hi Ladies, Wow there are some Dr T girls on here! I wanna know EVERYTHING about him, getting so excited I fly out in 29 days!!!! Consult in 31 days and surgery well you can see below.....
  6. Good luck babe! Thanks so much for your post, it helps so much xoxo
  7. Great video!!! Looking forwrd to the others! Im so jealous of your wardrobe!!!!! Where's all the shoes lol xo
  8. Hi Missbella, I have chosen Dr Teerasit, I have contacted him and he got back to me within the day answering all my questions and concerns AND may I add he is on holidays till March 9 so I thought that was really good that he still replies to his patients. I have heard so many wonderful things about him and also that he is a man of not many words he is still extremely caring and professional, good luck with your decision! There are some videos on You Tube from his patients too so check them out )
  9. Yaye Mrs Forman, I have been following you quite a bit on these posts as we are so close together for our ops....Ill watch your video as soon as I get home tonight yaye! xo
  10. Hi Ladies OMG I am so very excited for you both. I think the pre jitters is only human and you should both think of it as being very healthy to go through these feelings! I too am starting to feel nervous and asking myself all the questions, I remind myself how much I want it when I look in the mirror! I cant wait until I can no longer see down to my feet! LOL....NOT THAT BIG, but you know what I mean! I wish both you ladies the very best of luck and I will be thinking of you both! Please, please keep us posted of your experience and recovery! Take care xo
  11. Yaye ladies I will let you all know how it all goes, thanks for the support! Depending on how groggy I am post op I will try and keep my story as detailed as possible through my post recovery! Take care xo
  12. Hi Ladies As you all know Im no stranger to this forum page, I love it! Im so addicted LOL! Just informing you all I have changed surgeons from Surowath, not because I heard any bad reports or anything, purely because I couldnt get any feedback from anyone that had experienced him before! I am so happy now I have changed I feel so much more confident seeing photos and you tube videos of his clients! Thanks for all your support ladies, I will be keeping you all updated on my surgery and post recovery! Take care all!
  13. Hi Prue29 Well as you can see from my Signature I dont have a lot of time to organise! Im getting super excited. I am also in the process of changing my surgeon to Dr Teerasit as I had no feedback about Surawath, I felt left in the dark so my case manager gave me the option to change so I have, I am waiting to hear back from him now! At the moment I have stopped taking Fish Oils which kills me as I know how important they are for my well being as I train a lot and need the good fats, I have just made sure I am eating a lot more nuts, olive oil and avocados. I have also been using Bio Oil in the lead up. I have also heard taking inner health plus is good as it can protect your tummy from the antibiotics. I will be doing posts through my pre and post op too so watch this space and I will let all you girls know how I go! xoxo
  14. Hi to all you ladies who replied to my post. Thank you so much for your support and advice. I have actually spoken to my Case Manager at GHT and she has requested surgery with Dr Teerasit for me as I needed a Doctor for consult on a Saturday and surgery on a Sunday, Dr Teerasit has fit into this category and it was also a easy decision to make seeing a lot of his work and You Tube videos from girls! I havent changed my signature as yet as its still up in the air however I will let you all know when its been confirmed otherwise thanks for all your support ) xo
  15. Good on you BodyResolution! How exciting, I booked my date in last year in October and now I have less than 2 months to wait! AHHHHH! My mum has always wanted a face lift, maybe I can convince her to go over after I have my BA done. I am staying at the President Solitaire and I will definately post when I am over there and let you all the girls know about my experience and the accommodation. This time will go fast! xo
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