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    Breast Augmentation with the Cosmetic Institute
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    Dr.Ali TCI 6/5/14
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    178cm / 58kg / 10B pre surgery / 375cc right and 385cc left
  1. when I had my BA they told me I can only go a certain size because that's all I could fit which is fine. now that I have them if in a few years time I want to go bigger can I because I have now had much larger boobs? or its still the same case and can only fit that size implant?? thanks!!!!
  2. small scabs ** (not smack haha)
  3. how soon after your BA do you expect your scars to not have smack scabs along them. My left is a little more scabby (sounds yuck!) than my right. I have currently 5 weeks post op Also does anyone get random kind of stab pains in their breasts? and also random aches in their incisions? thanks for you help!
  4. I was thinking about it to much trying to keep my arms by my side and not move at all I was basically being a robot I did that for the first 6 days and on the 7th day I brushed my hair and tied it up and also dressed myself. It will feel uncomfortable and stiff but you need to loosen your body up a little bit
  5. Hi all, Just thought I would post this for anyone new looking to get breast implants done at the cosmetic institute. I had my surgery on the 6th May, everyone there was so nice and welcoming. The nurses were great they even held my hand when I had to get the needle haha I am a baby when it comes to needles. You get your own little room with your own bathroom, lounge, tv and I even had my own heater and a heated blanket (my admission time was at 7am so it was pretty cold) everyone in the surgery room was so happy and nice I felt really comfortable and felt I was in good hands. I woke up recovery shortly after with one of the nurses still holding my hand! She went and got my boyfriend and my mum (it was weird waking up fully clothed haha) she then helped me up out of the bed and lead me to sit in a chair and gave me some water, a lollipop and a biscuit. About half an hour later I felt ok to leave and the nurse walked me out the back entrance where my car was waiting. The next day the nurse called to check up on me- at this point I was fine. 3 days after surgery I became really sick -I soon then realised it was the painkillers. I was taking 1 panadine fortes every 4 hours and one endone before bed. Here comes the gross part - it took me 5 hours to eventually throw up which was incredibly hard to do after having your boobs done once they were out of my system I was 100% fine and I didn't take any pain killers after that until my 1 week post op check up and they suggested I take panadol for the swelling.I think after surgery I was so scared that the pain would be extremely bad that I made sure I was drugged up - soon I realised the pain was not that bad it was just uncomfortable but tolerable. When the nurse called on day 2 I told her how I did not feel well and every day until my week 1 post op check up they called every day to see how I was going. after week1 I was having an issue with my incisions and they saw me every week to check how they were going and how I was feeling. even though your 1 week, 6 week, 6 month and 12 month check up is part of your initial fee they still opted to see me every week even though they weren't making any money from me. Their service is exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone!!
  6. My mums point of view is "why cant you just be happy with what you have" we argued for ages and then at the end of it I said "Look im getting them done I have already have my consult im getting them done in 5 months time (I believe if you book it further away it shows your not rushing into it and you have had a lot of time to think about it and slowly paying it off) I understand that you are against me getting them done and thank you for your opinion I have taken it under consideration however I have decided to go ahead and get them done and as my mother I hope you will support me through this. And then I slowly kept showing her photos and sharing facts even though she didn't want to hear it just trying to include her and basically reminding her that it was going to happen and you know what she took an entire week off work for me and looked after me
  7. Hi all, I am enquiring about this for my friend! Does anyone have any recommendations/reviews on the cosmetic institutes breast lift before breast implants? I had my implants done there but do they also do lifts? Also how much for both? Thanks for your help.
  8. I was wondering when your able to start taking vitamins and drinking detox tea again after BA? I am not so worried about the vitamins but im really missing my detox tea. I am currently three weeks post op. Thank you
  9. It doesn't have an actual name I don't think it's a level 3 sports and has 2 hooks at the back not just one. The straps also can be changed to cross at the back. They only come in white or black I got a simple sports bra from k mart and it looked really comfy but had padding in it and you couldn't take it out so I just cut it out haha
  10. I used the surgical bra at first and then I just went to bras and things and picked up there sports bra which is extremely good. I have heard of heaps of other bras designed for after surgery but once I found these comfy sports bras I didn't feel the need too
  11. I'm 17 days post op and I think my boobs are just tired from being in sports bras and surgical bras. Is it ok to sleep one night without anything on if I'm still sleeping on my back?
  12. Thanks for all your help girls! x
  13. I'm 2 weeks post op and the part of my boob, under my nipple and just above my incision is still numb. When does that numbness fade away? Or is it not a common thing to happen in the first place :/
  14. I would probably wait until you massage them at 6 weeks soften them up so it's not so hard and firm. I still sleep on my back but kinda turned to the side so I feel like I'm doing something different with my body rather than being stuck on my back haha
  15. Is the pain the same the second time? I would think they wouldn't be as great because your muscle is already used to having an implant there even though it's bigger the pain wouldn't be as great?? I think your size looks great everyone woman wants bigger boobs but you also want to be able to hide them as well as long as you can do that I think go bigger!
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