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  1. I honestly think that they look lovely. They look big and squishy with a nice shape and awesome cleavage!! Stop beating yourself up over any little imperfections that you see in them. Don't waste your life worrying about boobs that look freakin' hot!! Did the surgeon fix the nerve pain? If yes, then absolutely move on and be happy that you have great boobs and no pain.
  2. Oh wow! That's fantastic!! And so soon, too. All the very best for Friday
  3. How painful threading is really depends on who does it. The girl who usually does mine is great and it doesn't hurt much at all, but I've had it done by others who practically bring me to tears!!
  4. I get my upper lip threaded. It's great! Only costs $15 and lasts me 3 to 4 weeks.
  5. Under the muscle At the outer sides, though I can't see them, but can feel it when leaning forward. At about 6 mths I think
  6. So sorry that you are going through this, Biancaj. I was just reading through some of your earlier posts and noticed that you hurt your left breast on day 11 when Toll wouldn't help you load boxes in the car. Do you think that this could be linked to your bottoming out? I'm only pointing this out as a possibility, because if you think this is the case, this would mean that it's not surgeon error and you could feel more at ease having surgery by the same surgeon again. I hope that you are not feeling too sad by the whole situation. It can be fixed so don't let it get you too down. Xx
  7. Hi MezMoz I could have written your exact post myself. Exactly the same situation happened to me. I was so annoyed about it afterwards and felt like I wish I had never told anyone.
  8. Hi Kinekla Thanks so much for the update. I have been wondering how you are getting on. It's great to hear about your successful surgery. Congratulations on your engagement!! So glad you have a happy ending.
  9. Same!! It's just not as good anymore. I now use estee lauder sumptuous extreme and I'm really happy with it. It's got a fat brush though that took some getting used to.
  10. The problem with putting in implants into boobs that could do with a lift is that the flesh can just hang from the implant. I don't want this to happen to you, but I do want you to make the decision that is right for you, without outside pressure. Take your time, think it over, and research, research, research!! Xx
  11. Good for you, Elvsa! You have to do what you think is right for you. But, have you looked at BL scars once they heal? Old scares are not nearly as scary as new ones. Best of luck with your decision.
  12. Hi Subtle and Discreet I had so much hair breakage after my GA and my has never been coloured. It went super brittle! Took ages to repair itself, but eventually it went back to normal.
  13. I do! Just like you I can feel it, but not see it. It hasn't got any worse since I first noticed it.
  14. I definitely wouldn't be walking my two dogs at that early post op stage. You are still healing and if they yank you they could really set back the healing process.
  15. How lovely is that of Dr Lim!! Best of luck, Em! You will wake up happy without a doubt xx
  16. Hi Vic, could you please tell me where you would recommend in Sydney. I'm living in Liverpool, but am willing to travel. Thanks
  17. I really like the Triaction from Triumph to wear over the top of my sports bra. You can get it from Rebel Sport or Amart and it's about $35 I think. It is not actually a crop though, cause it is adjustable, but that is what I like about it. It really holds them in place!
  18. Hi October My opinion is that you do not need a lift or implants. You have so much natural boob and look great and feminine as you are. I think that implants make any differences that you have between your breasts look more obvious. Anyway, good luck with your decision.
  19. The entire day for me. About 12 hours or so.
  20. Natsack, please don't ever feel you have to go through with something that you are not comfortable with because you have paid a deposit. My friend had her BA done with Dr Les Blackstock. Her boobs do look very nice and look much more natural than my BA. Her implants are saline. Even though my friend was happy with her experience, I chose to go elsewhere because I had read so many negative reviews on him. Good luck with your decision. Don't put pressure on yourself to go through with it if you really don't want to.
  21. Hi Miss M Paxton I can feel my rippling mainly when I lean forward. Like you I have not much body fat on the upper body. Rippling isn't anything to worry about. You won't need to do anything about it. X
  22. I haven't been to these places, though I have noticed that sometimes the vouchers are for dysport and not botox.
  23. Hi Mrs H, How long does the $2000 offer of revision last? Is it something that you can wait a couple of years to get done? I don't think there is a huge need for you to go through surgery again. If it was me, I think I'd leave revision for as long as possible. I remember when you first got them done and they have improved so very much since then. I think they look nice. Nadine x
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