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    BA 13th June- Dr. Harwood
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    Dr. Harwood, 13th June. 410cc XHP anatomical furry brazilians.
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    5"11/53kg/24yrs/was an A cup after breast feeding- now 8E

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  1. Your results are gorgeous, you must be so happy. Do you mind if I ask how much it cost? Korea is the country I am most interested in going to for my rhinoplasty. Who was your doctor? He has done a fantastic job!
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking at getting a few procedures done: rhinoplasty, chin reduction/reshaping and possibly a bit of facial contouring. I was planning on researching and finding a reputable surgeon in Thailand to do it but with the Aussie dollar so low and the Thai baht at an all time high, there is not much price difference if you were to just get it done in Australia. So, my question is, is there another country that would be a better option? What country is affordable yet still safe? I was thinking possibly Malaysia, South korea or the Philippines? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Oh really Donatella, so do you inject the juvederm voluma? I might send you a private message because I think you live near me and it would be great if I could come get it done by you How long does the juvederm voluma usually last?
  4. Hey ladies, I have never had much volume in my cheeks and I have been considering fillers for a while. I am a newbie and never tried any type of fillers or botox so just hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. There are so many different types and I'm unsure which is the best?? Does anyone have a suggestion on which type is the best and also roughly how much it costs to get your cheek bones defined?
  5. Hey loving earth For up to the first year furry brazilians can be firmer than other implants but my surgeon told me that after that they will feel and move the same. Furry brazilians do stay in their original placement but if other implants are done right the pocket shouldn't be too big so they shouldn't move around in their pocket either so I'm just guessing but you would think the movement for furry brazilians and other implants would be the same after the initial firmness goes away. I have furry brazilians, im 3.5 months post op . My non dominant side (my left) has settled first and it's really soft now. When I lay on my side the fluid in the implant falls to whatever side I'm laying on, looking just like natural brest tissue would do. My right still sits firm, but it will catch up eventually
  6. Do you know if that was your maximum size? If your doctor would allow it, I would consider bigger. I'm tall 180cm and I was 52kgs at the time of my surgery, my bwd was narrow only 11cm but I got 410cc xhp anatomical implants and now that I'm used to them I would love if they were an extra 100cc. Sooo many people wish for bigger and very few wish for smaller so I think the safest option is go with a higher cc rather than lower. Goodluck with choosing!
  7. That's completely normal, unfortunately it does take quite a while for them to soften. Mine stayed rock hard for 2 weeks then I started to notice a very subtle difference from 2 weeks. They are a lot softer now at 12 weeks but still very firm and have a long way to go. Softening is probably the thing that takes the longest but it will happen
  8. I think you might be able to go bigger than 375cc. Of coarse your surgeon has to have the final say but it's worth discussing. My BWD was only 11cm I had no sagging and pretty much no natural breast tissue either and I got 410cc extra high profile anatomicals. I'm really glad I didn't go any smaller than that, I often wish they were bigger. My bwd was 11cm and my implants are 12.3cm
  9. I just uploaded a comparison photo of how uneven mine were so you can see for yourself
  10. Hey Summer.. I had this exact problem for a while. My right (my dominant side) started looking noticeably smaller and a complete different shape and position to the other from about 2 weeks and it was getting more noticeable with time, it did continue to get worse for a while but then at about 8 weeks they started to even out again and I am happy to say that now it is almost completely even again (thank god). I emailed pictures to my surgeon having a freak out, that's how bad it was but now it's corrected itself and I'm guessing it was simply that my bigger one had fluffed and settled and my smaller, odd shaped one was still being held tight by the muscles.
  11. Hey anna bear. I am nearly 3 months post-op with 410cc extra high profile anatomicals. My anatomicals still give me heaps of upper pole fullness and now that im 3 months post-op my cleavage is starting to soften and settle nicely. I have tonnes of side boob because I told my surgeon I really wanted it so he said to get sideboob you should go a little wider than your bwd, my bwd was 11cm and my implants are 12.3. So if your surgeon approves it, go a bit wider than you bwd for side boob Now that my boobs are softening a bit more I think they sit ok and look fine when I lay down but they still do sit a bit firm, they still need to soften a fair bit. I am really happy with my anatomicals I love their shape and love the fact you can have an enhanced look but they still have a natural shape. I'm sending you a FR so you can see my photos
  12. Hahaha yeah I'll take half the blame for that one 2 nights before your surgery we sat up late comparing sizes in catalogues which quickly lead to picking an entirely different implant at the last minute. They are pretty damn perfect though
  13. I was an 8-10A (but basically flat) I got 410cc extra high profile anatomicals and I'm now an 8E/10DD but I'm now starting to pop out of my bras so I'm assuming I've gone up a size again.
  14. 620 will look perfect!! Most people that end up a DD or E from 300-400 cc it's because they are an 8 band. I have broad shoulders but a narrow chest (my bwd was 11cm) so I ended up an 8E with 410cc but if I wasn't so narrow in the chest the equivalent in a 12 band is only a D cup.. so even though I fill an E cup they don't look very big at all. I already wish I went bigger. It's true when everyone says implants measure a bigger cup size than what they look like. 620 should give you at least an E cup but even if you end up a f or g they will look amazing because that will give you the appearance of a natural DD-E. 620 sounds like a perfect choice
  15. Hey toasty I dont know if this is the site you were thinking of but I posted a thread sharing this bikini site a while ago, they have some really nice stuff on it. I love the ashley bikini pinkiniswimwear.bigcartel.com/
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