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  1. Both my implants have ruptured and I need to have them removed. I am researching everything to find the right surgeon as my initial surgeon has retired (not that it matters because I wouldn’t go back to him anyway!). I obviously need the damaged implants removed, I have cc in one breast and my implants have migrated under my arm pits - so I need the pocket created under my arm closed etc. I also may need a lift but hoping to avoid. I have seen dr Tony Connell twice (prior to rupture occurring) and he was lovely. He talked through everything with me and gave me his recommendations. He does recommend a lift. I am pushing forward to go ahead with him but I want to be certain I’m making the right decision. My implant pockets are a mess so I’d hate to go through further surgery and come out with the same problems I’m also very worried as I am highly prone to keloid scarring so a lift will leave me looking horrendous for a good five years. Has anyone got any recommendations for Dr Watts? I’ve seen a lot for Dr Connell (and I understand why) but not so much for Dr Watts - his real self reviews are amazing however. any advice would be greatly appreciated! #feelingscared
  2. Hi, I don’t have any recommendations but have you managed to find someone in perth you are happy with?
  3. Help! I am looking for recommendations of surgeons in Perth (will consider anywhere in Australia if the surgeon is worth traveling for) for a lift WITHOUT mastopexy, implants only. I know it's not always possible to achieve the results of a lift without a mastopexy but as I'm prone to keloid scarring it's not a road I want to go down. If anyone has any recommendations i would love to hear them. Thanks for reading
  4. Hi dollface, I am having a redo and tried to book a consult with dr turner and was advisedly the receptionist he has asked not to see patients who have breast implants from another surgeon (he will only see his own patients for redos). I'm seeing dr Briggs and dr Connell both who have been highly recommended on here. Ive seen dr briggs and was thoroughly impressed though I'm yet to have my appt with dr Connell. Hope this helps
  5. I really like pleasure state, they have a VIP range which caters for larger sizes but is still hot looking lingerie! But for push up i recommend the playboy range from Bras n Things, they go up to an E/F cup in some of the styles and I've found they give great push up for implants. Hope this helps
  6. I would say its just hormones but be careful, I ended up with cc in my right breast and it started with a feeling of tightness while trying to massge. Keep on top of your massages and dont forget to do them
  7. I dont play any contact sports so can't offer any advice there but I regularly work out at the gym (weights, running etc) and havent found it any different since my BA. I dont feel it has impacted on my ability to do any of the things I used to do fitness wise before my BA. I do recommend investing in a really good sports bra though
  8. I wouldnt recommend him after my experience. Im in the process of having to have my breast implants re-done and will be seeing another surgeon for the re-do. All i can say is that I recommend you have an initial consult with as many surgeons as possible and make sure you are choosing the right surgeon for you. Do your research as just because someone was great at what they do ten years ago doesnt mean they still are now. Go with your gut instinct on what is right for you. Chan wasnt right for me but I have friends who saw him who didnt have any problems so go figure! Its a big deal so choose your surgeon carefully
  9. I wouldn't recommend him but everyone is different. My experience was a negative one but two of my friends saw him and only have good things to say. I dont want to speak negatively about anyone but from personal experience I wouldn't recommend him.
  10. I am 26 and have been gettting botox since mid last year and can't recommend it enough. I was really nervous about getting my first treatment. I have very strong facial muscles so I am already experiencing quite strong crows feet around my eyes. My aim is prevention and I have to say it was definitely worth it. I was worried I would look different somehow but that wasnt the case at all. Even my husband has noticed I am far more confident since I have started getting treatments. It might not be permanent but its worth every cent!
  11. I go to Vice Aesthetics, Dr Alana Rowick. Havent had any dramas and always happy with the results
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