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  1. What a great thread I'm now almost 8 months post op (not until now have I realised how time has flown!) I started of as not even an a cup, naturally skinny and minimal breast tissue. Dr boonchai gave me 325 round unders, mod profile. To be honest, I didn't start to see changes or drop and fluffing until the 4/5 month mark. My recovery has seemed a little longer to a lot I read here. A month ago both my bf and I noticed a dramatic change in the feel, sooo much softer and more natural feeling. Though still hard as far as natural goes. I'm still anticipating to see changes in them, dr b told me it could take 2 years to see the final result. The left is still numb in most parts, which leaves it feeling tender at times and don't like the feeling of it being touched, the nerves on that one are stubborn for sure. Eh, all to be expected. I'm looking forward to see the end result
  2. Hi summer daze. I'm reading this and thinking yes I remember this feeling of CC. At 6 weeks I was still very tight and freaking out as lots of girls on this report having the d'n'f around this time or quite early on. It has only been since the 5 month mark that I've began to notice them significantly dropping and softening up. I'm now 6 months and still have a long way to go. My surgeon told me 6-12 months for final look, and I've read many saying sometimes 2 years! I would not stress if I were you.
  3. Recovery, but I'm not too worried at this early stage and the fact it's on both sides makes it feel pretty normal.
  4. Oh I think we have very similar stats! Haha. I definetly feel lump-bubble things on the outer of my breast. I'm nt sure of fluid, or implant, or just part of rec
  5. Oh Nadine I'm glad to hear I was a little disappointed to find out it was rippling for me - though in comparison to other issues it's nothing
  6. Hi Nadine. Definetly check with your surgeon, but my breast are lumpy/ripply feeling on the cleavage and outer edge. I'm silicone unders also. I know because I'm slim and very small natural breast tissue, rippling is a possibility. Though they are still recovering and early days
  7. Hi April, I was getting my period every 2-3 weeks after my BA, for the first 2 months! It was also very heavy, which is strange as of always had light and quick periods. Totally spiratic, my surgeon assure me this is all normal. Your hormones go totally haywire
  8. Thanks juniper. Not so much the same haha but still comforting all the same. All these sensations can feel totally alien at times. Mumofx3 yes this is what I feel! The implant moving up to my collar bone. It makes me feel sick when t happens, I guess I just have to get used to it!
  9. Hi indi, I still getting only mild morning boob now in my left breast which has taken the longest to heal. I didn't see any huge changes until about week 9/10. I was anticipating a drop at week 6 as that's what lots of girls here have experienced. As the sayig goes everyone is so different! At 3 weeks I was still very high and sore
  10. Sherry this is genius! I have actually been using a sock between my breasts of the night seiboob as I was also worried about uniboob
  11. When I push my right breast up at my crease and to the side I can feel/see the implant move. My left does not at all have that movent. I'm 3 months PO and under they muscle textured implants. I was anticipating them fitting 'like a glove'. Though I feel lots of space. Is this normal for textured unders? I don't think it's lateral displacement as they don't shift too severly when I lay down. Just a very strange unexpected sensation. :/
  12. I am about 3 months po and still get sore on my left during night and in morning! When will it end :/
  13. Hi ladies, I'm not about 12 week post op and WOW have i noticed huge changes in the last 2 weeks. It felt as though quite literally overnight (especially my right breast) is softer, more pliable and not at all tender as it has been. I'm experiencing less discomfort in my non-underwire bras and waking up without the morning boob (little morning boob in my left, this has been the troublesome one). I am finding one thing a little strange, which I wonder if anyone else has experienced, or maybe this is just completely normal? So you can see from my photos, my right breast is dropping faster than my left. Being left handed, I understand this would be the case. in the last week I've noticed when I massage and push my breasts up from the bottom, my right 'pocket' feels much bigger than my left and the implant comes up higher than my left. In fact this literally happened over night, like the muscle has just completely relaxed. compared to my left, it feels like the implant is swimming around in there. Very strange sensation. Did anyone else kinda get a shock when/if this happened to you? I am hoping the left catches up soon, as the muscle is still tight. drop baby drop!
  14. Mine were still hard at the 3-4 week mark! I noticed huge changes in softness week 10
  15. One of those aeroplane neck pillows saved my life when sleeping upright for the first week
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