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    3 pregnancies, 6 years breastfeeding....wanting to feel FULL again.
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    Dr Broadhurst 28th Sept 390cc hp textured rounds
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    167cm, 53kg...empty A cup now dd/e'!!!

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  1. My red bra for Australia Day...although not the best for backyard cricket
  2. prue, it is underwire. I have been comfortable wearing wire since 6 weeks po thankfully. So haven't bothered with looking into any wire free ones
  3. Added another one...3 months PO. love this colour bra!!!
  4. I'm at work....so a little bit modest
  5. Mine were unders....i think the shirt he gives to try on is half the problem...wasn't flattering on me at all :)
  6. Broadhurst never measures... I'm going against the others and saying you'll be at least a dd with those implants. I got 390cc and went from an A to DD...they will be high profile I would think :)
  7. I still had my periods on surgery day. Drs didn't even ask about it. I just wore 2 pairs of undies as i didn't want anyone seeing my wings!!!
  8. I went out at 3 weeks to a formal function and just wore a plain bandeau with a strapless dress, although my surgeon said i was ok to just wear the post op bra during day from 2 weeks. My dress was nice and fitted so I still felt quite supported .
  9. I'm also sized at 10dd although 10e in some brands... But that ain't helping the boob greed at all. Sometimes they look great and other days look like nothing special... But my goal was a 10dd....so why aren't I 100% happy haha. And they look crap in photos despite looking good in the mirror...maybe I need a tan. In more positive news my hypersensitive nipples have gone and I have all feeling back in my right boob. Lefty needs to hurry up. Maisie you have a great husband! That bra is awesome! Tash - you look great
  10. They sell them on the target website too but if you buy off the target ebay store you get 25% off using code CTARGET25....means you could get it delivered for only $24 in total :)
  11. I had no antibiotics to take either. I questioned my surgeon and he said they injected a crap load into the area during surgery. All comes down to the surgeons preferences :)
  12. Boob greed here too! When I'm having a moment I go put on a tight white singlet that usually helps. I'm definately in proportion, not matronly at all. I do think i could have easily went 450cc but it would have certainly meant going up a dress size in the types of dresses I wear. I can only fit in them if I wear no bra at all ...haha...
  13. I was 2 weeks PO on monday and haven't had any morning boob for the last 3 mornings....although i'm still sleeping pretty elevated and now too scared to drop some of the pillows!!!
  14. Same here! Hoping my shoulders will return to normal at some stage. 2 weeks today so I can finally ditch those awful bras at night now!!! Woohoo...little things we look forward too :)
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