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  1. Im 6 days post op with Dr Narupon. I had BA and Rhinoplasty love my boobs and get my cast off tomorrow. Cant upload pics on this phone but FR me and when I get home on Friday ill put some up and fill you in!
  2. bahaha! im just imagining you walking like that yes i will prolly be walking the same! We paid alot of money for those boobs! Only 4 more days till surgery now. Still doesnt seem eal, i dont think it will till i get there to be honest! Im having a bit of anxiety today having to leave my partner and kids i know they will be fine but could cry any moment lol!
  3. we got a good day then oh sounds like its your home away from home Your both new people now haha! Im a bit nervous about waking up but i feel pretty good about the rest of it i know they are all great surgeons Is it raining at the minute?
  4. We both get in on the 2nd and our surgeries are on the 3rd! 5days to go! we cant wait!!! So even after 2weeks you still have a bit of pain? Wow how nice your there for a month! What did your partner get done? Were the staff really lovely ive heard they are awesome?! We both have a consultation in the morning and then later in the day our surgeries, was that the same with you? One of my friends was saying to get a neck pillow as she found her neck and back got quite sore. Where abouts are you guys staying?
  5. thanks boomerang! will fill you guys in with all the details! this week is going to go quick! Bet your counting the days till you go x
  6. aww yay Rubi, cool to see your having fun playing dress up with ya new boobs! Did you get a lift aswell? Yeah ive only got summer clothes in my bag and one pair of pants! Iremember the heat wave stepping off the plane! How many more days have you got there? Is what you were hoping to get what you wanted or completly different to what you thought? Also how many days did it take for you to feel like you could walk around most of the day? Thanks for your story
  7. Hi Beauty boobies, I am off to PIAC to have surgery on the 3rd of August and may need a BL aswell as BA. I have a post on here, PIAC two weeks its called ill post pics and updates on it. Hope it helps
  8. Ok so 1 week to go! Got my little medi bag ready ill let ya know whats in it: Cold Packs, Nurofen, Laxitives, Arnika Tablets, Steri Strips, Saline solution, sports bras think thats all. Have socks for the hospital bringing my ipod and a book. Bringing pics of my dream boobies Already started packing, mostly summer clothes just one pair of jeans as i hope to buy some while im over there Think this week is going to go by quick!
  9. Thanks squiddy, you must be stoked its all over with and you've got some nice boobies! Cant wait to see pics of the lovelies!
  10. Yay for kids! haha! yeah i have no clue really!? thinking a d cup for me and want mods Will your partner come with ya? Gabby
  11. Thanks Jaycee for your experience Do you have pics i could see? ill send ya a FR
  12. what size did you go squiddy? Is the pain what you expected or worse and any tips!?
  13. They sure do! I feel totally confident about it all What size are you hoping for Gabby? Have you had kids? I have a 1 year old and a seven year old. My partner is going to be a busy boy!
  14. awesome! Boomerang! Bet you cant wait! Are you going with anyone? Do you know what date?
  15. Hi Gabby! I cant wait and I bet your excited too! Will come round quick for ya Are you going with Dr Narupon as well? I'll let ya know for sure!
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