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  1. Hello !!! I actually live in Mackay and my neighbour had hers done 3 years ago by him and my best friend had hers nearly 4 weeks ago- She is thrilled and honestly they both look fabulous, and follow up care has also been amazing. I went through Dr Harwood myself as my mum has worked for him and it was a non negotiable lol but if not I would of chosen Gaffield
  2. You ladies are truly inspirational and honestly deserve more than just a BA , being a Mum is hard enough let alone dealing with the hurdles our children keep throwing at us! You def only live once and never loose sight of how special you are to your kids and what an amazing job you are doing xx
  3. Hello !!! I am also Dr Harwood and am 3 weeks post op and WOW ! Amazing .... My biggest issue was being put to sleep so they gave me a local and let me stay awake which was my preferred option , now while this isn't for most people it suited me and that's what I loved the best about him . He does the best for YOU not the person before you or after you , I felt he really looked after me and my results are just amazing
  4. Hello Where do you live and what are you wanting to achieve?
  5. Sorry love no - read your previous posts ..... I am giving support to a forum friend feeling glum , sorry if I offended you but your posts were also very offensive
  6. Think it's great they are friends they may of even met on this forum , which again I think is fantastic! Best just to read and move on in life most normal ppl do occasionally feel the blues , that's just life lol but fabulous if you have others to get through it ;)
  7. Absolutely agree that's it's a form of bullying , as is false accusations assuming ppl are princesses or have charmed lives ... Anyway - I am here for a reason to give back fabulous support the same of which I received ! Thank you Lauren recovering so so well , have 3 kiddies , 6,5 and 9 months old and all going well so far , touch wood lol
  8. Maybe because most ppl are some what "anonymous " so instead of ringing a friend that may be at work or busy they post something hoping that like minded people may help boost their mood (not their ego!) maybe if there are problems with some posts as you say .stay away! This post said feeling glum, and well I am post op (only 3 days) but can relate to most things that I read .... If you can't please move on , you are behaving with high school mentality and enough is enough! I have also read many negative posts from you and think that there is absolutely no need to act as a troll and put people down for having feelings and asking for support- it's what "like minded" people are here for!!
  9. Possibly stay away then juniper might make you and everyone else have a brighter day Lol
  10. Thank you nikki34 , I'll be away for the first 3 with my mum so she can help me with the kids - so will really only feel like 3 once I'm into my normal routine (well that's what I keep telling myself lol ) do you think If surgeon says it's ok I can just jump straight back in or are there things that I still won't be able to do ? Like running and burpees or push ups?
  11. Hey ok so I love Grit interval training and do body attack, body combat (boxing but not with bag) when do you think I could start doing these again , so lots of jumping around, lunges, burpees etc (cardio basically I am missing already , my op is 6 days away !! Any advice would be great thanks heaps girls
  12. Hello I had previously thought I had decided on surgeon but heard TCI is wonderful and may be more affordable for me - just wanting to know your experiences and whether you could share some pics with me and also who did your BA, thanks heaps in advance need all the help I can get lol !!!
  13. Yeah that's what I am worried about as will only have a week or 2 help and then she is with me 24/7! Waiting another year though, is forever lol !!!
  14. Hello just wondering if anyone has had their BA with young kids to look after and if so how young ?? I have a 5, 4 and 5 month old and just don't want to jeopardize my recovery - any experience would be great thank you !!!
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