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  1. I just went to Luke Stradwick's on Tuesday and I don't think I'll be using him. Didn't get the good intuition and was very rushed and mainly with lisa the assistant. I was wondering with blood tests, is it a finger prick on the day, or done weeks prior through a doctor? I literally faint and i have huge phobias. Also Dr Szalay, what blood tests does he request? I know with full on RBC's, WBC's, etc they take more blood than things like hiv, hep b, etc. So I'm worried about throwing up and fainting with losing a few viles of blood.. (Sorry for asking all these questions and being such a phobia queen lol!) Any help would be appreciated!
  2. i live on the gold coast, so thats kind of perfect. he was always my first choice, so maybe its a sign. I was just hesitant because I didn't know if there was a complication you have to pay 6k to fix it and I don't have medicare or bupa or anything. Does anybody know how much he charges? i heard $7500 is the minimum and thats with pretty ideal boobs beforehand with no complications or anything~ I am a boob noob as you can tell, but if you get brazilians it has a warranty on them anyways doesnt it? Does anyone know luke stadwicks prices?
  3. I just can't do any blood tests,, finger pricks, blood drawn. I faint lol. I cant take things being 'drawn from me'. I'm okay with surgery which is putting things IN which is funny. So someone said Dr Fleming doesn't. Does he do like a finger prick test before the surgery or anything, like glucose or whatever he does. My medical history is clean as and im 27, so i dunno.. :(
  4. Does anyvanybody know a surgeon in brisbane that doesnt do blood tests before. Last time I fainted and afraid. Just have a thing with blood taken..
  5. I am just wanting to know what the blood tests he needs is prior to surgery? I have a weird thing with needles lol. I have old blood tests but I have a feeling he will need new ones. Is it just wbc and liver or is it cholesterol, HIV, glucose and the whole works cos I get sick when I have to fast and get needles!! Does anyone know, that can help? Thanks!
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