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  1. Hi Sarah I had overs last September and found recovery very easy! I had a one night stay in hospital and my drains were removed before i went left. I spent the next two days taking it easy and not really doing anything but by day three i was able to head out and go shopping for a few hours. I had very little pain post op but would get tired quickly. By day four or five I had stopped taking any pain meds. I had my BA in Phuket so i didn't drive until I got back home about 2 weeks later. I didn't find sleeping too bad even though i usually sleep on my tummy, i just propped myself up with lots of pillows! Good luck for your BA!!
  2. Hi Droopy_Lou I had my BA with Dr Narupon in September last year and aside from wanting to go bigger there is not a single thing i would to change, absolutely love them! He was very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Would definately recommend him!
  3. Hey i was a 10B to begin with and im a 10E now. I got 375cc mod plus overs
  4. Hey i have overs and am very happy with the results! I also don't agree with the people that say overs always look fake, I'm 6 months out and think mine look very natural! In saying that i didn't mind when they looked a lil bit fuller at the top anyway Everybody is different so talk to your surgeon and see what they recommend. Good luck!!!
  5. Hey im almost exactly the same stats as you and i got 375cc mod plus overs. I started off as a 10B and am now a 10E. I went with my surgeons recommendations, i would have liked to go bigger but due to my breast shape/size he didn't think it was a good idea. Keep in mind that what one person achieves with a certain sized implant can be entirely different to the next person! Good luck!!!
  6. Hey everyone Im from NZ and got my BA at PIAC in Phuket September last year. The cost was a definate plus!! All up for surgery, flights, accommodation and spending money cost about 7K. I spent soooo much time researching before i made the decision to go overseas and decided that the experience of the surgeons over there is amazing. They do so many of these procedures compared to the surgeons in NZ and felt that was the best option for me I would recommend taking someone who can look after you, although many people do it by themselves, having my partner there made it a lot easier as i didn't have to push myself with anything and could relax knowing there was always someone there to help me. Recovering in a 5 star resort wasn't too bad either Good luck to everyone getting their BA's soon!!
  7. Mandarava resort is amazing! A lot of the reviews said you had to walk up a hill to get there and that there were a lot of stairs but 2 days post op i could manage everything just fine Not a single thing i could fault them on!!!
  8. I had my BA with Dr Narupon September last year and I'm very very happy with my results! I got 375cc overs. I do wish i had gone bigger but it wasn't an option for me because of my shape/size etc. He fully explained to me what would happen if i went bigger so of course i listened to his recommendations and am happy i did I did still end up a 10E though so definately not small lol. Aside from that they are absolutely perfect!! I would highly recommend him
  9. I highly highly highly recommend Mandarava Resort and Spa, me and my partner stayed there for about 11 nights and it was amazing! We payed about $110 a night and theres not a single thing we could fault them on. I would also suggest booking direct with the hospital, I went through PIAC and they organised all transfers from the aiport to the hotel as well as to all hospital appointments. Good luck
  10. Hey Sassy007 I had my BA with Dr Narupon the beginning of September and i am very happy with my results! I couldn't go quite as big as i wanted due to the shape and size of my breasts but he fully explained to me why, what would happen if i did go bigger and what other options i had. I did feel he wasn't one for 'chit chat' but could tell he really knew what he was doing. I would rather have a surgeon that tells me my limitations then give me whatever i want knowing i wouldn't get the best results! I've heard only good things about all the surgeons at PIAC so im sure who ever you choose will do an amazing job!
  11. Hey missloz I got back from phuket about a week ago and between me and my partner we probably spent about $1000 (NZ$) over 11 nights. We definately weren't trying to stick to a budget so you could do it a lot cheaper!! Good luck for your trip!
  12. Hi Dee Im a week and a half post op and the last few days iv noticed a huge improvement in morning boob! I can't wait for it to go altogether, such a horrible feeling to wake up to. Hope yours start improving soon!!
  13. Hi Jazziegirl I stayed at the Mandarava and it was amazing!! Not a single thing i could complain about. There are quite a lot of stairs, the day i got back from hospital i got them to drive me to my room (which they are always more then happy to do) but after that i had no problem with the stairs
  14. Hi ya I had my BA with Dr Narupon last Monday and so far i am very happy with my results! I had 375cc mod plus silicone overs. I did have limitations on what i could get and i thought he was very good at explaining the reasons for these and what would happen if for example i went bigger. I went entirely with his recommendations and i am very pleased with the results! I found he wasn't much for 'chit chat' but seemed very knowledgable and i felt very comfortable with him I won't see my scars until the weekend when i can take the dressings off but i have also heard that his stitching is very good and I can see that the scar will be perfectly hidden in the crease
  15. Hi Jazziegirl I had my BA done at PIAC last week and thought they were wonderful! I booked directly through the hospital and had no problems and they were always very helpful and quick to respond to my emails. They do have accommodation packages i think but i booked that seperately. Good luck with your research and you will find a lot of recommendations on this forum
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