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    Ba with dr miroshnik on 8th July 2014 330/375 cc anatomical
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    Dr miroshnik 8th July 14
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  1. Hi! I'm nearly your exact measurements! 5"11 and 58kg! I got 330cc anatomicals (was biggest I could go) they are a 10d and look very natural (which is what I was after). Feel free to fr me.
  2. Hi miss little. I'm 6 weeks today. I started back working out at 4 weeks po. In terms of abs i do sit ups, ab bikes even mountain climbers with no probs. I also have had no problems with lunges, squats etc, even light weights (curls, weighted squats etc no prb). In fact the only exercise I find I can't do is push ups (just doesn't feel right). Just take each exercise slowly and if you start to feel discomfort then stop and try again a week or 2 later! Also wear 2 crop tops for support!
  3. Hi hanni. I would be honest with dr m. Like the other girls said, being honest doesn't necessarily mean being rude. I remember dr m's nurse mentioning to me that he does a lot of revision work so I'm sure you are not the first person unhappy with your surgery/surgeon to come and see him. I wouldn't stress too much around that anyway as I'm 100% sure that dr m will be focused on looking at ways to get you the best outcome possible. All the best with your consult! X
  4. No prob hanniepie! I just read your post on what has happened with you! I'm so sorry you've had such a bad experience so far:( I'm sure it can all be fixed, Dr m is amazing:) xo
  5. Hey miss little! I had the same 'zing like' stabbing pains in incisions but only on one boob. I am 4 weeks po and haven't had those pains for about a week now! Hopefully yours will stop soon 2!
  6. rosie1986


    Diva, I got 330cc moderate profile teardrop. Feel free to fr me.
  7. Oh and it cost me approx $12000 all up. Worth every cent!!!
  8. Hey! I am 4 weeks po with dr miroshnik ( feel free to fr me for pics). I absolutely love my new additions...best decision I ever made. Dr m was amazing - he really is so good at what he does! I have had such a great recovery as well..back running (this week) and working out out, was back at work day 4 po and was in very minimal discomfort following surgery! I asked for a natural full c/small d and he was spot on. I honestly doubt you could tell they are fake (even in the flesh:) best of luck with your experience! I am so happy I made the decision!
  9. Hi cloudbambi! I'm sorry to hear you're not doing well:( as a few others have said, everyone is different and don't be too hard on yourself! I have been lucky and seemed to have bounced back really quickly from my ba, however, I had a terrible recovery from my c section 16months ago! I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon and if you need the extra time off work don't rush back! I'm sure your ps will be able to provide a certificate! Ps. Just had a quick look at your pics and they are looking fab!!
  10. Hi summer, I had 330cc and think I will most likely end up a full c:)
  11. Yay congrats miss little! Rest up the first few days! Wow 560! They will look amazing!! Delicious it truly is amazing isn't it, what our bodies can do! I'm 2 weeks today and can't imagine myself without them now..feel like a part of me!
  12. Congrats sandi and Lola!!! Yay!! It sounds like you are both doing really well post op and loving the new additions! Good luck miss little! Ha - I also woke up at about 4am on surgery day! It's so exciting isn't it!
  13. Good luck girls!! Looking forward to hearing how you all go!
  14. Hey Rosie... I just sent you a FR-i just had mine done and had 330/380 not sure which size he put in a s i forgot to ask!

  15. Hi muffinhead! Welcome! I had a ba with dr miroshnik 2 weeks ago. Feel free to fr me to see pics etc. it cost me approx 12000 all up. He and his team are amazing. I wanted a natural c/d and he has nailed it. I was in little to no pain post op and saw the incisions on fri when they removed the surgical tape (more like what incisions)..u can barely see them! I am back at work/walking on treadmill/lifting kids etc with 0 probs! Best of luck in your search!! Xx
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