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  1. I had my surgery 10 days ago with Dr Tang @ Parra TCI.. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience! Been fantastic in the lead up/ surgery/ recovery & post op care so far.. Highly recommended They use heavy twilight sedation + local
  2. Yay we're back on & I now have boobies
  3. Can she be reported and removed from the site? Hi RachelPerth, if at all possible you would probably feel more comfortable with someone you know accompanying you, especially for the trip back home where you may struggle alone with your bags etc..
  4. No way vlinder! Your 71 years Young I say remember your only as old as you feel.. If in good health, can go under the knife & are wanting to improve your self esteem with new implants then absolutely go for it... Here's to another couple of decades to you & a great rack x
  5. MrsH I think you are yet to fully D&F.. 6 weeks is early and everyone's results come at different times.. Be patient, I think you will end up with amazing results in time chin up love x
  6. Your results are amazing Sophieschick.. Thanks for sharing
  7. TCI as of 1 May 2014 are using Allergan Natrelle Round Textured Silicone implants
  8. I know Roacutane causes severe birth defects, hence why they insist your on birth control while taking it. But once off it has no effect. I'd go with what Lindat said and maybe do more research, maybe even book in to see a gyno, they would know more I'd think than a GP!
  9. nataliiee yes correct I will see my surgeon now day of surgery, I'm not having my BA in a hospital, it's in a day clinic so the process is a little different to yours. My final payment is due this Friday & I will find out day before surgery what time I need to go in for my procedure the next day. On surgery day the surgeon does a pre op consult and checks over all that was already decided on consult day, then off to surgery I will go I'm really hoping get an early surgery time, I'd hate to have to wait till afternoon lol.. Ahhh only 8 days for you and 9 for me.. Sooo exciting!
  10. I do not smoke anymore, however I have heard/ seen the minimum to be off them is 4 weeks pre and post op.. All surgeons timings are different though!
  11. TCI as of 1 May 2014 use Allergan - Natrelle Round Silicone Textured Implants. I was also freaked out by the thought of twilight sedation but have been in contact with many many TCI patients who have all said it felt no different to a general anesthesia, they went in and woke up with breasts none the wiser, I was told by TCI when in the research stage that they do use a heavier form of twilight. As for choice of surgeon I chose Dr Tang but have seen amazing results from all TCI surgeons, I guess with this it's personal preference. My advise, do loads of research & look at others results to get a feel for what you are looking to achieve.. Keep in mind that everyone's results will differ due to your own anatomy
  12. Hi GoneSouth, the difference is only 70ml so not a dramatically larger implant. If your surgeon has confirmed you can fit 520 based on your measurements then I'd say go bigger I'm going 450 HP but that's purely based on what I told my surgeon I'm looking for.. Not too big, not too small 'are they or aren't they fake' & I'm yet to have children so figure down the track when I need a revision, I may need to go bigger from pregnancy & breastfeeding! In saying this though, I'm still over thinking everything and asking myself both questions. Am I going to big or am I going too small LOL! I'm going to stick with my surgeon's recommendation though based on what results we discussed.
  13. What tape is it you have on incisions at 6 weeks PO tiiegan? I'd contact PS office with the presence of puss!
  14. Every surgeon has different recommendations on this & it also depends on how you choose to look after them.. I plan to do the same as Boobwish & njf86
  15. Hope all goes well in your pre op today nataliiee.. I don't have a pre op appointment, my consult wen't for almost 2 hours, trying sizers, making decision on implant size and profile, he also explained the whole procedure to me in thorough detail, by the end I had no questions to ask because they had all been answered TCI have been fantastic so far, pre operative attention care and information has been above & beyond what I'd expected. I've also done months of 24/7 research on my own so feeling very comfortable and confident to go ahead in 2 weeks
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