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  1. Zelda im 168cm and 52kg with implants. I got 365cc HP and im a 10E so yes, something sounds not right??
  2. I am so very sorry to hear this Zelda. Sometimes looking at your before pictures can help put things in perspective. What size did you go and what size were you before your surgery? I still wear the same clothes as before, but now I don't wear a push up bra. People probably won't notice that i've had a BA, but the reality is I went from a 12b (prob an A tbh) to a 10E. I hope you feel better soon and I'm sure you will find lots of support on here.x
  3. Belle1969, I just looked at your pictures and to me they look totally AMAZING!! I am one year out and having troubles getting my right implant to fully drop also. I posted a picture last week and everyone told me how good mine look! I suppose it hard to see what others see!! Good luck!
  4. Donatella, I was hoping you would reply! $2000. Also, thanks for your advice. Time off work is the biggest issue. Does it look to you that the right hasn't dropped also? Also, i really don't like the gap between them. Do you think there is much he can do about that while I'm under?
  5. Hi all, it has been a year since i had my surgery at TCI with Dr TANG. My right implant has never dropped properly (pictures attached - they probably look more even then they are due to the sunburn!). I am scheduled to see Dr Tang in a month to see about revision surgery but i really, really can't afford the time off work and the $2,000 if I don't have to. I look at them some days and think "I can live with it, only my hubby and I see them" and sometimes I can't bare to look at them. Your honest opinions would really help me out. Many thanks
  6. Lauren292, each girl is obviously different but I did have very strong pec muscles from years of push ups when i got my BA (which didn't help things btw) and I can now only do like 5-10 mens push ups and this is a year after surgery. But I follow a female fitness guru on FB who cracks them out like she is possessed and she has also had a BA. But for me, I just never got it back. Good luck!
  7. Thanks Lolos. I see TCI for another appointment at the start of July again, but I'm hoping it's just like what Donatella had but i'm not sure. I really can't afford the down time, time off work etc again. So fingers crossed.
  8. Lolos, mine were exactly like yours were to begin with, the unevenness, and now 12 months out I will need revision surgery in August as my righty hasn't fully dropped. I've had a look through your pics and yours definitely looks 100% better. Good job hun.xx
  9. HI Summer.daze. How look have you had your implants for? I am having a problem with one of mine not fully dropping also, but i'm also 12 months out from surgery now (was hoping that vigorous massage would help, it didn't!)
  10. Minnie Mouse, its because one of my breasts hasn't fully dropped. I'm almost 12 months out and have tried vigorous massaging etc and its still wonky looking. I have an appointment with them again on 1st July but positive I'll need surgery to fix it, as this was discussed previously when I expressed my concerns with him. I also have found that the gap between them is too big, a good three fingers worth. I have fantastic side boob, but no cleavage.Good luck with your boobie journey!
  11. thanks so very much AspiretoInspire. Sounds like a great help. thanks!
  12. I too will need revision through TCI, with Dr Tang Not happy about that. Will be interested to see how it all goes. Good luck!
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