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  1. totally great to be back into the normallity of everything thats for sure!
  2. I walked for a week on incline then slowly did 2 minutes running 10 minutes walking (incline) then built that up to 5 minutes running and 10 minutes walking, then 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking then by the 2nd week I was at 7km. It felt wierd at first I think thats why I eased into running as my right boob I could almost feel the implant move so I was hesitant. I also didn't exercise for 7 weeks post op,l that killed me!!! Didn't tell my parents I got implants they just thought I got the lift and only a few new I had it done, you can't really notice, the people that new can notice but it isn't like OMG. The people that didn't know well when I had to wear the strap I hid that well and wore clothes where it wasn't obvious not so tight. I guess as time progresses I can get back to the tighter tops again but just holding off now. Ang some people just want something to gossip about and that can be annoying they assume you go Thailand to get something done and what really annoys me is it anyones business, we all have something we want private in our lives but some people get me worked up cause they want to know everything. I got so worked up recently cause a group of friends that hang out kind of were sussing me out seperately, I honestly told hubby I am over it and will wear my new bathers at a pool party and ask them if they and their husbands want a feel, thats how angry I got lol
  3. feeling great, back to my running, thanks for the nice comments guys. the only thing is I feel a lump but apparently its scar tissue, will that go?
  4. Sorry this has taken me so long.You will notice one is still bigger then the other which bothers me slightly, I would say its 25cc difference, hubby says I'm to particular, maybe I am? I always had one bigger and this Is why I had 275 in one and 300 in another. I am now a S cup or dd cup depending on bra.
  5. Mousey77 is great, I was hoping I wouldn't need implants but Dr p immediately said I needed them. I will send a friend request, happy did u go see Mg pics, glad to hear your happy.
  6. Don't mean to be rude but are we all on the same page? I have a fair few friends on this forum but as the numbers are getting bigger I need to ensure not anyone is seeing my pics. I prefer to get a message sent to me about the friend request so I know why eg having same procedure as me etc. If I haven't made you my friend please pm me. If you don't agree sorry but each to their own. I haven't announced to friends what I have done and maybe I am paranoid but just being extra careful and their are some strange people in the world who for some reason like to see pics, yes even pre op!
  7. You should be wrapped. You look awesome, the assymetry is not bad, mine is a lot worse but still hoping like you. I bet you can't wait to wear your bikini's!!!
  8. Hi, I had a lollipop lift and implants with Dr Preeyaphas and stayed at Bangkok Makeovers for 13 days. I went solo and did find that I was getting the assistance I needed and great communication. I say this because I have had some bruising and Rachel has phoned me and been in constant communication with me in Australia. I really wonder whether this would have happened with any other company. Dr Preeyaphas has even emailed me when I showed him the photos. The bruising was not from implants or lift I had lower blephastophy surgery. There is always going to be a bad story with a company whether it be plastic surgery, building a house, childcare etc. All I can say is go with your gut and make sure you are 100 percent happy with your decision. Goodluck
  9. had some bruising on one eye in the end. The other eye is awesome, the bruised eye is just taking longer to recover, overall very happy. Botox rocked as well!!!
  10. photos on mobile not as u all make me feel normal, thanks, so good to see my fanUKly when I wake up, 2 Weeks was soooo long being away!
  11. MissBonnie, I took the photos from my mobile! Thanks for your response feeling a bit better now
  12. clothing that you can pull down not pull up, like shirts, singlets with wide neck that go down. Some people have suggested lip balm for dry lips after surgery although I didn't need it, no harm taking it though.
  13. Hi Ladies, I have posted my post op pics for my lollipop lift with implants. I had 275cc in one and 300cc in the other. They look different but have been told they will change, crossing my fingers. I lost, yes you heard right my photos of what Dr Preeyaphas drew on my body to show where my nipples should be, absolutely regretting possibly deleting the photo!!!!! I even lost my photos pre day 12!!!! Anyway if you view my pics you will see my before photos.
  14. Thanks for all your responses. I am only 2 weeks in but it does worry me. Will keep you all posted.
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