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    Dr Miroshnik 17/4/14
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    176cm 55kg pre - Flat! Post - ??

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  1. Hi Kaaycee I b'fed my 2 babes and am 2 and a half weeks post op, starting from nothing/completely flat! Feel free to send me a FR so you can see my progress album. I have a 2yold, luckily hubby was around to help out, but I was able to lift her in and out of her cot after a few days. I think my kids enjoyed it as I had 10 days off and hung out cuddling in bed with them watching movies a bit so I could rest
  2. No problem Ang, just need to upload some photos
  3. Hi SubtleC I just had my BA with Dr Miroshnik on the 17th of April - I really wanted a very natural, subtle look, which is hopefully what I will have in a few months time (looking pretty good 9 days in). When I first started researching I was thinking I wanted furry brazilians, however due to my thinness and lack of existing breast tissue, Dr M recommended textured anatomicals, as the edge of brazilians would have been noticeable. He was fantastic throughout my consults, answered my husband and my 1 million and 1 questions, explained all the risks and explained exactly why he was recommending the particular implants and cc's that I went with (295ccs). On the day he was fantastic as well as were the staff at bondi junction private hospital (they even mailed me a small toy left behind by my 2yr old which I thought was fab!). I have only had positive interactions with his clinic staff as well, as has my husband he doesn't seem to have a particular preference for anatomicals vs round - just listens to what you are after and makes his recommendations based on that good luck on your journey
  4. Hi Ang i have a slight funnel chest too, and have just had my BA with Dr M on the 17th - from what he said it is all in the placement of the implant and also the implant itself, I should hopefully get good cleavage but still have some side boob - I wanted a very natural look so I went with 295cc mod plus anatomical mentor as the thought of having massive boobs after starting from nothing (as in could see ribs where boobs should be!!) was terrifying to me! The implant he used has a wider base so should help with the slight funnel chest - it will take a while for my BA to settle, but Dr M seems to really know what he is doing and is confident I will get the results I was after - I'm happy so far Good luck!
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