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  1. I smoked cigarettes up until my BA.... I did cut back, but as soon as I had the surgery I've stopped!! I did however end up with a small hemotoma (blood clot) and just avoided another surgery so I would suggest stopping!! My recovery process has now slowed because of the hemotoma
  2. The nurse was gonna speak to my doctor tomorro and let me know.. I'm hoping asap,.. I'm feeling pretty down about it all now...
  3. Yeh it's a pool of blood... I had one really high bruised breast... Iv got heaps of pictures.. How do I upload it to this thread... So far it's already been a painful process... Being bored, not being able to pick up my little boy, in pain, and now having to go back in so they can drain the blood out etc,., so upsetting
  4. So I had my BA 10 days ago,, and the severe bruising I have is a suspected hematoma,.. I've been emailing a nurse n sent her pics n will have to go have another operation asap to fix it... I'm so angry and so upset!!! Anyone else been thru this ???
  5. Yeh I really need to go see them but being long weekend I won't be able to until Tuesday...
  6. Hey everyone.. I had my BA 31st may 2014, I know it's only been a week but since the op my left beast has been so much more swollen sore n bruised!! I had my one week post op check up yesterday with my local doctor who Jst asked if both sides had the same implants because of the difference.. My right side is dropping nicely..my left side is soo sore, n feels like the implant is close to my armpit... I'm soo lop sided n hate it... I don't know how to reduce the swelling or help it down.. Started massages yesterday
  7. I've already had my breasts done... I Jst want to know if it's safe.. Or if it can distort them or anything like that
  8. Hi everyone I'm just wondering after having a BA how long should you wait before getting pregnant? I don't plan on breast feeding as I've already got one child n it didn't work for me, also with my first pregnancy my breasts hardly changed at all... I don't even think they went up a cup size lol.. Any info would be great
  9. What can help with reducing the swelling?? My left boob is soo much more swollen than my right boob
  10. What's GA?? It's not a definite but I mite have to fly over to Perth next week so I will be like 12 days post op...
  11. Anyone know if you can fly after BA??
  12. That's such a long walk... I wasn't thinking of going that far haha... But I do wana keep up some sort of exercise... I'm feeling pretty gross...
  13. Just wondering when I could start walking daily? I hate sitting around all day... It's only been 4 days since my BA... I'm not in any pain just bored but I obviously don't wana overdue it and do damage...
  14. I can't remember but he was saying my chest frame is just too narrow n it's dangerous etc.. Wat bra size did u end up?
  15. I actually couldn't go any bigger than 265cc but I'm happy with anything bigger than what I had
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