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    BA & maybe Rhinoplasty
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    Doctor Montien February 18th 2015
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    167cm, 62Kg,
  1. I purchased a Medical travel insurance policy through Healthcare Hands. http://www.healthcarehands.com/medical-tourism-insurance It was quick and easy to book online. They were really helpful with all my questions and were honest about what the policy covered and didn't cover.
  2. Hey Gumby, Really great to hear from you again. Sounds like you have had a hectic day. Good to know about the travel card. I think I might take cash or pre-pay by doing a direct transfer. I hate it that institutions make it so difficult to use your own money. But then again I guess it's for security reasons as to why they put the limit. So how was Dr Montien? Did he take the time to answer your questions? How's his English and bedside manner? "sugar" is that really her name? That's so cute. Does she work for Healthcare Hands or the hospital? Good luck for your op. I hope it goes smoothly and you aren't in any too much pain post-op. Keep us updated.
  3. Haha! Yes definitely don't give the BF that satisfaction. The stop-over will at least break it up a little. I was going to stay at the Skyy hotel but my best friend can't come anymore so I booked into the recovery hotel. I switched from Poomee, Nond and Montien for about 3 months before finally deciding on dr Montien. I found his responses to my questions most comprehensive and he seemed to really understand my desired results and expectations. I sent him photos of the noses that I liked and he said what I was asking for was achievable. He responds quickly which was important because I want to be able to call upon him post op if I have any questions. Cool so you booked care and support with Healthcare Hands too. Can I add you as a friend? I'd love to hear about your experience with them. I've read their nurses are amazing and the care is second to none but it would be nice to hear a first hand experience. How is the smoking going? I've cut down to 2 a day. Planning on fully quitting by the end of this month.
  4. I would love to hear some first hand experiences with him too. I've only seen photos but would like to know about his English and bedside manner if anyone can share.
  5. Hi Mari, Or if you decide to have surgery in Bangkok maybe try contacting Bumrungrad Hospital. You can make an appointment online through their website and the response time is normally within 72 hours.
  6. Thanks Gumby and amischke. I'm feeling much more reassured now about my decision to have surgery at Bumrungrad. I heard that you get compression garments included in the package but might email my doctor just to make sure. Where are you ladies staying? I'm going alone but staying in the Healthcare Hands Recovery Hotel so that I can have care and meet other people to share the experience. Can't wait to go shopping and buy outfits for my new assets. Brit
  7. Have you had surgery at both hospitals Have you had surgery at both hospitals? On this forum it definitely seems the most popular. Just wondering how it's better?
  8. Hi Ang, Yes, I'm staying there but my surgery isn't until March next year so sorry I don't have any feedback. I'm actually trying to move it forward and get time off work in November but my boss is away at the moment. I'm trying to get the 17th to the 24th off work. What date in November are you travelling? It would be great to have some company if we are travelling at the same time.
  9. I'm travelling alone and having surgery at Bumrungrad too. I'm so envious that you're travelling this month. I'm considering moving my surgery forward depending on if I can get the time off work. I asked Bumrungrad where to stay close to the hospital and they suggested the Healthcare Hands Recovery Hotel. Apparently there are lots of people staying there having medical treatment.
  10. Hi SmileyGirl, I booked directly with Bumrungrad & Dr Montien but found the communication on some of my questions a bit hazy.. So then I contacted Global Health Travel and they were able to answer my questions that the hospital couldn't answer. They gave me the price which was 169,000 and the hospital gave me the same price so it's definitely not cheaper to go direct. Booking through the hospital is easy but you don't actually get to communicate directly with Dr Montien. The hospital forwards emails back and fourth so there is a delay. My communication through the hospital was only what rhinoplasty package would be suitable. I complained about the lack of information that I received from the hospital to GHT so they gave me Dr Montiens personal email address.
  11. I was told by Dr Montien to have the major part of my dental work done prior to my surgery and then I can have follow-ups 7 days post-op so I scheduled my dental appointment one day before but now I'm feeling confused that PIAC recommended 9 days after.
  12. Me too. I was quoted 169,000 Baht for Rhino with Dr Montien. Are you going to Bumrungrad njf86?
  13. Hi EllaBella, I researched Global Protective Solutions and BorderCross Worlwide. I decided on BorderCross Worldwide because it had better coverage and the booking process was so much easier. I took out Medical Complications Coverage for $10,000 and my policy cost me $353 which also covers basic travel insurance so I didn't have to book that separately. http://www.healthcare-hands.com/medical-tourism-insurance
  14. I agree Adson. Plastic surgeons have 6 years of further training in plastic and reconstructive surgery before they become board certified. Cosmetic surgeons are just glorified GP's who have done a few courses in cosmetic surgery.
  15. Hi Lisa, I prefer to be in control so I booked directly through Bumrungrad Hospital. They take a while to respond but the communication is clear. Because I'm going alone (leaving hubby and the kids at home so that I can recover peacefully) I've decided to get support by booking care with a company called Healthcare Hands. My surgeon at Bumrungrad recommended them and said they provide wonderful aftercare so I feel far less anxious now. I booked everything online and they have been so brilliant to deal with. They don't arrange your appointments or anything like that which I like. They only focus on the care when you are there. They also organise dinners and shopping days for you to meet up with other people so you are not alone. If you want check them out www.healthcarehands.com
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